Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized

Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized

I wanted to share a valuable secret with you involving how to, Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized. 

I have found through the school of hard knocks that this technique saves me quite a bit of time. I absolutely love to exploit Jaaxy (Bottom Center) and make lists of all those green light keywords as they pertain to my niche. My site has been growing by leaps and bounds and aside from content I know my LTK’s (Long Tail Keywords) are really paying off.

After a while I found I had about 6 or 7  lists each with 50+ long tail keywords that I thought would really help my site out.

Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized

I also wanted to cut down on the time it was going to take me to get my list all nice and neat and separated properly with comma’s, so I could copy and paste it into my All in One SEO plugin.

There are several ways you can accomplish this but I found the easiest method for myself is by the following few steps;

First I download keywords from Jaaxy to Notepad & they look like this;

Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized


Next, open MS Word, copy the list as it came from Jaaxy and paste it as plain text into Word. Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized


Here is the kool part, after pasting hit CTRL A to select then CTRL H, the Find and Replace window will pop up.

Get Your Long Tail Keyword List OrganizedIn the box Find What: place the following 2 characters ^p, (caret and the letter “p”) hit the Tab key.

Then to go to the next box, Replace With: and enter , (comma) and hit the space bar once, then go ahead and hit Replace All.

You will get a pop up telling you how many replacements it made, hit ok and your list should appear above like this. Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized

Now one last step, I take only because I like order,

Ya I am a bit anal 🙂 about organization, regardless, lets take your list and alphabetize it.

I use this site and I select comma at the top right and then close that little window.

Then make sure you clear the screen, and copy Ctrl A to select and Ctrl C to copy to your clipboard  then Ctrl V to paste it into the site’s pink box.

At the top left there are various controls, I select Sort-alphabetize A-ZGet Your Long Tail Keyword List OrganizedOnce done you can copy and paste it somewhere safe like notepad to add to and or replace your current SEO keywords.

Computers Love Order

One of the main reasons I alphabetize is because it makes detecting duplicates that much easier.

Google is not a fan of duplication with regard to many things and I have found it best to avoid duplicate keywords for SEO as well.

While there may be software out there to do something similar I had a hard time finding anything that was to my liking.

As for duplicate detection most programs only detect individual duplicate words over all, they can not seem to detect comma separated groups of words as being duplicates against one another.

One last note on Long Tail Keywords, while there are many, many keyword tools out there, some for free, some free for a few searches and some that plain and simply cost, I am asked fairly often what I recommend to get the best SERP (Search Engine Results Page) from Google I can.

I honestly after trying many of them can only recommend 1 keyword tool wholeheartedly and that is Jaaxy. I really like the layout inside and its functionality.

It also has one key feature that eliminates a lot of guesswork called QSR or Quoted Search Results. What that means to you is Competition For a Specific Keyword is shown numerically 0-infinity with the lowest score much as in Golf  the lower the score the better.

With Jaaxy I get a lot of hole’s in one, but ultimately it is still up to me and my writing with keywords always in my mind.

What that means for someone just starting out, is that you can find specific Long Tail Keywords within your niche’ that nobody else is using. When you look to the left and can see that there is monthly traffic it is like finding Gold.

Do yourself a favor and take Jaaxy out for a test spin, for your email, you may have 30 Free searches. For me it became quite apparent this was “The Tool” means success for me!

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If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to drop a reply, they are welcomed and always answered personally.

Thanks, my best,


Researcher, Author & WebMaster

12 thoughts on “Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized

  1. David Bishop

    Hi Gary, I remember using google keyword tool for my google search and it was fine. When doing something for a long time you just get used to it. When google took that away early this year I was devastated. Did not know where to turn.
    The keyword planner that they replace was not the same. But then I was introduced to Jaaxy Enterprise, and voila, my confidence came back. Thank you for showing even more light on this keyword tool, it is certainly the best keyword tool on the market. Thanks Gary


    1. Gary Post author

      Hey David,

      I too recall the old google keyword tool, as well as a couple other Free keyword tools like the Dallas TX based Übersuggest or Keyword Tool from Hong Kong.

      However when I compared many of them to the results I get from Jaaxy, there is just NO comparison.
      David in all honesty I chose to invest into my business with Jaaxy, and it makes me money, not the reverse, so I am very happy to hear that you too
      see the amazing value Jaaxy really is!
      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing, all my best to your success using Jaaxy as well!


  2. Derek

    I am still a little fuzzy on keywords. So, long tail is more than one or two words. So are these words that relate to an article in your site so you update your site key words when you publish a new post?
    Great article though.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Derek,

      Thanks for stopping by, Long Tail Keywords are as you mention longer than just one word.
      Generally the way I work to obtain 1st page Google is to get into Jaaxy with my topic and enter it.

      As the results populate there will be a lot of derivations with related keywords shown to the right.
      Working with what I know are grammatically correct I begin selecting the best KQI/QSR results I find, and then I try the related searches.

      In time I have a list of awesome Long Tails that I then can use to write with and about.
      By simply writing with these awesome keywords in mind and using them Naturally in your writing especially in Titles, Headings, 1st Paragraph and Last
      you will start to see some good results.

      I try to never write just using Great Keywords, I use the Great Keywords to tie my main ideas and thoughts together.

      Derek, I hope this helps you out, thanks for stopping by and all my best,


  3. Justin

    What an awesome article Gary! The organization part of my keywords is really helpful. I can’t wait to put it in use.

    I also believe Jaaxy is the best keyword assistant out there. I have been using it for a month now and will probably for a long time. I used the free searches in an hour and it showed me how the keywords I thought were low competition were on a ton of pages. Now my planning starts in Jaaxy and my results show in my traffic!

    I highly recommend Jaaxy only to those who want success in their keywords. It is my new best friend!

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Justin,

      I am really happy to see you found my time saving tips working with keywords helpful.
      As for Jaaxy, what a find!
      With the Google SERP and the traffic I get from the Jaaxy keywords I can honestly say it more than pays for itself!

      Justin you are spot on when you mention planning with Jaaxy, that is usually the 1st place I go once I have decided on my topic,
      sometimes I use it just to get ideas about specific topics too.

      Thanks again for swinging by and sharing your thoughts, all my best to your success,


  4. Olga

    Hi, Gary!
    I really like your site and easy to understand explanation. Thank you for your SEO Tips, Tricks and valuable secret how to Get Your Long Tail Keyword List Organized.
    I never thought about the siting of keywords in alphabetical order.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for your time, reading and kind words.
      Keywords used to drive me crazy, working with them in alphabetized groups makes it much easier to detect duplicates which
      I can then weed out.
      By using the CTRL H technique to keep comma separated and then alphabetizing really works very well for me, and I hope it helps you as well Olga.
      All my best,


  5. Margot


    All I can think is WOW! This is excellent information! You have saved me so much time! I think I’m in LOVE! Thank you so much for this! I’m definitely bookmarking this for future reference. Thanks again. I can’t wait to get started.


    1. Gary Post author


      Sometimes it is the little things that can mean so much.
      Until I discovered this little gem I was constantly wrestling with these huge lists of words and commas.

      It is enough to make one go bonkers.
      I knew I had to share, Margot, thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.
      All my best regards,



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