Build Your Own Website; Under :30 Seconds Flat

Yes, Now You Can!

I will show you how you can, Build Your Own Website; Under :30 Seconds Flat, believe it or not. We are living in truly amazing times, and combined with my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate it becomes almost effortless.

Building a dramatic personalized website in a lot less than a minute is a completely do-able, real time, attainable achievement using the WordPress Theme Builder, and a quick spruce up with the WordPress Theme Editor!

You will be amazed, at yourself!

Go ahead and check out this quick 6 minute video; Kyle will explain the process in an easy to understand format that will amaze you.

Build Your Own Website; Under :30 Seconds Flat

 So what do you think about that video at I hope it opened your eyes to the endless possibilities and power of the internet. 

That’s what I thought, and later achieved when I started my 1st creation(s).

I was very impressed with the wordpress gallery widget little things often mean a lot in terms of ones personal productivity.

From experience I will tell you that you should have some sort of general idea of the direction you would like to go based on the niche and Domain Name you have chosen.

Some like a bizzy looking site, others tend to be a bit more reserved. It all depends on the message you wish to convey.

It is great to set yourself apart from the crowd within a specific niche’ but you must make sure you avoid too much clutter or distractions, taking attention away from the points you are trying to convey.

Wow, What a Beauty

A dynamic eye catching web site is one thing, but let’s not forget user convenience as well.

Everything should be neatly and methodically organized into a useful and helpful destination that you want your customers to enjoy and share positively with their friends and acquaintances.

Build Your Own Website; Under :30 Seconds Flat

Truth be known in the world of internet business, while the building of a top notch, fully functional website is vital, more importantly are the “Discovery” aspects of your website and domain.

Thoughts regarding your sites discovery within a specific niche’ will be most important further down the road, past the initial building of your site.

Although thinking up and listing keywords and derivations in advance will not hurt the process at all, I will let you in on what I have found to be the key to my success in that regard.

You see in addition to my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. I call on my own personal “trade secret“, only because it is really known of within this world of Safely Earning Online.

In order to properly work with Google and try my best to obtain great Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) I rely very heavily on what I have found to be the very best of the best when it comes to Keyword research and successful usage, I use Jaxxy and as a gift just for reading have 30 Free searches on me right now;

The concept here is to quickly put together your vehicle, use those awesome keywords you just got from Jaaxy and get helping folks looking for quality information in your specific area of expertise. The earnings will come, it is the natural cycle provided the proper steps are taken.

As you more fully understand how to market your business through the classroom material you will naturally not only earn more but you will also be in the enviable position of duplicating and sharing what you have learned.

More websites along the theme of your 1st, or perhaps something totally different it really does not matter, the Sky’s the Limit, that is the beauty of understanding the basics and creating a sound foundation on which to build your Authority online .

If you would like to create a WordPress website without joining The Best Affiliate Community in the World, Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to go ahead and check out these Instructions on how to build your very own WordPress blog on your own.

Build Your Own Website; Under :30 Seconds Flat

Either way If you have any questions regarding the building of your 30 second WA website, or your own WordPress site feel free to drop me a note.

If you have found this information to be helpful, if you are serious about starting your own internet business, I truly wish to show you the way and I make this offer below honestly and from my heart. I followed this same path on my sponsor Wendy’s website.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose and quite possibly the World to Gain! 

My ultimate goal;

“To teach as many as I am able; to Safely Earn Online; Guiding Anyone to Learn How to Create the Most Successful Internet Marketing Business of their Dreams”

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Build Your Own Website; Under :30 Seconds Flat

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If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to drop a reply, they are welcomed and always answered personally.

Thanks, my best to your future success, regardless the path you choose.



Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster

13 thoughts on “Build Your Own Website; Under :30 Seconds Flat

  1. digital marketing

    Step three, have some products of your own which are only available through your website. Once you have your website going, it is important to have some products or services that your customers can’t find with other affiliate’s site. You want your customers to keep coming to your site and the best way to do that is to have something on your site that they can’t find on others. Being an affiliate marketer we must then choose a certain market segment where you can have a potential leadership or at least a strong challenger role.

    1. Gary Post author

      digital marketing,

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!
      You are absolutely correct about having a product only available through your website as being ideal,
      but in this day and age with the level of competition increasing daily, that is getting harder and harder to do unless you create your own products.

      I originally created this site to help teach folks how to Safely Earn Online without getting Scammed, and while all my information is researched and accurate my heart is taking me in a different direction.

      I probably won’t be adding too much new to this site, I am putting all of my efforts into my newest website called, the Truth About Marijuana.
      I hope to go live in the next few weeks or so!

      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing the importance of proper affiliate marketing, I hope folks enjoy your site as well, my best,


  2. Deidre Salcido

    Thank you for creating this website! It is filled with a lot of helpful information. I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate, and doing my research, I haven’t found one bad review! I am definitely going to give this a shot! There are so many scammers out there and now it will be nice to find ALL of them right here. I hope others will find this site just as pleasing and insightful. How about looking into My Advertising Pays and anything having to do with Andrew Cass. Andrew’s latest one is the Emobile Code. Just for starters…LOL!!! I will be sure to spread the word about your site and please keep me up to date with other scammers!

  3. Andre

    Hi Gary
    Well done on your website here you certainly have done a lot of work and homework for that matter.
    You reviews are great as are your posts on creating websites .
    It goes to show how well the lessons you have been doing has benefited you in so many ways and this is the proof of it.
    Great work
    Take care be well

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for your reaffirmation of my own beliefs with regard to the power of education.
      My #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate has taught me an amazing amount about how to effectively own and operate
      my own legitimate, helpful online business.
      I would encourage anyone that is serious about learning how to earn online to follow my lead.

      Andre, thanks again any other comments please drop another reply.

      All my best,


  4. Craig Pennell

    This is a great site, loads of information that people need if they are looking to start an online business, well done.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by and the nice words. I am on a mission to help folks with sound information
      to earn online without being burned. Check back for the BIM Program Review all will be exposed.
      If you ever have any questions, stop back and drop another reply.

      Best regards,


  5. Rod


    This is an excellent page on building a website. The information is laid out in a easy to follow and understandable fashion. I too believe that being apart of WA and taking what you learn from there and applying it has the ability to change anyone’s life.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for the nice comments, I’m glad the information is helpful to you.
      I honestly enjoy helping folks to be better at building their internet dreams.
      Please stop back with any other comments/questions & drop another reply,

      Be well,


  6. Neil

    Hi Gary

    Awesome page on website building by the way 😉

    A lot of people would have no idea where to start when it comes to building a website because they assume that technical knowledge is still required when it isn’t the case.

    A website can easily be put together in under 30 seconds (with no technical experience) these days.

    Keep up the great work on your blog, Neil

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by and your supportive words.
      I am so fortunate that Kyle and Carson at WA showed me how I could build that same :30 second website.

      I had given up on trying to do anything with a website after the flops I had built the old fashioned way with
      HTML code, an upset stomach and headache.

      Neil, I was amazed as you said, absolutely no real technical skill at all is needed.

      If anyone else would like to learn how, please just leave a reply,


  7. Marianne

    Gary, well written article. It really is simple to get going with making a presence on the internet although it does take work!


    1. admin Post author


      Thanks for your kind words, work never stops if you wish to be successful online
      just as in the REAL world.

      I am so happy to share the knowledge & power that WA offers, directly to folks that desire a positive change in their life.

      Thanks again, if I may assist further, drop me a note,



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