A Little About Gary I just want to say Welcome to My WebSite, I hope you always feel welcome, and I also hope you may benefit from my years of internet experience, weeding out the winners from the losers, with regard to actually earning a safe and secure living from home. Most of all I hope you choose to take control of your own destiny and realize why so many simple folks, mom’s, vet’s, and retiree’s, all the way up to actual IT professionals are here. They understand the value of this information. I am not a salesman by trade; I observe and repair what I see, and what I am able to. Along the way I try to learn & educate, I love to share my knowledge for success with those that are willing to learn and apply . I personally think that being compensated while helping others is a great feeling. I started my experience with “Computing Science” very early on. In 1976, I attended the USAF School of Applied Sciences and was introduced to Boolean Algebra and their playmates the logic circuits, Mr. & Mrs. AND OR & NOR Gate’s. Little did I realize what that brief exposure to the very basics of talking to machines in their language would become? After the military I became involved in the telecommunications industry. Ma Bell had divested in the early to mid-80’s, suddenly the hot ticket item became the almighty yet simplistic payphone. Ah, the good old days. What made these payphones unique was the EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). The EEPROM allowed the new payphones the abilities of generating rates, both local and long distance and collecting and changing coin via a small power supply board and system board w/EEPROM. This allowed the phone company to provide dial tone but for the 1st time the phone could bypass the Central Office for any sort of payment for service etc. It became a very marketable and own-able, glorified “communications-vending machine”. Well here we are today, where’s all the payphones? They are in our pockets they are with us always. Never without it. Near the end of the 80’s I moved from my home in upstate New York to Tampa Bay, FL. One of my 1st positions was as a PC and office equipment service technician. I worked with some great groups of folks and we did it all when it came to technology at the time. Network installations at the time consisted of Novell software running in a peer to peer fashion via coaxial hardwired network cards, then it evolved into twisted pair copper 10-base T applications. As time went on I became a pretty darn good technician, but I ended up on the inside at a small yet very enterprising home/business computing center near the USF campus in Tampa. I became the Marketing Director (I had, had previous on-air broadcast schooling and experience with commercial creation and production). As Marketing Director I was left in the position of also determining which technologies we wanted to work with and sell. I met with various manufacturers regularly as they extolled the virtues of their products over nice lunches. I guess I have always been an effective troubleshooter so I was able to determine a product's viability in our market niche’ after a short period. I have been online since about 1991, when it was just a black screen and you typed syntax in ASCII text. You probably had Prodigy, Comp u-Serve or AOL as an ISP. Games were played by typing sentences. The 80′s. Oh my how things have changed since then. You see I like so many have wasted some serious cash investigating every new blip on the internet “Home-Based Money Making” scene. In the past I had built a web site or 2 but never was able to figure out all of the critical SEO techniques for proper placement with Google’s algorithms and beyond HTML languages etc. So out of total frustration I decided to put my internet success dreams on hold for a bit. I started a small Advertising and Marketing company that allowed me to do some home based Virtual Call Center work. 1099 independent contractor work usually requires incorporation, or working under someone else’s incorporation. I have successfully represented AT&T business cell customers and Circuit City prior to their bankruptcy, through Arise, a home-shoring company based in south FL. Most recently I earned a degree in Network and IT Security. That in conjunction with my previous hardware & troubleshooting is actually what led me here. Now, I have arrived, I discovered, the most incredible Internet School/Community I could have ever imagined. It teaches the simple, proven, basics of success on the internet, Period! It does so in a community environment that allows you the luxury of being able to reach out for anything you may not understand, zero up-sells’ with your Premium membership. I have walked the traveled path of technology & I have gained much knowledge, now my desire is to guide others to their own personal internet business success. ”I Shall Learn, Apply, Grow, Have Fun, Prosper & Return What I Have Learned to Those with the Desire and Drive to Do the Same! My ultimate goal; “To assist as many as I am able, to safely learn how to create the most successful Internet Marketing Business of their Dreams”. Gary

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