Affilorama Review; Was Great Back in the Day

By | June 11, 2014
Affilorama Featured

Name: Affilorama
Price: FREE to Start $1 Upsell to Premium 30 Day Trial
Owner: Mark Ling
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Affilorama Review 2014

Affilorama Overview

I am writing this Affilorama Review; Was Great Back in the Day today to clear the air over what Mark Ling had created some 8 or so years ago.

Affilorama startAffilorama Review 2014 Mark Linged by successful businessman and creator Mark Ling back in 2006 and at the time managed to really establish itself as a decent training ground for “Newbie” internet marketing wannabees.

You have to hand it to creator Mark Ling for putting together a platform that he could actually use to train his affiliates in a fairly thorough fashion.

For the time the training was very good but also in time the internet grew and evolved. I really felt it necessary to provide folks with my take so I wrote this Affilorama Review 2014 after a lot of research.

For the most part, Mark’s lessons stayed fairly current but some of the older more shady techniques such as stuffing backlinks and using old content to stuff in niche’s sounds like so many other scam systems it really makes me cringe.

To be fair, there is an awful lot of good stuff incorporated in the free area, but in order to achieve your goals, more than likely you would need to opt for the Premium Membership.

The Premium Membership does offer quite a bit of very good training but any novice will be on there own, pretty much.

After you finish your read of Affilorama Review; Was Great Back in the Day and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Pros and Cons


• One of the very few systems out there that will give you a FREE look and see

• Most of the content is in fact of good quality

• Content is available via video, audio, and .pdf for flexibility sake


• Upon FREE signup the upsells begin both on your dashboard and with eMail, they are not cheap

• Lessons regarding backlinks & using canned content is outright detrimental to any site you have online

• The Premium Membership price at $67/month is steep especially for what you get

• Affilojetpack alone at $497 is nothing more than to really teach you how to be one of Mark’s minions

• Support is never with the one that could assist the most, Mark Ling

• For the true beginner, you could be easily overwhelmed & misguided by all the information


Whom, is Affilorama Made For?

As I wrote my Affilorama Review; Was Great Back in the Day, overall, I found that  Affilorama seemed geared to the novice to the intermediate niche’ as anyone with any real level of online savvy probably would never benefit from the lesson content. In fact, I noticed right away just how basic the FREE area is.

If you move into the upsells and take the Premium Membership @ $67/month recurring, you will find a lot more in the way of learning decent online techniques.

My chief concern is that a “Newbie” stepping in may not understand how much damage can be done to one’s online reputation with backlink scamming an old article content niche stuffing. The lessons effectively teach things that anyone that is serious about IM should ever never consider using.

Affilorama Tools & Training with a “Join” Walk Through

When you get to the Affilorama home page it should look like this:

Affilorama Review 2014

Go ahead and click the join button you will be brought here:

Affilorama Review 2014

Click this Join button and

Yes, the tempting just $1 upgrade to Premium 30 Day Trial starts here:

Affilorama Review 2014

That’s not all; you will instantly start to get eMail, 1st a nice welcome from Mark Ling and then start the upsells,

here is what your dashboard will look like

and this will give you an overview of the learning material presented just click on Start your first lesson: Affilorama Review 2014

Once in the FREE Members area of Affilorama you will have complete access to the following topics: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing with 9 videos, Pay per Click 12 lessons, Site Building with an extensive 19 lessons, then there is Content Creation, Market Research for Affiliate Marketers, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, some more great marketing Idea’s and a final section of Guruviews that get into some of the more less known topics.

Affilorama Support

Affilorama offers 1-800 phone-supports, for membership & billing issues but as for any other REAL support, I found it rather disappointing.

With the free membership, you have access to a general AffiloramaAffilorama Review 2014  forum, where I saw a lot of chaos and totally unanswered or neglected questions.

In fact, I looked at the unanswered questions and I went 6 pages deep back to a user named *Oliviablesst from Thu Aug 11, 2011, 11:03 am and after 371 people read it no replies?

There were plenty of current unanswered as well.

If you click support you are brought to a grid with different areas of support such as member support, technical support and so on.

Bottom line is you can try the forum or as a last resort the eMail which from everything that I have seen is handed off to a “support team” of some sort, so unlike my #1 recommendation you never are able to correspond with the owner or one individual that could help the most, Mark Ling.

Affilorama Price

Affilorama offers a legitimate FREE Membership, followed by the 1st upsell a $1 teaser to get you to take the 30-day Premium Membership which then converts to $67/month recurring.

Next come the other must have’s they are #1 Learn with AffiloBluePrint @ $197 and then also $67/month recurring, #2 Build with AffiloTheme @ $97 then you can stuff content with AffiloJetPack for just $497.

In all honesty, I cannot recommend purchasing any of these overpriced modules. The most expensive AffiloJetPack makes you the most unethical, by providing you with the tools to set up scam niche sites full of old used content that you will never rank for anyway.

Sadly while each upsell does offer items that do have value and learning associated with them there are much cheaper and deeper methods of learning the ropes.

Affilorama My Final Opinion

I hope my Affilorama Review; Was Great Back in the Day shows you what was a great idea from a wonderfully talented gentleman Mr. Mark Ling, sadly has petered out. It worked and it worked well for those that applied the knowledge and themselves to the program but Mr. Ling allowed many changes in the internet to not be addressed.

Over the years, the internet has changed dramatically and currently about 2 + Billion folks are online regularly and I believe that number is expected to double in the next 5 years or so. Like it or not Google is still King of the internet. If you wish to do well in the kingdom of Google you must appease the algorithms used in the information collected by the spiders and bots that continually crawl to gather information for his majesty.

Affilorama is in the past, my #1 recommendation, however, is for the now and the future as well, let’s compare;

I do hope Affilorama Review 2014 helped you to understand Mark Lings once dynamic program and how it pales in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate check things out;

Affilorama at a Glance…

Name: Affilorama
Price: FREE to Start $1 Upsell to Premium 30 Day Trial
Owner: Mark Ling
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

(*Name changed to protect Affilorama member)

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4 thoughts on “Affilorama Review; Was Great Back in the Day

    1. Gary Post author

      It sounds like you had some serious issues with Affilorama!
      I had never known it to be an outright Scam, however?

      What happened to you that you are calling them a Scam?
      Make sure to check out my #1 Recommendation that I can Guarantee as being 100% Scam Free!
      Thanks for the comment, I will look forward to hearing about your Affilorama nightmare.
      My best,


  1. JohnV

    A very well-informed review, thank you. This level of information really helps us to appreciate
    how well WA compares to anything else out there.
    Regards and good luck

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for that.
      I am trying to advise folks here at my site on both the good and the bad.
      Sadly as most of us know there is a lot more bad out there than good.

      My #1 recommendation is the REAL DEAL, the education I have taken in along with
      the amazing support of the WA community have shown me the way to controlling
      my own destiny online.

      John, my best, any questions drop a reply, thanks again,



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