Affiliate Masters Llc Review Run Out of Town

By | July 10, 2015
Affiliate Masters Llc Review Run Out of Town

Name: Affiliate Masters Llc
Price: $599+
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

(Update; Out of Business)

I had to do a little rewrite of this Affiliate Masters Llc Review Run Out of Town! I also had to use the lousy single star minimum you need to give each review.

I had wanted to do none originally but I had to give them some credit initially based on my findings.

I am very happy the truth finally came all the way out.Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

As you may see from the update in red above I can now happily report that thanks to my hard work and the hard work of others reviewing these ScumBag Scammers that Affiliate Masters Llc is officially gone.

People at WA like Nathaniell and myself take quite a bit of pride, reporting on pigs like this that financially rape people that are simply trying to learn how to Safely Earn Online.

I am leaving the balance of this review as it was when originally penned, for the most part, so feel free to read on about Billy’s plight below.

The poor guy really could not afford to lose the money that he lost. I hope you enjoy your read.

After you finish your read of Affiliate Masters Llc Review Run Out of Town and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Affiliate Masters Llc Product Overview

I wrote this Affiliate Masters Llc Review Run Out of Town!, from a rather biased, yet truthful angle. Please understand that I write with passion and conviction & the hope is that I am able to save folks from what could easily become a life-altering financial disaster.

These people scare me to death with regard to the naïve online. They take the art of phone sales to a new and quite fraudulent level for their closes!

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

R U Blind to Fraud?

One of the gentlemen that helped build our new deck last April 2013 Billy, became a victim of the highly polished telephone solicitors marketing the virtues of the Affiliate Masters product.

The Amazon Gold Mine

The actual product is an “Amazon Affiliate” WebSite storefront put up behind the WebShoppingMasters URL for a starting price of $599. Billy bought in at $399, after some initial resistance & haggling.

From this point, you’re supposed to engage in training that will make you an Affiliate Superstar, catapulting you into internet wealth & stardom! All you have to do is sit back and relax for about 2 months to let the advertising do its magic.

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

Get Your Amazon Trillions

Their website has no palm trees or expensive cars to look at; instead, they are much more subtle, they opt for the more stoic business like setup, your Mommy never warned you about! I will finish up Billy’s story in Affiliate Masters My Final Opinion.

A Review I Wish Billy Had Seen 1st

As I read through Nathaniell’s awesome review which I had not seen before and most sadly, Billy never saw either, I was amazed by his description of their phone pitches & upsell techniques.

In fact, I was so taken I had to register via email to await my own call. In a nutshell, you are sold this Amazon Affiliate Friendly” Web-based storefront without your own domain; you get one of theirs with a personalized name & number like Billy’s Store.

Now the real kicker they provide you training that will easily get you traffic to your hidden mouthful of a URL web store. Well, the training I am must admit is all about list building and hawking social media is quite well done. You have no controls for the videos but they are all on YouTube so you can easily download them.

Billy Need’s Traffic, Traffic & More Traffic

The entire burden of actual site traffic falls on your shoulders and your ability to build a massive list directing folks constantly to your site. The fact is what they count on and what their real money maker is would be incredibly overpriced advertising packages that send IP traffic to your site. You have no way of determining the quality of traffic you are purchasing so they are fearless.

Billy since April has received zero traffic from the Platinum ad campaign he purchased. This advertising that is sold to you is naturally non-refundable after 72 hours which is the law, so they are covered for the large ticket items while refunding the canned storefronts.

I cannot call them a 100% scam because there may actually be a few folks that have enough cash of their own & wealthy friends to keep their stores profitable. They also do teach email list building and the use of autoresponders and Social Media.

In an attempt to stay fresh they link content Amazon Isn’t Killing Writing, The Market Is, like this that actually takes you off-site, instead of a new tab, not a good thing to keep a customer. I will say the content may be somewhat current but those links will never generate your site any level of SERP in Google. These storefronts hiding behind others never do.

Pros and Cons

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!


• If you can afford something like this as a hobby, you can purchase an OK looking web store


• To the unsuspecting like Billy, they are phone sales whores that ask all the right questions
• The concept of trying to profit from a storefront that is hidden behind their URL is ludicrous
• They are more than willing to refund your $399 while legally retaining the balance of $4,600
• With the sizes of financial loss incurred by folks, I am honestly concerned about suicide
• They appear to be legal on paper but I find their phone technique to be downright fraudulent

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

They Called Me?

Now, the biggest CON of all, his phone call, I asked Billy a few questions about his experience, here are his responses:

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

I’m Billy, this is my story.

Q. How did you 1st hear about Affiliate Masters Llc?
A. I received a phone call from them asking about earning online.

Q. Had you been online surfing to earn?
A. Yes, things in my area & in my field have been slow; I had been checking things out for a couple of weeks.

Q. Can you tell me how you came to get your storefront for the $399 and then your Affiliate Masters Llc Platinum advertising package for $4999?
A. Basically, I was scammed! I feel like an amazing idiot for not asking any of the right questions, but they made it all sound so easy, I work construction, I had no idea about internet scams?
The store started at $599, but when I said too much, they offered a cheaper option but I would naturally have to realize the value & my need for advertising if I really wanted success. The next thing I knew they charged my Visa for $399 and sent me over to the advertising department.

Q. Wait, so you are saying you spent 5K for advertising on a storefront you had not even seen yet?
A. I told you how freaking stupid I feel, it was like a whirlwind, I was desperate with the desire to get going online and getting a hold of some of the Amazon Trillions too. I spoke with Jeff Jennings @ 844-542-9394 ext. 6517 he assured me over and over about the simplicity of letting the advertising kick in. He even went so far as to say I could skip the training, he said that was put there to give folks something to occupy themselves with until the ad’s start overwhelming your site. All I saw when I signed the e-signature was a 6-month refund and 125%? Their protective 72-hour disclaimer was right in front of me, but I was blinded by my desire to finally get out of the desperate financial situation I was already in. I also honestly did not understand it after reading it a second time fully, until you explained it to me.

Q. Do you recall what you told me you were going to do if you lost all that money?
A. Ya, I said they had their address posted and I was going to drive to Arizona and blast them all!

Q. Do you recall how you felt when I told you their address 3039 W Peoria Ave, Suite C102-462, Phoenix AZ 85029 is nothing more than a box in a UPS Store next to a Chipotle Restaurant?
A. Ya, even more, pissed off!!

Q. Billy, according to their 125% guarantee you should qualify to get your $399 back sometime around October, will you be doing that?
A. Absolutely, now I am really broke & more desperate than ever. That money I spent should have been used to further my construction business, but they lied, and very well.

Q. So, all things considered, do you have plans to pursue any legitimate online money making opportunities or has this situation burned you for good?
A. Honestly, I have no time to do anything but focus on my own lousy business, which is killing me. I was feeling desperate about it before I got screwed with this nightmare, I just don’t know what to do now?

I Could Hear It In His Voice

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

We ended our conversation with some light but more personal chatter. I must admit I was deeply touched & saddened by Billy’s story, the saddest thing; this is definitely not an isolated incident.

I promised him that I would do what I could from this end by writing this review and desperately try to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

Nathaniell, as mentioned earlier had already written a wonderful review of his situation with them on the phone; however, thankfully he knows the ropes and all the ins and outs of scammers, so he did not part with a dime. I am certain he had some laughs and lovely homebrew.

I will not be surprised if others from Wealthy Affiliate jump on the bandwagon to lend their own take on Affiliate Masters Llc.

Who is Affiliate Masters Made For?

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

I hope what you have read so far in my Affiliate Masters Llc Review has started to give you an idea of just who they are designed for.

I can assure you someone such as me is their worst nightmare.

They need folks with desperate dreams and desires of “making money using the internet” that do not fully understand the warning signs or questions to ask during the registration and or subsequent phone conversation.

They do a great job pre-qualifying your ability to play with your plastic, and then start throwing “Buzz” words that feed your dreams.

Amazon this and Amazon that, get your part of the Trillions who would not want to, you are in the perfect position to run with this! Cha-Ching $$, another one bites the dust.

Affiliate Masters Tools & Training

As I had mentioned above the focus of all the real training is on driving traffic to your site. No time at all is spent on creating quality content etc. that is all done for you behind the scenes.The Amazon Affiliate program like most any affiliate program out there is absolutely free to join in the 1st place and is very easy to set up. Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!
Using the combination of all the “Social Media” and “Amazon Affiliate” chatter, what they are really training is your need to realize you will also have to buy some advertising along with these “proven” techniques of theirs.

NO Business Foundation

Honestly, their list building is a regularly used marketing tool by any successful internet marketer, but it should not be the do all and end all of your business.
All the important training about how to craft decent readable & most importantly informative content for folks to follow and look forward to reading is never covered.Their training has nothing to do with “How to Build the Correct Foundation” for your internet business.
This training is all about, Instant Gratification, the instant cash swipe & sales talk, some advertising cash swipe & sales close talk, to get you past those all-important still refundable by law, 72 hours!

Affiliate Masters Support

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

Million $ Amazon Affiliates Support Staff?

The Affiliate Masters Llc “support staff” is nothing more than sales reps., these folks have no professional tech support background whatsoever.

They probably would not understand the difference between “Building” a quality presence online to assist folks & their phony-baloney Amazon Affiliate store front’s, but if they did they are there to sell you regardless of their knowledge.

They Support the Upsell!

They are in the ultra-competitive world of phone sales.

Their sole purpose in life is to keep being empathetic and encouraging so you will continue to throw more money at your failed from the start enterprise.

As Nathaniell had mentioned in his review of these same scammers if this product is so great, why are they working for $9/hr. in some call center? Their “Support” is your Next Upsell!

Affiliate Masters Price 

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

The starting price once you were credit card qualified was $599 for your non-sanctioned or positively recognized “Amazon Affiliate” pre-built awesome web site.

Pricing was Flexible

Apparently, that price is not a firm price provided you give them a promise of something else as Billy did. He promised them that he DID wish to succeed & would be willing to invest in his own success.

The entire program is a charade to get totally internet ignorant folks to part with big chunks of cash legally.

Although I personally do not consider phone sales fraud legitimate business practice. Just like Billy’s website started at $599, the 1st price he was quoted for an advertising package was $10,000.

Affiliate Masters My Final Opinion

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

My Primary Goal

I wrote this Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!, with a lot of venom for a very good reason.

To buy into Affiliate Masters Llc Web Shopping Masters group you are looking at an initial $599, my chum Billy got in at $399 with promises of being able to reach his financial goals by buying advertising and putting it on cruise control.

The pricing for these pre-built canned web stores is fully refundable according to Affiliate Masters Llc if you have not profited 125% within your 1st 6 months.

They Could Afford What You Can NOT!

As I began writing this Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!, It dawned on me that they can afford to refund every single web store they ever create even the ones for $599, hell in Billy’s case they stand to profit $4,600 for doing exactly that, giving him access to the back office at his canned WordPress site, and the training videos.

While I try to not sit in judgment of folks I do feel an obligation to report the truth. I must admit knowing Billy personally, I do feel that based on Billy’s testimony of the conversation he had with Jeff Jennings & his fraudulent claims that the people at Affiliate Masters Llc should be held accountable for their totally failed advertising package.

With their guarantee, they will re-run the same crap that did not work in the 1st place? I so much wish there was more that I could do to right this injustice, and I am certainly open to suggestions.

I did give them a 30 out of 100 solely based on the list building techniques they teach as they did have a purpose in the legitimate world of internet marketing.

But after they packed up with everybody’s money and split I had to drop their score to a 0, but for the Reviews sake and Star ratings, I did have to still choose a 1!

When it comes to Affiliate Masters Llc I would rather show you than tell any more. Here they are stacked up against my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate;

Affiliate Masters At a Glance…

Name: Affiliate Masters Llc
Price: $599+
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!Affiliate Masters Llc Review; Run Out of Town!

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

That tells me you really want to get going with a money making website of your own.

Yes, I write a lot about who & what to avoid online from my own personal experience, as well as other folks nightmares.

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Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Masters Llc Review Run Out of Town

  1. Rachel

    Wow, what a sobering article. It is so sad to hear Billy’s story, and even worse to consider that many, many people were probably won over by this scam so easily! I know I ran across a scammy website once, and boy am I glad I did my research first! That is actually how I found Wealthy Affiliate as well, and I have been loving WA ever since I joined. Thanks for this article, I know it will help many people.

    1. Gary Post author

      I am glad you had a chance to read about Billy. Yes he really become involved way over his head and the folks doing the selling for Affiliate Masters were very good!
      Billy bought a $5,000 advertising program for a website he had not even seen. He was excited, they were scum and he paid the price for the lesson learned.

      I am very happy that you also found my #1 Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate is the best learning platform I have seen in over 20 years online!
      My best,


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