EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam

By | December 8, 2015
EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam

Name: EZ Six Figure Lifestyle
Website: EZSixFigureLifestyle.com
Price: $34.95 to $7,500
Owners: Dr. Moses Fraser MD
Overall Rank: 2 of 10

EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Product Overview

I knew I had to write this EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam after I went down to the mailbox and found a postcard from Dr. Moses Fraser MD wanting me to join his brand new EZSixFigureLifestyle.com, his postcard followed me on my recent move out of the Sticks to the Big City. It seems that with this amazing EZSixFigureLifestyle.com all I have to do is go to the website to start my 10 Week Plan To Over $51,200 PER MONTH!

Who is Dr. Moses Fraser MD?EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam

Dr. Moses Fraser, MD has assured me in my emails that “Having an opportunity between $25 – $299 is very important.”

“If it is FREE to join, there is no money to be made since no money is exchanging hands.”

That mindset and logic are exactly how thieves think, which is why Scammers rarely let you look and see for FREE. Their desire is to monetize everything they possibly can and at your expense.

At the bottom of Dr. Moses Fraser, MD’s emails are the following address; 2211 NE 39th St Vancouver WA 98686 USA which if you put into Google Earth mistakenly gives you the Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital which would be appropriate for a Dr. but they have no listing for him.

After you finish your read of EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

The USPS Says,  EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam

What I did find out is that EZSixFigureLifestyle.com is actually just the beginning to get you to RPM 2.0 from Anthony DiPaolo.

These convoluted postcard scams all seem to start the same way and end the same way as a sales funnel to the REAL Product which in this case is once again the National Wealth Center or NWC as I refer to it throughout my review.

This EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam shows how this path is very much like the same basic path as my Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam which also served as a Sales Funnel to the NWC as shown here in my G+ Page!

EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Pros and Cons


  • Honestly, when you get a postcard sharing an opportunity with you, who’s website given is not the intended destination it makes it hard to find any positive’s like being lied to
  • A stretch would be that it leads to the National Wealth Center which I would have to give 2 of 5 stars to for having some value.


  • Almost everything regarding the fraudulent good Dr’s scheme is the same confusing pattern ending up trying to build the NWC MLM Pyramid
  • A fraudulent address was given on his emails designed to make someone doing just a quick check, seeing Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
  • Where you are led to the NWC peddles the same old content it has been using for years despite all the changes with Google

Who is EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Made For? 

Sadly this particular EZSixFigureLifestyle.com Scam is geared towards the most vulnerable beginners online and there are thousands of new ones every day. One of the main reasons I write these reviews is to try and save beginners from real financial heartache.

Giving Out Your Information

The cycle usually starts as newbies begin to explore the niche of “Making Money Online” or something similar. Pretty soon you’re filling your e mail addresses into autoresponders which collect data building their list. EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam

That’s just the email side, but it probably won’t be too long before your mailing address and phone number get collected as well.

Once you start to try opportunities in different Sales Funnel’s like the IPDN Network into the Empower Network you will be considered a viable candidate to market to.

Scammers live on mailing lists much like legitimate marketers to them it’s a #’s Game with 1,000’s and 1,000’s of postcards sent out to those Targeted Vulnerable Wealth Seekers!

You have already told them you want to know more about their Shiny Opportunity, they wish to oblige your desires.

EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Tools & Training

There is virtually NO TOOLS or any TRAINING required! EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam

All you have to do is pay $34.95 to get in and start growing your own MLM Pyramid Down-Line.

As the postcard states “Just Mail THIS Postcard to the EXACT People We Tell You…THAT’S IT!” There’s your training in a sentence.

Then perhaps you too can become filthy rich like Dr. Moses Fraser, Tony DiPaolo, Drew Hansen and Peter Wolfing at the Top of MultiPlex Systems Inc. and the National Wealth Centeras reviewed here by Ethan.

EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Support

You can and will get all the email encouragement and “Support” you need or can handle. Very soon you will begin to understand that All the Support in the World will do nothing for you if you are honestly trying to create a sustainable online business presence with the tools at NWC.

EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Price EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam

Your postcard journey starts out for FREE and allows you to watch some Tony DiPaolo video’s where EZSixFigureLifestyle.com disappears and becomes a different opportunity RPM 2.o or Residual Profit Machine as explained in more depth by Edy at his wonderful site.

To get started with the National Wealth Center it will cost you $34.95 there is NO Free Look and see my #1 Recommendation!

$34.95 – $7,500 how’s that sound for pricing.

EZ Six Figure Lifestyle My Final Opinion

This EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam is another example of just how shrewd, yet desperate all the Work at Home Business Opportunity MLM people will get to build their Pyramid’s. To me, any sort of program out there that can Promise or Guarantee You Fabulous Wealth or Anything for that matter without knowing you or about your skill sets is flat out Fraudulent Lies!

You should begin to understand very soon why I am pointing you towards the totally legitimate and honorable Wealthy Affiliate Login, and I bet you’ll want to Thank Me if it is your desire to honestly Learn to Safely Earn Online.

Check it out FOR FREE, NO Credit Card required!

Take a look for yourself to see the Major Differences between EZ Six Figure Lifestyle and my #1 Recommendation;

EZ Six Figure Lifestyle At a Glance…

Name: EZ Six Figure Lifestyle
Website: EZSixFigureLifestyle.com
Price: $34.95 to $7,500
Owners: Dr. Moses Fraser MD
Overall Rank: 2 of 10

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

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10 thoughts on “EZ Six Figure Lifestyle Review MLM Postcard Scam

  1. Chris

    As soon as I saw MLM in the title of this review I knew it was something I would definitely be staying away from – MLM is not really worth anyone’s time!
    From what I’ve read here I doubt this Dr. Moses Fraser MD is even a real person – throwing a couple of initials at the end of your name is simple enough on the internet. Thanks for bringing this waste of time to our attention!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for swinging by and sharing your thoughts on the good Dr. Moses Fraser MD.

      There have been some legitimate MLM’s of the past like Amway, but they are all still a pyramid much like our country here in America, where the wealthiest 1% are at the Top!

      I do a lot of research online and if I had really wanted to spend a little $$ I am sure I could have unearthed all regarding the supposed Dr. Fraser, but I did not feel the need with what I found for just my time.

      Chris thanks again for stopping by, all my best to your success,


  2. John

    Great information. The more I look at reviews like this, the more I realize that the world is full of some pretty sleazy people. Thanks for helping us steer clear of them!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey John,

      As is the case with any technology that comes along, there will be the Good and there will be the Bad.
      I equate the sleazebags online with their Scams to the Snake Oil Salesman of the Old Wild West.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts they are always welcome, Happy and Safe Holidays to You and Yours,

  3. Market Merchant

    Nicely written website, and I have a question for you? How has working online, and building websites worked out for you so far? Have you made some good money doing this? Or have you made anything at all yet?
    I know of one guy who claims to make about $400,000 every month, doing exactly what it is we do now.
    He says he does it using 1 nieche site, and only making money from AdSense. However this almost seems impossible, what do you think?
    Zach C.
    Market Merchant (MM+)

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Zach,

      Thanks for swinging by and your story of someone either doing an amazing job or wishing a lot & lying through their teeth. You may have noticed I don’t do the whole “Look at Me Making Millions” routine on my site and that is for a very good reason.

      I am a business professional, as such I do not discuss anything I earn with this website or my other sites in totally different niches. Instead I try to advise folks as to what honestly works to Safely Earn Online by exposing them to the best FREE business look see anywhere online, my #1 Recommendation!

      I tend to get pretty good Google SERP so I do not pay Google AdSense anything for that.

      Thanks again, and let me know if you see your “Guy” in a Lamborghini sometime soon, my best,


  4. Raphael Ali

    This is a comprehensive review that covers all the bases and is very well written, but it seems as though some of the text is distorted, like it’s been smudged and that could be the difference in converting your readers into buyers. You might want to edit this before you publish it.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Raphael,

      Thanks for coming by & appreciating my work, I am very sorry that the smudge on the postcard is bothersome for you, that sir is how it was delivered in the mail.

      As for converting my readers, I will thank you for your concerns. I am decent at getting 1st page Google for things I write like type Ad Services Review into Google, tell me how close to 1 Billion the searches are and check out my site about #4 & Organically NO AdSense needed.

      Raphael I have been helping folks with my online expertise for a few years now and if you would enjoy some learning, perhaps some of these Google Tips may help you out.

      Wishing you all the best in your future success,


  5. Geerie

    WOW WOW WOW Wonderful site! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with postcard scams. I get them all the time and never really thought much about them. Now I know they go straight to file 13 thanks to you. WA is an awesome place to be if you want to do things right and legit. To Your Success! Gee

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Geerie,
      I will admit to getting a bit irritated with all the Postcard Scams I also get in the mail, I had written about some others
      that also led back to the same 2 star opportunity of the National Wealth Center.
      I am happy you know to pitch them out when you get one, and I am very happy that you found my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate
      so you can learn how to Safely Earn Online.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts all my best,


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