Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

By | October 16, 2015
Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

Name: Bring the Fresh
Price: $47
Owners: Ms. Kelly Felix, Kelly Felix
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Bring the Fresh Product Overview

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look, or BTF as it is also known, came to me after I continued to see just how popular this Money Making Online Program still is after 5 years. Just by typing “Bring the Fresh Review” into Google it still gives quite a return a bit over 90 million, depending on when you may search.
So I wanted to do some more digging to help you make a more informed decision regarding Kelly Felix’s’ Bring the Fresh approach to Making Money Online.Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

I have been doing these types of reviews for a while now; BTF’s (Bring the Fresh) entire home page with all of the unsubstantiated Testimonials instantly caught my eye and made me start to think the Scam word, I tried to let it pass. Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

I did investigate, however, and found that Kelly Felix does offer some Top Quality Training that unfortunately gets very confusing with a hoard of Must Have Upsells!

I researched Kelly Felix a bit deeper and  I will let you know what dirt I dug up in My Final Opinion below.

Kelly Felix once partnered with Mike Long with Kelly doing the SEO and Mike Building the Huge Marketing Lists. In 2013 Mike Long left BTF and since then things have made many changes and sadly BTF has become a bit Scammier overall.

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

Beware “Black Hat” Techniques Taught

In Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look you will see that Kelly Felix offers the opportunity for anyone at any skill level for a price, NO Free Look & See for this opportunity to learn about Internet Marketing.

The software is actually a decent website building software package + a training platform that shows you in a step-by-step manner how to research, build, and then monetize your website.

Sadly they get into a lot of “Black Hat” type of marketing designed to Trick Google into giving you great SERP.

The very expensive Upsells available can actually get you some initially good results, but it does not take long for Google to realize whats going on and your site gets punished by Google.

After you finish your read of Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Bring the Fresh Pros and Cons


  • BTF Does Offer Some Initially Decent Training for Internet Marketing
  • Offers Step by Step Software to Build the Website of Your Dreams
  • Direct Customer Service Online
  • The Community of Other Members


  • True Success with BTF requires a lot of “Black Hat” Google trickery & may penalize your site greatly after what may appear great SERP
  • The Upsell Backlinks are expensive and in many cases trick you at 1st but ultimately they are counterproductive and non-refundable
  • The Done for You Websites also expensive and poorly designed for any long-term business
  • Obtaining Refunds for Any Upsells is Virtually Impossible as they are NOT Guaranteed to Work
  • Kelly Felix’s Association with Regal Assets as Top Producer and Fake Comments Followed by Litigation (See BTF My Final Opinion)
  • You May Get Booted for Many Different Reasons that May or May Not be Explained
  • Internet Hosting is NOT Included

Who is Bring the Fresh Made For?

In all honesty, I did this Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look to hopefully spare just who BTF is designed for, and it may be you, so keep reading! ;-}

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look


BTF is specifically targeted for the novice and the; “I desperately need a change of life” individual that has not done much online homework. But if you are reading this because you ARE doing your homework I commend you, NO Goober for you, please continue on.

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

Doing Your Homework!

I spend a lot of time digging so you won’t have to because I am selfishly motivated to Honestly Help Folks Make Informed Decisions.

When it is in someone’s heart to look seriously at how they can drastically alter their business life they need to Learn How to Safely Earn Online without all the time, heartache and probably just what you really don’t need, Great Financial Loss.

Bring the Fresh Tools & Training

In this Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look, I really wanted to make you understand some very important differences between BTF’s approach to Tools and Training and the more Rock Solid and Completely Legitimate approach to Safely Earning Online with my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

Most all of the BTF’s learning is Webinar based, and while there is nothing wrong with offering great video training I find that I also require a lot of textual information that is completely integrated into the whole Community experience.

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

Feel Free Check It Out

I will admit I deal with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) on a daily basis so perhaps my view of trying to learn like that is a bit tainted, but I think most would agree the more rounded and whole the approach the better the results.

When I learn a new concept and a video is devoted to it that’s great, but when we are talking about the complete concept of taking an online marketing idea, building the proper long-term foundation that’s required to create a legitimate and sustainable online business presence you may as well forget about it.

In my mind Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look shows that the Tools and Training are designed to do pretty much one thing, string you along the Upsell Path all the while forgetting the main reason to create a website in the 1st place, getting to Google Page 1 and to help people answer their questions, with quality and well-researched information.

Gary’s Perspective; Make Love Not War Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

I teach folks How to Safely Earn Online by being Friends with Google not Learning How to Deceive It.

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

Results Fluctuate 24/7/365

My #1 Recommendation taught me how to do this; Get to Google Page 1 with Over 1 Billion Searches like I do here most every day;

Sure everyone wants to make money online, Badda Bing, Badda Boom, but the true key to any level of success online is to be Providing Real, Tangible, Honest and Well Researched Information to Help Answer People’s Questions within a Specific Niche.

That is the Reality of a Business Life Online.

 Bring the Fresh Price

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

This was the Bring the Fresh $ 7.00 Trial Offer that was being offered last year but now just a dead link still hitting Google page 1.

Currently, you are looking at Bring the Fresh for $47.

You must understand that will get you the Step by Step Software to walk you through the website build process and access to some very decent training Webinars.

Then it begins, the Old Bait and Switch, you get lured in with the videos, testimonials maybe even some positive reviews, pay your $47 only to find that does not include Website Hosting, which is where your website is actually located.

The Upsells is what ruins the whole concept for me and many others.

Everything from additional modules of information that was purposely held back that you will need to further monetize your site and the real kicker are the Super Expensive Mentoring Packages.

Bring the Fresh My Final Opinion

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look; has laid out the basics for you but you should also understand that when Kelly Felix proclaims to be practicing what he is preaching but for a different company called Regal Assets he is telling the truth.

See this quote, from Kelly’s home page.

“Among many other successful endeavors, for the past 3 years, I’ve been the #1 affiliate in the entire world for a $100 million dollar company called Regal Assets.”

It seems Regal Assets has been sued for Trade Liable, for the Creation of False Customer Reviews in the Great State of California.

Apparently, someone (?) representing Regal Assets was bolstering the value of the Regal Assets name meanwhile putting down American Bullion their competition to better compete.

I am sorry but when I come across things like this I have to say Actions Speak Much Louder than Words!

Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher LookI wonder, Just How Far Does the Apple Fall from the Tree?

Here is a great quote from the late Maya Angelou “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

I knew I had to write Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look, after seeing how popular this program still was and is.

Kelly Felix offers some Great Training that sadly becomes an expensive Upsell Nightmare & that uses older Google Trickery that is NO way to create any sort of Sustainable Online Business.

It would seem that Kelly Felix was also an aspiring actor, check out his blog and videos, which made me really wonder who is the Real Kelly Felix?

Is he an actor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Rich Jerk or the Operator of BTF, since according to the BBB the actual owner of BTF is Ms. Kelly Felix

My Last Word, Kelly Felix’s BTF is about as close to a Scam as you can get Without Having to Wear the Label.

Buyer Beware.

Bring the Fresh At a Glance…

Name: Bring the Fresh
Price: $47
Owners: Ms. Kelly Felix, Kelly Felix
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

That tells me you really want to get going with a money making website of your own.

Yes, I write a lot about who & what to avoid online from my own personal experience, as well as other folks nightmares.

If you are serious about getting out of your 9-5 going nowhere situation, take the plunge!

It won’t cost you a dime to check Wealthy Affiliate out.

Who knows it may change your life for the better like it has mine?

You Have Nothing To Lose & a World To Gain!

Meet me inside and learn how you can follow the lessons and create a money making website of your dreams & all your own!

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The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor

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Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster

24 thoughts on “Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look

  1. Paul

    Dear Gary,

    Many thanks for sharing this review on Bring the Fresh. Your review is one of the most comprehensive and I got some great insights. Thanks for sharing this valuable information to help people like me. Keep rocking and posting this type of informative reviews. All the very best! I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

    1. Gary Post author

      Greetings Paul,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      I try to be thorough when I review programs like Bring the Fresh.
      Be sure to check my #1 recommendation to see what Wealthy Affiliate is for!
      All my best,


  2. Gregory

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your review of BTF and for possibly saving someone from investing their hard earned money for little benefit.

    When I read about someone teaching black hat techniques it reminds me of the old saying, give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

    And with all the upselling it doesn’t sound like BTF is for me.


    1. Gary Post author


      Since I have been online looking to Safely Earn Online I have come across many like BTF, promising the Sun and Moon.

      When in reality all you actually get is strung along to spend more money to buy yourself out of the hole you bought into in the 1st place.

      I hope you checked out my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the Real Deal!

      All my best,


  3. Taner

    It is always good to read a honest review like this one!
    I can see that you researched the product, tried it and wrote a very good high quality review that can be helpful for all people who are seeking to make money online.
    I know “Bring the Fresh” system, I read a lot of reviews before, but again I recommend “Wealthy Affiliate” system, for now the only number one system for money making online!
    Thanks a lot for your thoughts! Keep up the good job.

    1. Gary Post author

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      BTF is another one of those shiny, well advertised programs that just is not worth the money.

      I am so happy you found my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. After many years online I know it is the only real way to Safely Earn Online!
      Thanks again, all my best to your success,


  4. Nick

    Really good content and information. I think i can speak for many people when i say I’ve been scammed a few times with the promise of a quick way to make money, But anyway…great site man. Only negative thing that i have negative to say is im not a fan of your domain name but thats just my opinion

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Nick,

      I am glad you appreciated the time and effort I spent trying to spare folks from losing their money as I had done in the past, thankfully never with BTF however.

      I am sorry that you don’t care for the domain name of my site Why Ain’t Ya Rich Yet, it asks the question most folks online are constantly asking themselves as they get Scammed.

      Kyle, one of the Owners at my # 1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate really loved my domain name…



  5. Norman

    Website is filled with a lot information. Its good that you actually created this site to help people in their quest for online success and it still remains true we have to be on the look out at all times for online scams. Tons of information I like the layout. With the amount of information It will take time though to read and digest

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Norman,

      Please do take your time to read through the site, I spent a lot of time and effort writing so I may save others from the misery I so often endured as I searched to Safely Earn Online.

      I guess after getting Scammed as many times as I did my solution was to find a legitimate learning platform which I did with Wealthy Affiliate. Next I wanted to let others know what Scams to avoid and where they may find an Honest Opportunity to Learn!

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, all my best,


  6. Jack Cao

    Thanks for this review! I was going through Bring the Fresh and was wondering if it is a product that I should be a part of. Thanks to your concise review, I get the full picture now.

    I guess I will stick to Wealthy Affiliate like you recommend.


    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Jack,
      Thanks for swinging by and I’m glad you enjoyed my Bring the Fresh review!
      You like I, have benefited greatly from my #1 Recommendation!

      What for me really sets WA apart from all the other Scammers, is the ability to learn Everything and Anything you may ever need to know about Internet Marketing
      within one platform/community!
      With Wealthy Affiliate there is but one Upsell from the Free Starter Membership
      and it is the Premium Membership right out in plain sight.
      Go Figure?
      All My Best Jack,

  7. Cj

    Hi Gary,

    I am going to start off with a small negative…In the beginning of your review where you say “website”, it would have been nice if it was a link, so I can click on it to check it out. Maybe even an affiliate link.

    Now for the possitive 🙂 This review was probable one of the most informative reviews I have read so far. Easy to read and the layout is clean and clear.

    I really like your blog and I will be back for more!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi CJ,

      Thanks so much for coming by, reading and sharing your thoughts.

      Small negative resolved thanks for bringing it to my attention, I have really been swamped this week and I guess I never caught it back when I published.

      Thanks very much for the positives, you made my day!

      I try to call them like the research shows them and let everyone make their own assessment. Glad you had no problems finding your way around, I am working on the Rich Janitor currently and should have my review out in the next few days so please do stop back.

      My best and Happy Holidays,


  8. The_NathanNicholson

    This is an awesome post and it looks really awesome. The information is very valuable and informative. The format is great and easy to follow. The post makes sense and I can learn with the easy to follow format you have for this post. Thanks for the valuable information and I will definitely share with my friends to help them stay on the right track.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for stopping by reading and sharing your thoughts. Ya sadly BTF is another one of those nicely packaged opportunities that just does not pan out financially.

      Kelly Felix has been all over the web for quite a while, but the BTF program still fails on many counts. The longer I stay with my #1 Recommendation the more I realize just how fortunate I was to finally end the “Getting Scammed” aspects of my online business life thanks to my sponsor Wendy.

      Nathan thanks again for the comment and sharing with your friends, that is the only way to get the truth out and help spare folks from losing a lot of cash.

      All my best to you,


  9. Relly

    Hi Gary, this is a comprehensive review post and great work indeed for digging deeper. I can relate with your findings on “BTF” as we were looking for internet marketing networks and a friend recommended “BTF” but luckily we choose clickbank university at the time.

    Pity Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look, or BTF is still around but thanks for recommending WA as this is where dreams are realised

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Relly,

      I am happy I did not lose you, I tend to get carried away with my reviews sometimes, glad you made it to the end. 🙂

      I am happy you chose the Clickbank road as opposed to going with BTF, especially after what I started to unearth. Clickbank itself is a solid platform but it too has many shady products….

      I am also pleased that you see the same value in my #1 Recommendation that I have found. Thanks again for your kind words and my very best to your future success,


  10. Norstad

    Hello there, what a great site you have there. The review was awesome and I was really shocked that there is actually something fishy about Kelly Felix. Before I joined WA I have been thinking of buying his product called the Rich Jerk course. But I was not too sure about it for I am just a newbie in internet marketing and the product was so expensive and I would have been frustrated if there would be up sells afterwards. Thank you for the review. Helps a lot. 😀

    1. Gary Post author


      I too was surprised about what I dug up on Mr. Felix. He has had his hands in a lot of pies over the years, with a number of products, all having the classic upsell component.

      I always hate sounding like I am trying to make folks sound bad, to sell a product or opportunity, when the reality is, after being scammed a lot myself, getting my degree in Network and IT Security I find I am now in the position of ethically suggesting the best online marketing learning platform available at any cost.

      I am able to share my #1 Recommendation with folks with a clear conscience, because I have done the home work, and proven it to myself.

      Norstad, thanks again for coming by and sharing your thoughts, I am very happy you did not give “The Jerk” your money!

      My best to your success,


  11. Andrew

    Hi, that was a great review of BTF. I was a member of the system a couple of years ago as it was said to be one of the best online systems at the time. In fact there was a particular technique that worked out pretty well for me. Fast forward to today and I think bring the fresh has been overtaken quite a lot by the likes of WA.
    Thanks for sharing that with us.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on BTF. I think that when it started out they may have been on to something, but after Mike Long left Kelly Felix took BTF in a different direction.

      He does provide some great training in certain aspects of the online world, but they make a very big mistake by constantly trying to Trick Google rather than Work with it Ethically as my #1 Recommendation does.

      Andrew I am glad that you found your way clear of BTF, I also lost a lot of money with many other programs that just missed the mark as well.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, all my best,


  12. Peter

    Hello Gary. An excellent job on reviewing Bring The Fresh. You have really dug in deep here and that’s what makes it such a great review. I am pleased to see you are giving your readers such good advice and even offering them an alternative they can use as a comparison, Wealthy Affiliate. I’m sure that once they do a little homework themselves and review what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer they will quickly agree with your conclusion also.

    Great to see good use of graphics and detailed content in this review and it’s an awesome example of how a review shoild b done. Congratulation to you on this outstanding piece of research. 🙂

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the kind words about my Bring the Fresh Review a Fresher Look, I knew there had to be a bit more than met the eye.
      I have found with almost every opportunity being offered out there with a bit of digging I can almost always find a shady side to the person
      making the offer.

      Bring the Fresh gets as close to a Scam for me as I can stand without calling it one. Some folks have made some money and some of the training is really done well,
      but the bottom line for me once again there is NO talk about building the proper foundation within a niche from which to grow. Kelly Felix and Bring the Fresh makes the presumption that you can jump into a niche and take control based on the limited training you will get and Google Trickery that will bite you in the Ass a bit later on.

      I hope that if anyone is on the fence between Bring the Fresh and my #1 Recommendation; Wealthy Affiliate they see the light, because there really is no comparison when it comes to quality and avoiding all the Upsells.
      Peter, thanks again for stopping by and the kind words all my best to your success,



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