Infinity Income Dealership Review; Catherine Reece Scam

By | September 26, 2014
Infinity Income Dealership Review Catherine Reece Scam

Name: Infinity Income Dealership
Price: $197
Owners: Catherine Reece
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Infinity Income Dealership Product Overview

My Infinity Income Dealership Review; Catherine Reece Scam, is actually quite a bit overdue, my apologies.

When I 1st received this snail-mailing although I recognized the type of scam I had NO idea that this Catherine Reece person (Founder) from Alliance Publishing Inc had been scamming folks since 2007 with this same hoax.

After you finish your read of Infinity Income Dealership Review; Catherine Reece Scam and discover what NOT to Do online.

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Pay to Work?                                                                                   

Here is the breakdown you are supposed to send $97 back to Alliance Publishing in Homewood (a suburb of Chicago) IL and $100 to the person that mailed you your invitation, mine came from a Tanisha McKibben with a PO Box in Medford (a suburb of Boston) MA.Infinity Income Dealership Review Catherine Reece Scam

Once you have done that you are to be set up with your own envelope stuffing scam business.

Then yesterday before completing this review I received another mailing from Bolingbrook IL and a Walter C. Otto, the exact same envelope, stamp & pre-printed bulk mailing address.

I Am On a Lot of Lists

Before I could finish this review I received a 3rd mailing, again for the exact same scam envelope stuffing position, this one from Robert Gipson of Burlison TN so people continue getting scammed by this very old hoax.

After you send your money you are supposed to await the arrival of your package.

The package is supposed to revolutionize the way direct mail normally works, allowing you to “Earn At Least $500 A Day for The Rest of Your Life.” So for your $197 you get to learn how to send junk mail that gets thrown away over 97% of the time.

Pros & Cons


  • In all honesty, I see nothing positive about this age-old snail mail scam to share


  • There is no way to try this program without spending the initial $197
  • Direct mail has a success rate of only 1-3% so at least 97% of all the postage you buy to mail will end up in the trash
  • Buying into this scam only allows it to continue on financially, hurting others
  • Sadly there are a lot of other folks doing this same scam so you also face competition from others that bought in
  • Earning $500/day for life is virtually impossible for anyone working a mail order program like this
  • It is an old Pyramid scheme with a “Catherine Reece” at the top, fictitious or not someone is collecting $$ at the Alliance Publishing address.

Who is Infinity Income Dealership Made For? 

Infinity Income Dealership Review Catherine Reece Scam

Infinity Income Dealership is designed for the wide-eyed, eager, and ready to try anything to make a buck crowd.

If You Don’t Know, Just Say NO!

Preying on the most naïve folks that have managed to get their name onto the “Money Making from Home” lists are their target.

If you never noticed after searching for work or business opportunities online or even worse responding to some other similar type of mail order program, in a week to a couple of weeks you will start getting all sorts of wonderful scam opportunities.

The list of people seriously looking to earn from home grows every day keeping these envelope stuffing scam programs alive.

Infinity Income Dealership Tools & Training

Well, well here comes the interesting part, when you get your mailing and read through what you get for your $197 is nothing more than the “ultra-private, hyper-productive business opportunity buyers list source”. Infinity Income Dealership Review Catherine Reece Scam

Or in other words, you pay $197 to get a mailing list of addresses where you can now send the same scam to others that like yourself were probably looking for a legitimate business opportunity originally.

Double Down

Catherine Reece claims her list doubles that 1-3% response to 4-6%, which even if accurate would still never lead to earning $500/day for any period of time much less the rest of your life.

Some of the other things you get are, The Confidential Dealer’s Report (with her personal resources) & “Million-Dollar Rolex” of contacts.

I presume that is a list of people that had expressed an interest in earning from home but had not signed up with Catherine as yet.

She also offers her “proprietary strategy” for making $100K in your 1st 6 months.

Infinity Income Dealership Support

Well if you think you will be able to write or call Catherine directly, that will never happen. Catherine Reece may or may not be a real person, to date I have been able to pin down addresses in Homewood, IL, Tampa FL & Bowie MD. Infinity Income Dealership Review Catherine Reece Scam

The letter is signed in all 3 cases by another young lady named Patricia Tate with a contact eMail of

Global Support?

This eMail address and the following phone #708-216-9722 M-F 10-4 CST is your only means of getting any support, which cannot constitute much more than to explain how to make copies, stuff and mail envelopes to the people from your list. I called the phone number it is an endless loop that says “Due to the Overwhelming Demand” please eMail us at

I thought it a bit odd for a “Large” company like Alliance Publishing to not have their own eMail servers?

Wow, they use FREE Gmail for their business, how frugal they must be successful.

Infinity Income Dealership PriceInfinity Income Dealership Review Catherine Reece Scam

To buy into the Infinity Income Dealership there is an upfront one-time fee of just $197, where $97 is sent to Alliance Publishing and the other $100 to your recruiter, or the person that sent you your envelope.

One major item to understand, all of your supplies including postage comes out of your pocket before you ever can even dream about your 1st sale.

Basically, you are paying to perpetuate the same old scam!

Infinity Income Dealership, My Final Opinion

The Infinity Income Dealership Review; Catherine Reece Scam, program has been scamming folks out of the $197, which most folks desperately looking for work can ill afford to lose for quite some time now.

Add to that the fact that you’re supposed to incur even more debt with postage etc. again all before anything positive could ever happen for you financially.

Do the Math!

Simply put if you do the math with postage currently at .49/stamp X’s just 100 for a 1st mailing you are down your $197+ $49 for stamps another few dollars for envelopes so now you are down almost $250 for your 1st mailing praying to get a single response.

Another young lady Olivia Justice has brought this scam to the internet as well at so be aware she can get you here also. She posts some favorable reviews but leaves no area for anyone else to drop a reply.

In order to impress upon you just how recently this scam has tried to legitimize itself, I came across Alliance Publishing Services Inc’s most recent Entity Filing Paperwork.

Still More Deception

I am not certain if Catherine Reece and Peagan Twitty (paperwork signed by) of both Bowie MD and Homewood IL are the same person. Perhaps this actual Peagan individual about age 30 years old is the True Scam Artist?

Infinity Income Dealership Review Catherine Reece Scam

This reminds me of cigarette smoking, you are tricked by the pressure of kids & the drug (nicotine) into thinking you are doing something good for yourself like relaxation. In this case, the drug (Making Money Fast from Home) tricks you into thinking you simply cannot lose with a program this simple.

My mom is dying from COPD after a full lifetime of smoking, what does that tell you about this analogy?

After all, anyone can do this program because it is as easy as 1, 2, 3?

Be careful what you wish for you just may get it, and that would be very sad especially when you compare Alliance Publishing Inc head to head on some important points to success with my #1 Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate;

Infinity Income Dealership Review the Scam, at a Glance…

Name: Infinity Income Dealership
Price: $197
Owners: Catherine Reece
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

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2 thoughts on “Infinity Income Dealership Review; Catherine Reece Scam

  1. Tanisha McKibben

    Your absolutely right I was scammed 3500$ dolars by alliance mailing house and four other joined me only God knows how much they put down i wish i could get my money back i will never ever do direct mailing ever again my heart goes put to the four people that joined so sorry for your loss i inly received four people join that’s when i knew i was scammed sincerely Tanisha McKibbeb.

    1. Gary Post author


      Greetings to you and I am so sorry to hear of your financial loss to Catherine Reece!
      I am also sorry to hear that you found others that trusted your path, I must presume they too lost out.

      I write about folks like this to try and warn people as best I am able, I feel bad that you never found my review until it was too late.

      While I realize the last thing in the world you want to hear is some sort of sales pitch so I will spare you that, but I will ask you to at least
      look at my #1 Recommendation to see if it may suit your needs a bit better.
      There is a 100% Free Opportunity for you to check things out to see if it is a good fit.

      My #1 Recommendation came to me after years of searching for a legitimate chance to learn how to Safely Earn Online without all the upsells!
      Tanisha, I am afraid all I can offer you with regard to what happened financially is this link to Report Online Fraud.

      Wishing you the best in your future success,


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