Empower Network Review; DOA

By | December 22, 2017
Empower Network Review; DOA

Name: Empower Network
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe
Website: Formerly www.empowernetwork.com
Price: Out of Business
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100 points

Empower Network Overview  

My Empower Network Review; DOA is a late update. I was actually introduced to the Empower Network through Instant Payday Network 1st.

Instant Payday Network or IPDN came to me through a business acquaintance I had kindled while we both worked for a legitimate home-shoring firm that represented Fortune 500 clients.

We had both schooled together and ultimately went to work for AT&T Business Cell Division. I shall call her TW, for brevity sake.

My desire to take control of my financial situation without a traditional (though virtual & from home in this case) “Employer” had grown too strong.

I quit and thanks to the VA, a year of FREE Network & IT Security College fell into my lap. I was able to go back to school, as I scoured the internet for online business opportunities.

This past May 2017 I graduated with an A.A.S. in Network Administration and IT Security.

As you finish your read of Empower Network Review; DOA and discover what NOT to Do online. I will offer you the best opportunity that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Empower Network Review; DOA, 

How it Happens; Sucked In by a Co-Worker at the Time

Sometime around early August, 2013 TW dropped me an email (I had not heard from her since I left AT&T.); I was still in my last 2 weeks of IT & Network Security College.

Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

Please understand I tried to give it my fair attention, however, once all was revealed with both programs, I flew away, burned again!

Convoluted for sure, however in truth, I got out of Empower Network with it only costing me 1 month at $25.00, but a whole other unforgivable hassle.

Unbeknownst to myself, perhaps some small print I missed at sign up I was only able to cancel my monthly auto-billing if I went through my sponsor TW.

I was like WTF, (Feel free to substitute fornication should it make you more comfortable) honestly by this time I already eagerly wanted to get away for what I felt was a true lack of fulfillment and constant up-sell pushes.

Sadly, TW and I had a falling out.

Rah, Rah, Rah She Said

She was still very much rah, rah on how great Empower Network was, while I had unearthed a lot of negative information & coincidentally found Wealthy Affiliate.

I tried to show her the differences; she refused to hear of anything different. Rather than confront her at all I reported my VISA lost and said goodbye to the Empower Network.

Empower Network Review; DOA tells the story of a structured 150,000 or so community of supposedly ecstatic bloggers gone Belly Up!

With no tangible product to market, other than how to promote the Empower Network to others. It became apparent fairly quickly what was going on. If you had your own product to sell, that would be the exception to that rule and you may be able to earn just fine.

While they offered some training materials, much like “The Guru’s” out there, as you needed to learn to progress to the next level, you need to pay up!

Much like the Church of Scientology, buying those levels, how ironic?Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

Not long after you start they want to know if you are “All In” or not.

By “All In” they meant buying all the additional training modules within the Empower Network.

It seems if you are not “All In” you will never make “All” the money of your dreams?

The REAL opportunity seems to be for owners David & David as their hordes of minions continue to sell the Empower Network concept over and over again all the while reaping the rewards.

All Perspective

Empower Network Review; DOA, shows I suppose that it is all a matter of perspective.

Empower Network Review; Deception in Action ContinuesI just happen to prefer being able to learn all the legitimate techniques of the internet marketing business in a unified, cohesive, cozy, sharing and caring environment without having to buy into more “Levels”?

Empower Network Who was it Made For?

Empower Network stated that;

“The word “empower” means to give the ability to; enable or permit.

This is a key element to Empower Network and our mission; dedicated to empowering as many people as possible through the network, training, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom that Empower Network offers.”


Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

So from this, we can conclude that in their eyes anyone that needs empowerment in life should be an active member of the Empower Network.

So naturally, their mission was to “empower” as many folks as possible. What they failed to advise you is the TRUE COST of Empowerment.

You see while you may start off at the $25.00 basic level, there is the nonstop encouragement to upgrade to the next level and the next and so on, all based on the idea that each level will provide you that much more “Empowerment”.

This line of business logic reminds me of the way the Church of Scientology once nationally based in Clearwater, FL operates. They sell levels of enlightenment I suppose?

Keep On Paying

Regardless of that comparison, it becomes quite obvious rather quickly that someone on a tight budget trying desperately trying to put together an online business does not need the next level of information required to be held for ransom. Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

So if you wish to get enough knowledge to really do what it will take to build and market a sound internet foundation that you can be proud of & perhaps profit from, you had best have DEEP pockets.

Empower Network Training & Tools 

Another reason I was inspired to write Empower Network Review; DOA was to also show that they were a Huge Scam!

Some sponsors were diligently focused on getting you going, but bear in mind with the $25.00 basic plan you would not have lasted long at getting attention from your sponsor if they are that motivated. Unless you show signs of “All In” you may just find yourself on your own feeling “All Out”.

The Blog Beast

So for $25.00/month recurring you got a blog space on a blog platform that they call the “Blog Beast” EV2some rudimentary training, the RIGHT to sell the $25.00 membership and access to your sponsor a mentioned above.

Now if you really wanted to succeed you had to have bumped up to the Inner Circle @ 100.00 a month. Then you would have access to training videos and the possibility of getting paid through The System.

I think that had to be paid through this wonderful system & it would only cost you another $19.00/month?

Yes, that is correct you actually had to pay to get paid. Sounds like something from a gangster movie, paying protection to stay in business. Perspective is a funny thing I am told, well that is just my perspective.

You see at this level you would have started earning commissions should folks join under you.

Empower Network Levels Costing More & More

Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

The next level is a real treat, for a one-time $500.00 payment you could have watched a series of training videos. But these are special training videos, based on David’s beautiful home in Costa Rica.

The videos captured the nuances of online lead handling & some advanced marketing techniques. All the while selling you on how great the Empower Network is and how you can be living David Wood’s lifestyle.

For $500.00 those strategies had better be directly from the Google Algorithm Team. I am sure the scenery is lovely.

Since we are feeling so generous throwing money around, the next level is sure to make ya smile.

You see if you gave them $995.00 in a onetime payment they are going to really buckle down and get teaching some of that more technical stuff that anyone spending just $25.00/month would never appreciate.

Now down to the brass tacks about making money!

Whew, I am getting all sorts of worked up now. Oh before I forget, one other thing about the whole Empower Network Grand Plan, you see with each level purchased you were given another path to gold. You could then start selling each level you had purchased.

Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

If they allowed you to sell say the 15K Formula plan without paying the $995.00 where is your motivation? After all, misery does love company.

So here was the deal, the pitch was to come aboard for $25.00/month and leave the rat race behind!!

That is an awesome deal, except you know what; it just does not stop there.

Making 15K/Month Now

Now, that you were qualified & authorized, building your thriving business, surely making your 15K/month as promised, it is time to really step up to the plate and knock it out of the park!

What if I told you that at this next level, you, yes you, would be able to gain the wealth of knowledge that is the found only in the Masters Retreat.

For a one-time payment of just $3,500, a mere pittance compared to your earnings to date. You would then have access to 40 individual training sessions.

Not only that but Empower Network as a gift would have bestowed upon you the coveted Empower Network workbook so you may continue to learn and learn as you earn and earn.

I admit I am not an expert in financial matters but I have heard that a business that lures folks in like this and then gets those folks to do the same to others as it’s only means of profit and survival is an MLM Pyramid Scam.

Mr. Charles Ponzi of Boston ran a similar scheme only he was a one-man show. Others did not duplicate on his behalf he simply paid the older members with the new member’s money so Empower Network is in fact not a full on Ponzi scheme. More like this shape I think,

Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

Empower Network Review; DOA My Last Word’s

I wrote Empower Network Review; DOA because it was my desire to present the facts of the Failed Empower Network business model as best I could.

I will admit proudly to being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member; however, that in all honesty has little to no motivation regarding the validity of this review.

It would be my ultimate desires to have folks continue to read throughout my site and see that I am an individual of honor and knowledge & decency.

My #1 Recommendation to you is motivated by what I feel is in my heart and for my readers best interest, not my PayPal account.

My experience initially was not so great with the Empower Network and I was fortunate to have ended it before things got real ugly financially. After a lot of research and speaking with professionals in the know I feel 100% satisfied with the above commentary.

Empower Network: Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

Empower Network Review; DOA further explains that The Empower Network was based out of a small downtown St. Petersburg FL property, around the corner from The Pier and the Salvador Dali Museum as well. It seemed to be a bloggers paradise, for their reputed 150,000 faithful followers.

What exactly did that mean?

Did it mean;

When I am there I am surrounded by a minimum of 100,000 like-minded, creative folks all learning step by step how to build a proper IM foundation that truly earns internet wealth & stability for a lifetime?

Not exactly, let us take a look side by side;

Empower Network Review; Deception in Action Continues

Classic, Chase the Next Level of Success $$

The Empower Network is structured on the outside like the common MLM model seen throughout the online community.

However, in practice, it seems to have performed an awful lot more like a traditional pyramid.

Folks continued to market the program to others all the while buying levels themselves to gain more knowledge,  that is being dangled like the proverbial carrot.

Empower Network a Final Glance…

Name: Empower Network
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe
Website: Formerly www.empowernetwork.com
Price: Out of Business
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100 points

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

That tells me you really want to get going with a money making website of your own.

Yes, I write a lot about who & what to avoid online from my own personal experience, as well as other folks nightmares.

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Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster


38 thoughts on “Empower Network Review; DOA

    1. Gary Post author

      Greetings Adam,

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and sharing your thoughts.
      I fell into the Empower Network myself years ago.
      Thankfully I only lost $25 and some pride.
      I think it is funny how the Scammers all seem to cling together.
      Thanks again for your time, all my best wishes,

  1. JeffWA


    Regarding this fraud opportunity presented by Empower Network. As you indicated this company actually does not have a tangible physical product as part of its program and as money can only be earned by a member building lengthy downlines of new recruits placed beneath him/her in the compensation plan, then this MLM venture quite clearly is nothing but an illegal pyramid scheme. As has happened with a handful of other companies, the Feds should step in and permanently shut down this company.

    The image of the Egyptian pyramid found at the top of the article is 100% appropriate.

    The upsells that this company uses to try and “train” (joke-joke) members on how to build an online business through the non-product that is part of the company frankly are disgusting. The “Masters Retreat” that costs $3,500 is nothing but a complete rip-off, I can only assume. Compared to the extravagant cost of intending this seminar, a member most likely would not be getting a “bang out of his/her bucks” (definitely plural) looking at it from the point of knowledge being gained versus how much $$$$$$$ he/she paid to attend what most likely is nothing but a farce.

    Yes, with expensive upsells, no product being offered, poor training, a fraud compensation plan and so on, your ranking of 0 out of 100 is accurate Gary.

    Too bad that it cost you the friendship with that TW gal who roped you into joining. But look at it this way. As you promoted Wealthy Affiliate as being a much better training program, I have to wonder if TW is still at it earning nothing through the Empower Network scam. In the meanwhile you have learned how to build your business the right way through WA.


    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Jeff,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I could not be happier knowing that the Empower Network unravelled as it did. I feel bad for the folks that got Horn-Swaggled by David and David.

      Jeff you bring up some great points regarding their levels of training “Masters retreat” etc. Each level would tease and coax you to the next as they built the 2 David’s retirement nestegg off their members backs and bank accounts.

      I had mentioned WA to my co-worker at the time. She had checked it out thoroughly and just loved the Empower Network so much more.

      Who knows, if she still has the online bug or not? 

      Jeff thanks again for your time, all my best,


  2. Dr. Doug

    Even though Empower Network is closed, it was interesting to read your review because this is not the only operation out there that is structured like you describe. You mention how it is almost a Ponzi scheme because the operation mainly sells itself, but did you ever get insight into the quality of the training materials they were dangling like a carrot?

    1. Gary Post author

      Greetings Dr. Doug,

      Thanks for the comment and your time.

      Yes when I was a member I briefly looked into their training materials, I must admit they did have some OK stuff, but most was dated information. 

      Some of the techniques were even harmful for success with Google.

      If you were to compare the levels of training to what is available through WA there really is NO comparison. I would imagine that the Empower Network fell prey to its own lack of positive growth because of what it was always re-selling, which was nothing more than itself.

      Like any pyramid once the growth slows or stops at the base, it will no longer grow.

      Thanks again for the great comment, any other questions feel free, my best,


  3. Jacob Schilling

    All of these networks are all the same, no real tangible product, just some training that ultimately teaches you to train others on how to sing others up for training in an endless cycle of training to make a pyramid of people rich, with the creator getting the loudest laugh of the bunch as he is on the top of the pyramid no matter what.

    I noticed that in the comparison chart it is easy to get help, but is it really easy to get help if you have to pay up to learn more about what the heck you’re supposed to do with the empower network?

    1. Gary Post author

      Greetings Jacob

      The Empower Network is NO More, so I honestly need to do some re-writing. There are many links out there about their demise.

      Yes they were all about a cheap enterance fee of $25/month, but you were also charged an extra $19/month just to collect what you had earned.

      Pyramid Power exploited to the hilt, made the 2 David’s very wealthy, leaving about 97% of the members to pay for it all.

      I am glad they failed, perhaps now the girl that got me involved with them understands the differences between what Empower Network was and what WA is.

      Thanks again for the comment, my best regards,


  4. Minhaj

    Thaks for this review, you should be quite pleased to know that the deception is now over. Apparently Dave Wood filed the company for bankruptcy. I still don’t understand how it carried on for so long. Whats worse is that I saw a video of him where he claims that he hasn’t been in a good state of mind since 2014 (around the time Dave Sharpe left) and yet still he carried on selling people impossible dreams. These people have no ethics.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for stopping by and your information. I had read that Dave Sharpe had left and Dave Wood was having issues. I did not know they officially went bankrupt though.

      From an ethical standpoint they never had any ethics to begin with.

      Be well always, thanks again,


  5. Chris

    Seriously? Are empower still going? How are they planning to make any money now that the whole internet world know they are a scam?
    They actually folded about 20 months ago and one of the owners did a runner – this must be a new version of their flop…which probably runs the same results. I’m interested – how far did you go with these?

    1. Gary Post author


      I am sorry to report the Empower Network is still going strong, here is their current home page http://take.ms/Dzhyu.

      I receive email from them on a daily basis with how I have doubled this amount of $$ and whats up in Costa Rica?

      I did some more digging now they have presence in Crete which is a rather notorious Greek Island for hiding money. They make it very easy to open a Bank Account in Crete and you will need one if you plan to buy property.

      Funny the link above is hosted in Montreal Canada on top of it.

      The Empower Network = Deception Period!


  6. Neil

    Thanks for presenting the Empower Network facts here because they are a massive help for people who are considering whether to join or not.

    Personally, Empower Network scammed me out of thirteen hundred dollars over an eight month period with no success from their “worthless” products.

    EN is one of the biggest pyramid schemes going and your score is too generous. I’m thinking more like 0/100 🙂

    Thanks for the review.


    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Neil,

      I am very sorry to hear of your financial loss with Empower Network! I was fortunate enough to stop the sucking sound after the 1st month so I only lost $25 but I gained inspiration.

      They come across like the best thing since sliced bread, but the reality is unless you are promoting their pyramid, your efforts will soon be lost.

      Many inside the Empower Network do not see or understand the difference’s between being able to learn website creation, without the Empower Network Anchor around their necks.

      I always try to point folks to my#1 Recommendation, because it is truly Risk Free to try and it turned out it is the best & most complete online learning experience I could have ever hoped for.

      Neil, thanks again for your words, all my best,


  7. tatihden

    That was a very smart move you used to get out of empower network. I am very luck that I didn’t fall for any of these scams before learning about wealthy affiliate. I started out with an advice from an old friend not to join any program that require that I pay right away.
    WA appealed to me because the starter membership is free.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Tatihden

      I too am very happy you did not waste your money on the Empower Network or any of the other Scams dressed up to look like a real business opportunity.

      WA has taught me how to Safely Earn Online and now I try to do the same with my website by squealing on as many of the Scammers as I can.

      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your honest thoughts, all my best to your future success with WA!


  8. Fred Chong

    Thanks for such a thorough approach to review Empower Network. Every aspiring networker and internet marketer need this unbiased and true information. I like how you put it, “The cost of Empowerment” is too high a price to pay for this program. The delusional EN bubble has already burst a log time ago, but the sins continue! Those who are “ALL IN” be truthful to themselves and to concede defeat, and to STOP fooling others, use their resources for the Bright Side of this business, they certainly can do better!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Fred

      I am happy you enjoyed your read, the Empower Network as you mentioned has seen it’s best days but they still keep sucking folks in.

      While they do offer some decent info and techniques the fact that you must pay to be paid and the constant search for folks to build the pyramid is very troubling.

      Thanks again for coming by and sharing all my best to your success,


  9. Kavinah

    Thanks for your detailed review of Empower Network. I have heard of it and many times it’s all negative. I never realised that there are so many upsells. It’s good you found your way out.
    I wonder what happens if upline is no more your upline through various circumstances. What then happens to your cancellation?

    1. Gary Post author


      I am happy you enjoyed your read on the Empower Network, which I was led to through IPDN as you read. So many of these less than Open Business Opportunities operate in the same fashion with NO Free looks or any other way to determine if it is a good fit without spending $$.

      I love how in order to just get paid you need to spend $19/month! WTF is up with that?

      As for up lines disappearing, I really don’t know what would happen but I am pretty sure it would not be beneficial.

      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, all my best,


  10. Marcus

    I don’t think I’ve heard the Empower Network before, but the list of pricing options is shocking. $25 per month for the basic, but you can bet that this is not going to provide very much because there are those additional really expensive options all the way up to a Master’s Retreat. Based on what you say, it seems that the real deal here is that you can earn money by selling this to other people as an affiliate, so it then becomes like a pyramid scheme. Is that a fair assessment?

    It seems a great shame that it costs so much just to find out their “secrets”.

    1. Gary Post author


      The Empower Network came to me fresh out of Network & IT Security school, so I will admit to being apprehensive right off the bat.

      I am happy you never had any of the negative experiences that I had with them. I know if I had been a lamb to slaughter, and followed the girl that recommended it to me even deeper I would have really been worse off.

      Honestly when I heard that it would cost me $19/month just to get paid what I had earned Hood Winking others and building their bloody pyramid I freaked.

      Marcus, I do hope if you get the chance you’ll check out my #1 Recommendation, you will see the difference immediately!

      All my best to your success,


  11. Tar

    Firstly, thanks for sharing your story. Key moment/experience in your life? Looks like you and IPDN know too well each other.

    I guess when TW was away and not kept in touch, she had planned something that causes the dispute between the both of you.

    About ‘All In’, I guess the slogan would “All in or Nothing’’? Gee, it sounds like the advert from Adidas I must say.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Tar,

      Consider yourself fortunate to have not been involved with the Empower Network, but you are correct my involvement was key in my life.

      They showed me what to avoid, building pyramids, and scamming others into their Web of Deceit.

      Thanks again for your kind words all my best to your success,


  12. Jess

    That is absolutely nuts that you could only cancel through the woman that sponsored you! That almost sounds illegal… how bizarre! It is great that were able to cancel the credit card so you didn’t have to pay anymore. I hate programs that are constantly trying to upsell their customers. It just screams “scam” to me. I am grateful to you for sharing your experience with others. Thanks!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Jess

      Ya I am afraid my short 2 weeks in the Empower Network really set me up so I could learn the Truth of Safely Earning Online with my #1 Recommendation.

      I was also burned on the Sales Funnel that I was originally given by the girl that suggested the Empower Network to me IPDN!

      Live and learn what can I say, Happy New Year Jess, all my best,


  13. Anthony

    Back when I was trying to first get started with making money online I remember sifting through a bunch of different programs. Empower Networking being one of them. They had my attention but there was a lot of “too good to be true” going on with them. I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate instead as it is much more valuable in actually helping you do something legit with your time. I had no idea how scammy Empower Network was before reading your article. Pay us $25, Now $500, now $995, the upsales never end! Thanks for reviewing EN and helping educate their potential unsuspecting victims.


    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Anthony,

      Happy New Year to you and thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

      I still hear people that talk about the Empower Network in a positive fashion and it boggles my mind. The Upsells and selling the Empower Network to build the Pyramid is what it’s really all about.

      They do teach some legitimate stuff but the constant upsells to learn the next bit is just flat out wrong. The one that really gets me though is the $19 you have to spend each month just so you can get paid if you were to actually make anything. WTF is up with that crap?

      All my best to you Anthony, thanks for the nice words,


  14. rob

    It seems to me that there is no comparing WA and the Empower Network. Nowhere on a website should you have to pay more money to get paid. Is it a scheme/scam? That is hard for me to tell. However, I really like when you put the comparison graph of the 2 sites side by side. It really shows how much value you receive when you join WA.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Rob,

      With the Empower Network I can speak from my brief experience with them, and the fact that they totally mis-represent what they actually are makes them a Scam to me.

      Any company that gets you involved at one price and filling your head with all the great money you can make etc. and then wanting you to pay more to buy Levels of Knowledge is Crap!

      Yes you have to pay your $19/month if you wish to be paid, I was like WTF when I heard that from my sponsor?

      The chart does tell it all , easy to compare apples to apples that way, theirs all seem rotten, thanks again, Happy Holidays,


  15. Norstad

    Hi Gary, nice site you have there. Lots of reviews and very informative messages for people who are searching about feedback about certain something. I haven’t got across that empower network your talking about and because of your review I thank God that I didn’t bump with it when I was still searching a program to begin my journey through cyber space. Best of luck.


    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Norz,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Empower Network, they are a large organization that continues to get people to Pay for the Next Upsell into the Next and so on.

      When I look at how they stack up Compared Honestly to my #1 Recommendation I almost have to laugh, if it were not for all those folks losing their hard earned money based on what I consider misleading, almost fraudulent operations I would.

      I am glad you read up on them before signing up with them, all my best,


  16. Lynne

    Oh I have heard about Empower Network before and everyone I heard stank!

    I find that very amusing that you actually had to cancel your Visa card to get out of being with them. That truly is terrible. How can they make it that you can only cancel your subscription through your sponsor? That truly is shocking.

    1. Gary Post author


      I know it sounds crazy but that is how they were set up back in 2013. I had already had issues with the IPDN Sales Funnel that brought me to Empower so I was not a real happy camper initially.

      Once the upsells started I bailed out and went searching some more.

      It was not until I landed on my sponsor Wendy’s Site and read about another Scam Work at Home University I was considering, that I was Saved!

      Wendy led me to WA and I have not looked back since, in fact Wealthy Affiliate became my #1 Recommendation to anyone that would like to learn how to Safely Earn Online, because it works and with but a single Premium Membership Upsell.

      Lynne, all my best to your future success,


  17. Marvin

    Hey Gary, I can sure relate to your story, your personal experience with Empower Network. I never got into it, I did some Googling and saw way too many negative reviews for my comfort, but I have been involved in so many MLMs and other programs where you make money recruiting people that I eventually wound up in the NFL club. (No Friends Left, lol)

    Good review, I hope lots of people read this and are duly forewarned.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Marvin,

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your NFL story LOL

      I fell into the Empower Network by trusting a business acquaintance. Here I was right out of Network and IT Security college and this woman I knew from AT&T Business Cellular school was telling me how great and how I really need to check it out.

      I can only say they built their Pyramid from a solid foundation, but it is still a Pyramid and David & David are sitting at the top, with about 97% of the signups earning squat.

      I am happy and fortunate that I found my #1 Recommendation a few years back, what a difference the truth makes.


  18. RuthM

    I have heard about Empower Network and came across your review when I was looking to find out if Empower network is the right business for me. It really doesn’t seem so. I find it outrageous that a business like this can still succeed, when so many people, according to the reviews I have read have been massively scammed by them. Thanks for the heads up on this and I’m sorry you had to experience it first hand, Hopefully your experience will help others to avoid the same problem.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Ruth,

      Yes I will admit I was lightly taken by the whole IPDN into Empower Network Scam funnel.

      Empower Network has been around for quite sometime yet their entire system is ultimately about reselling their same system as opposed to teaching you how to sell say, Fitness Trackers or some other Hot item in Google.

      David and David would deny what I am saying probably 100% but their actions speak much louder than their written or spoken words, at least for me.

      Empower Network = Upsell Network based on my $25 1 month membership.

      I do hope you will give my #1 Recommendation a look see, the differences between the Empower Network approach and WA are entirely different.

      WA is a much more logical platform from which you can Learn How to Safely Earn Online without all the many constant upsells of the Empower Network!

      Ruth in closing let me just say that I am thankful you found this review and you trusted in my words.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, all my best to your future success, regardless your path,



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