10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed

10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed

I get a lot of folks asking me an awful lot of questions regarding how to start making money online. Most of the questions do come from folks that have already started something online, but I do get quite a few beginner questions as well. I decided to organize some of these into this post 10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed as a way to open up the lines of communication, so if you did not see what was on your mind, please drop a reply below with your question(s).

I will start with some of the basic questions and then we will work our way to some of the more complex items, so follow along.

Q1. What is Online or Internet Marketing?

A. Internet Marketing or IM as it is often referred to, is actually a very broad term that covers a world of diverse internet activity such as but not limited to; 10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed

  • E mail marketing- Either on your own or using Constant Contact, Aweber or the like.
  • Text messaging- Simple texting to friends, co-workers & family with your www.MyWebSiteNow.com address.
  • All of your social networks thrive on it FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, & MySpace
  • Pay per Click programs
  • Google AdSense programs and on and on.

Basically it breaks down in simplest terms to any sort of internet activity that one creates, monitors, maintains or uses with the sole purpose of helping folks to obtain answers or a product all the while earning income. Generally it is a good or service for a profit. A service can in fact be simple information that you possess to answer or solve a situation for someone like a review of something perhaps. Folks want to know how to learn internet marketing. Most everyone when getting started has a limited budget, and knowledge. Information to be successful can be very elusive to track down, so by virtue of this one must be quite weary of all the glitz and glamour associated with all the offers promising you all the answers to being successful. Success in IM, like anything in business starts with a good sound foundation. It’s it that is that!

Q2. How can I build a website cheap & fast?

A. I am very glad you asked that particular question because it allows me the most surprise of all. I will show you rather than tell you, and I will add speed to cheap. 10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed  I recall building my 1st website; I think it may have been about 2007 or so. I taught myself how to use HTML code in a program called Coffee Cup I think it was.  As I recall perhaps because my desire was pretty intense to do something online I got through the actual construction of my site, but it took more like 30 hours as opposed to: 30 seconds.

Well my friend, you are in a very fortunate situation in the year 2014. Like the headline said let’s build that website in: 30 seconds.

As is the case with any claim like this there has to be some “Fine Print”, so let me dispense with the tiny bit there is at the start rather than hidden away in a corner somewhere on the site. Very simple, before you can start step 1 and the clock running you must prepare yourself with a viable idea. So you must choose a domain name URL and a site name that you wish to use. Also we cannot be responsible for your connection speed, so bear that in mind as well.

That said, once you become a 100% Free Starter Member, no credit card needed you may begin. 10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed

  • You will login to the members section of Wealthy Affiliate along the left side highlighted in blue select “Build My Website”.
  • Select Create a New Website then on the next page,
  • Select A Free Website (Unless you already own a domain, if so select On a Domain I Own)
  • From the Free Website drop down enter the domain name you wish to use it will let you know if it is available.
  • Step 2 Enter a name for your website using some or your entire domain name spelled properly.
  • Next you grab your “Look” or theme as a Free Starter Member you will have about a dozen awesome themes to choose from.
  • Last, Step 4, click Button 

Q3. I am just getting started and on a limited budget what kind of IM actually works?

A. Each situation is different, but when an individual is just starting out they really need to know that the 1st key to anyone’s true legitimate success online is linked directly to the foundation that they create. Not the beaches they dream of being on in all the great websites! By foundation I am referring to a home for your business. Online this can and is but one thing, a quality website. IM like any other job requires an understanding of it before much of anything will work. To fully understand the answer to your question I really must direct you to what I know in my heart works for IM, it is a school and a large and robust community of like minded, creative folks all there to do the same thing, “Learn Internet Marketing” the Wealthy Affiliate way.

Q4. What is the best blogging platform?

A. That is a great question and one that I had asked quite some time ago myself. All of my searching led me to believe that pretty much the top 3 seem to be; WordPress, Googles’ Blogger and Tumblr. In order to get a bit more info for you I found a great list of 15 for you to check out from a highly respected source at, 10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed         I personally have been using   quite successfully for a while now, I sure hope this helps you out.

Q5. What is the best source of FREE traffic?

A. This particular question pops up a lot and I see answers ranging from the $29.99/month kind of FREE and up. 

In truth the best FREE IM tool is you! 10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed

Sometimes we actually have to get cleaned up and out of the office to mix with folks. Good old fashioned networking, business cards with your website emblazoned attractively to hand out is sure to get some traffic. Do not forget about any social gatherings or local cork boards either. It is a peculiar thing how this actual human interaction and socialization is so inherently important to keeping the very inhuman internet alive?

Q6. How can a stay at home mom find a part time job online?

A. Stay at home mom’s, along with the wives of active duty military and folks with certain disabilities have led the wave of people seeking ways to earn from the internet since the beginning. The big catch for most individuals is a matter of personal comfort and work style. You must ask yourself the tough question; “Do I want to work for another employer & simply do it online with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from my home office.” Here is a site to help you with that, 10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed       Or, am I ready to get motivated and create my own opportunity and business. A word of warning should you proceed without knowing the answer to that question you will be doomed to fail, regardless of the path chosen. If you are tired of working for others and you wish to start your own future now, I suggest you watch this video, then you decide what the right thing to do is!10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed

Q7.  How can I increase traffic to my blog?

A. To increase traffic to any blog or site correctly requires some planning, as well as the implementation of a little “Googlese”. You may read into that one whatever you like; it simply seemed to make sense. There is no one size fits all but here are some generalities that may allow you to work off of until; you are able to determine which of the different techniques is working for you. As mentioned above in the FREE traffic question, getting out and socializing with people and sharing on all of the Social media sites is key. But don’t spin your wheels in social circles that are not likely to be sharing, or growth oriented folks. So it may be a good plan of attack to look at the groups your traffic may already be coming from and increase your presence there and exploit your creative energy. The big buzz by most everyone these days regarding traffic seems to be the proper use of LongTail keywords. This gets into the Googlese I spoke of earlier, basically working with the bots that collect the information on your site & report back to headquarters so they may generate your ranking and placement values.  is the complete keyword solution. That should give you 3 quick areas to look at, but if you are serious about your site and you would rather learn how to do most everything in the IM world, please consider a 100% FREE Starter Membership to the best place on the net I have ever found to make this question and most any other one’s you may have your knowledge.

Q8. What is the Best Way to Start an IM Business Without Getting Scammed

A. Based on my many years of experience when you are 1st starting out I think it is imperative to start reading all you can on whatever online direction you wish to pursue. One of the best defenses online to protect yourself from failure, heartache and financial chaos is to read credible reviews. As you read reviews you will find the one’s that extol the virtues of a program from a fantasy, lifestyle and look how much I made point of view will be the one’s to immediately avoid. Then as you look at the other reviews that warn you about those programs you will develop a feel for which reviewers you trust. Much like parting with the big bucks to bring the family to the movies, most times a good review or the words of trusted friends will usually lead to a good time. If not, at least the theater will not keep charging your credit card each month.

Q9. My site is very plain and wordy what can I do to spruce it up?

A. One word COLOR! Yes it actually may be that simple. The 1st thing someone should see when they hit your site is just that COLOR or something with eye appeal. I can’t stress the importance of adding lots of related picture’s or graphic content to your site. You do want to make sure your imagery correlates with your message and also make sure that if you owe credit for anything you are using attach the link back URL. By the way Google bots love eye candy that is not over done and they seem to prefer it if placed either left or right of the page and use text wrap where you can. Avoid center placement if possible, it seems to make the bots burp?

Q10. Should I ever mention my competition?

A. Great question and old school logic would have always said a big NO to that one unless you had some good provable dirt to smear. Well times have indeed changed on that front as well. Even on television and radio you will notice the once huge taboo of mentioning “The Other Station” has pretty much gone away. The same holds true online, in fact as strange as this may sound by actually featuring info crafted from the competition in a positive light, if you happened to like a point they made may end up serving you positively in the future. Other site owners love and hate being talked about quite naturally but who does not love a well-placed pat on the shoulder for a job well done. The link backs build naturally in time. I am not saying make a career of it but I am saying you should know your competition inside and out to be effective.

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10 Common Internet Marketing Questions Revealed

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Thanks, my best to your future success, regardless the path you choose.



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