Build an Awesome Website with WordPress

Build an Awesome Website with WordPress

I am going to personally take you by the hand, we’ll go step by step & I will show you just how easy it is to Build an Awesome Website with WordPress.

Build Your Blog

Follow along and you may build your very own blog or website with WordPress. The first thing we need to do is simply get to WordPress using whichever browser you normally surf with.
Click here to go to WordPress and get started, you should be looking at this screen. Build an Awesome Website with WordPress
Since this is for those folks that have never gone through any of this go ahead and click the big orange “Get Started” button in the upper left.

That will bring you to this screen.Build an Awesome Website with WordPress

Go ahead and enter an e Mail address, select a username for your account, make up a password to use for your administrative privileges and lastly you will want to choose a name for your blog or site.

WordPress Upgrades

You will notice directly below where you selected your blog address WordPress asks you about upgrading. So that you know, it is cheaper to do any sort of upgrade during this signup process as opposed to an upgrade at a later date.

All the way to the bottom you will see the final step to create your blog Build an Awesome Website with WordPress go ahead and click the blue button labeled Create Blog and “POOF” you will see something like this.

Build an Awesome Website with WordPressGo ahead and click the blue Next Step button and you will be brought to the land of theme selection.

You will notice that some of the themes are actually for sale, but you can easily start with one of the many great FREE themes just fine. For this demonstration I chose this theme Build an Awesome Website with WordPress called Adelle.

Customize Your Blog

You will notice a light gray Customize It button that will take you to an e Mail confirmation screen, where you may confirm your WordPress account. However if you go ahead and hit the blue Next Step button bottom right you will be taken to your admin dashboard area.

Build an Awesome Website with WordPress

This is where you will have an opportunity to watch a short 2 minute video that explains all the basic steps to create your 1st blog.  Build an Awesome Website with WordPress

The video is fairly quick, smooth and to the point, but if you miss something you may play it over and over until you catch it all.

Here is what you should see once you have in fact confirmed your eMail address with WordPress Build an Awesome Website with WordPressyou will note a menu that will allow you directly into your dashboard. Once back in your dashboard, how about writing your 1st post?

See the menu in black to the left? With your mouse hover over the word Posts and you should see the words Add New. Select that and you will be presented with Build an Awesome Website with WordPress your 1st blank “canvas”.

Follow Along

From this point it is time to express you as only you can do, with words, pictures, video’s and or music of your own. I hope this post helps you on your way, remember my #1 recommendation for learning all the techniques you’ll need for your successful internet marketing business. If you have any questions please drop a reply and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Build an Awesome Website with WordPress

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