Big Idea Mastermind Review Inmate Logic

By | May 18, 2014
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Name: Big Idea Mastermind
Owner: Vitaliy “Vick” Strizheus
Price: FREE as Long as You Buy Into the Empower Levels?
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 points.

Big Idea Mastermind Vitaliy “Vick” Strizheus’ Overview

In all honesty, while doing the research for this Big Idea Mastermind Review Inmate Logic, I came across some information about the creator of BIMMr. Vick (Vitaliy) Strizheus regarding his less than stellar clean past.

I am not into bashing folks because I enjoy it, quite to the contrary, I do not enjoy even discussing it.

However, when I see a pattern of behavior develop before my very eyes that speaks of nothing but an entire life of scamming, I feel it is my ethical duty to share & hopefully protect you with what I discovered regarding Mr. Vick Strizheus and anything he may do online including his latest Big Idea Mastermind.

Please take a moment to check out Vick and how he was able to avoid an actual prison sentence for an Insurance Embezzlement Scheme he cooked up using fake names and contact information. He will tell you in the 2nd video below, that the whole plan was to just get a lot of advanced commissions or a quick interest-free loan that he planned to pay back when his sales increased.

Funny he was never even caught until the state of SD performed an audit, so how many repayments had he made? When I heard that all I could think of was a Ponzi Scheme, Yikes! I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, and I have never played either on TV, but I can assure you that this man’s view of life is a bit bent.

Vick rationalizes his entire criminal escapade as just one of those things that “happen” to people and how if you can just forget your past, (not learn from it) you will then succeed.

Meanwhile, Vick is the big “Mastermind”?

After you finish your read of Big Idea Mastermind Review Inmate Logic and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Big Idea Mastermind the Product Overview

I knew I had to write  Big Idea Mastermind Review Inmate Logic, when I caught wind of Vic’s past escapades and how he actually conceived his next scam while paying society for his insurance fraud scam.

Big Idea Mastermind Review 2014

I must admit I have never had to start a product review with a disclosure of the owner’s criminal past, however, I wanted you to understand his mindset so that you will more fully understand BIM.

As Vick states in the 2nd video above, BIM came to him while he was doing weekends in the Sioux Falls SD Minnehaha County lockup.

Then he states that everything happens for a “Good” purpose.

It seems to me his arrest, jail time, fines and all the rest have added up to a more elaborate internet scheme that he will get to do “Good” for himself and perhaps a few others named David & DavidBIM is nothing more than other elaborate sales funnel for the Empower Network.

It is structured in levels just like Empower Network and is contingent upon you buying into each Empower Network level because you cannot possibly sell something you don’t own yourself.

So it is set up 5 levels as follows:

• BIM Basic = Empower Basic Membership $25/month
• BIM Silver = Empower Inner Circle additional $100/month
• BIM Gold = Empower above Plus Costa Rica Intensive Total Spent $625
• BIM Platinum = Empower above Plus 15K Formula add $1,000
• BIM Diamond = Empower above Plus another $3,500• BIM Basic = Empower Basic Membership $25/month

Are you starting to see a pattern yet?

It seems Vick with his awesome Traffic Academy driving traffic for him he was able to outsell everyone in the Empower Network setting all sorts of records.

Big Idea Mastermind Review 2014I am not sure why everyone else in the Empower Network is not doing what is so amazing about BIM since 95% of the folks in Empower Network make under 4K/year.

The really great thing is that so now after giving them $5,122 you can pay some more to fly to Hawaii and celebrate at the end of May with the other poor folks suckered into this scam.

Big Idea Mastermind Pros & Cons


Vick actually offers a lot of great videotaped sales technique’s in all of his YouTube presentations
• Vick is an inspiration for what you may do after you have done your time


• No way to see anything for yourself without joining Empower Network through BIM
BIM’s Biggest Selling Points are all the luxury items you can dream of, not an actual product
BIM’s product is Traffic Academy with several reports of Vick stealing your traffic
• Mastermind created a vacuum to feed the Empower Network pyramid
• The saddest con, people will fall for this scam and lose a lot of money

Who is Big Idea Mastermind Made For?

Big Idea Mastermind Review 2014

BIM is made for anyone that can be captured by the bright lights, smooth talk, glitzy locations with yachts and their own dreams. BIM is not made for anyone that is serious about building a profitable online business to assist others with their needs.

Big Idea Mastermind was according to the creator Vick dreamed up during his weekend incarceration at the county jail and I think it is designed to thrive on the ill-informed and naive with cash to spend.

Big Idea Mastermind Tools & Training

OK, you want bang for your buck, check all this you will have access to and look at the total value. Pretty impressive until you realize what you have been paying to the Empower Network the whole time to get anything to possibly work?

Big Idea Mastermind Weekly Live & Recorded Coaching Mastermind
• BIM, Weekly Live & Recorded “Think & Grow Rich” Mindset Call
• Big Idea Mastermind $10k/Month Daily Action Assignments with Accountability
• Big Idea Mastermind Training Site with Step by Step Tutorials
• Big Idea Mastermind Facebook Mastermind
• Then Vick throws in the marketing system, email campaign & Landing Web page sales funnels + access to the “Weekly Hangout” with Leaders Over 10K/Month to assist you with closing sales.

Add to all that Vick’s Traffic Vault and High Traffic Academy and he is giving you about $4,300 worth of amazing stuff that won’t make you a dime unless you spend more than that, for all the levels of the Empower Network. Oh, my word perhaps that part is somewhere in the fine print?

Big Idea Mastermind Support

The telephone support is, in fact, available, however, it is scripted answers to any question you may have. They have zero technical or marketing savvy, which is all saved for Vick’s e Mail’s and the like.

Again, BIM is nothing but another sales funnel for the Empower Network which has the support that I outlined in their review.

Support needs to go much deeper than just the actual vehicle you are working with. Just as in life we get support from people we grow together with like the amazing and always helpful community of my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. Now they offer “Support”!

Big Idea Mastermind Price

As I mentioned before BIM is FREE. That’s right, well not exactly. It is FREE in the sense that once you have clicked the Big Yellow JOIN button and go through the required steps you have access to all the great stuff above for FREE.

However logic dictates that by clicking the join button, and being taken to the Now Defunct Empower Network sign up page Big Idea Mastermind Review 2014 with a minimum of $25 cost each month, this particular FREE has a “major catch”

You see Mr. Vick Strizheus’ version of FREE seems to mirror his ideas of FREE when he did insurance sales in SD.

Big Idea Mastermind Review Inmate Logic My Final Word

To summarize, the whole BIM thing it is nothing more than an additional Empower Network sales funnel created by a Mr. Vick Strizheus.

Everyone makes mistakes this much is true, I am as forgiving as the next soul, but when someone has been busted for embezzling 30K from their employer using fake names and contact info based on the premise that once sales increased the money would go back, yet it never did says something about intent.

The true intent is generally actionable.

Without the action, the intent was nothing more than a nice thought. The fact that a state insurance audit would catch him shows the value of his words and intent.

So where do you think you will fit in regarding Vick’s intent for you and your financial well-being, I think you can do much better take a look;

You have been warned, and I feel better!

Big Idea Mastermind at a Glance…

Name: Big Idea Mastermind
Owner: Vitaliy “Vick” Strizheus
Price: FREE as Long as You Buy Into the Empower Levels?
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 points.

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

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2 thoughts on “Big Idea Mastermind Review Inmate Logic

  1. stefan

    Hi Gary, I was completely shocked when you said about the dark past of this guy Vicky. This is enough to stay well away from this deceitful platform. Another good reason to keep distance is the link with empower network. If anyone search on Google about this platform, they will quickly see it has a very bad reputation. In fact Empower network may the the worst platform to be evolved with.
    I am really interested in your help. Ho can Wealthy Affiliate help me succeed online? Is it really the best training out thee for beginners?
    Thanks alot

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Stefan,

      Welcome to my site, I am pleased you enjoyed tour read.

      Ya Vic has been around for quite a while, still hocking his Big Idea Mastermind Scam! The Empower Network was the last Scam I endured before I found a legitimate way to Safely Earn Online. The Empower Network tried to convince me that by paying them $25 each month plus $19/month just to get paid from my work that I would become a Millionaire!

      Then came all the upsells that you needed to learn so you could really earn, which was mainly how to re-package and sell the Empower Network through any Sales funnel you could set up!

      Stefan Wealthy Affiliate will show you step by step how to be successful online without all the upsells!

      The community alone is amazing for sharing ideas and learning, not to mention the classes. You can decide if you would like to take a traditional path choosing your own niche or you can follow Carson and Kyle’s path by learning in the Affiliate BootCamp which was also my path.

      Stefan thanks again for stopping by, I will look forward to seing you inside Wealthy Affiliate!



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