MGStyle InternetMarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers

By | July 18, 2014
I presume I am also now supposed to react on the email I received, and also become involved with MLSP or My Leads System Pro.

Name: MGStyle InternetMarketing
Price: $9.99-$499.99
Owners: Chinese & German Servers Used
Overall Rank: -0 out of 100

MGStyle Internet Marketing Product Overview

I wrote this MGStyle InternetMarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers, as a warning to all!

You will notice that I gave this review a 0-star rating, even though they actually exist below Zero!

OK, as promised in my Profile Backlinks Submission Service Review 2014, I had advised you that I was planning on exposing this whole MGStyle InternetMarketing organization.

First off the parent of  MGStyle InternetMarketing is Identified Here! At their home page you will see 16 or so different scam opportunities listed and only at the bottom of each page do you find their name and address; MGStyle InternetMarketing 25725 101st Ave SE, Kent, WA 98030, 001 (253) 243-1149. MGStyle Internetmarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers

As I had mentioned previously one of the things that initially caught my eye aside from an unusual URL was that they put the international “001” dialing prefix in the address?

I found their location in Google Earth sharing space with an Art dealer shown in my previous review, but more importantly so “Did NOT” the WA, OR, AK BBB.

By that I mean after some complaints came into the BBB, (click the red alert link) searched them out, found the phones disconnected and all their mail returned.

While that is all well and good, they may have discarded their phony US address setup, but their servers are still A Scamming 24/7!

After you finish your read of MGStyle InternetMarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Pros and Cons


  • I can honestly say that the only PRO that companies like this possess, is to serve as a learning example of exactly what to avoid at all cost online!
  • I got a lot of great research time in!


  • Everything about their entire fraudulent setup, the way they offer nothing but expensive Scam products
  • A Chinese company posing as an American company complete with a real US address!
  • Beyond those 3, they managed to get a recommendation from at least 1 legitimate Dutch Business Site.

Who is MGStyle Internetmarketing Made For?

MGStyle Internetmarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers

This is the saddest and scariest question regarding this grouping of “Business Opportunities”. The manner that this site is set up screams “Newbie”, ill-informed, come on give it a try mindset.

The level of information provided on each Scam opportunity is just enough to capture the audience it was carefully crafted for.

You will find the ever popular Data Entry a real “Newbie” teaser at just $9.99, as well as the Alexa Rank Booster & Profile Backlink Submission Service I reviewed earlier.

So here’s the deal, anyone that has been online for any length of time would probably smell scam right away, but then again I have seen some pretty silly decisions made by folks you would think should know better.

MGStyle Internetmarketing Tools & Training

MGStyle Internetmarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers

The only opportunity they offer where you may need some assistance is the data entry, perhaps.

That appears as a Special Bonus: 1 on 1 Coaching, which is never said to be included. Therefore I must presume that is the upsell.

Also for your $9.99 they give you all sorts of other dead-end loser ways to try & earn from taking surveys, to secret shopper crap a whopping $450 in bonuses, yours FREE if you just order today.

All the other “opportunities” listed are the mystery behind the scenes, White Hat, Black Hat SEO stuff they handle behind the scenes, for their rather exorbitant fees.

MGStyle InternetMarketing Support

As for any support, all I can say is that this entire company appears to be crafted with a singular purpose in mind.

That goal is to suck as much cash out of folks as they possibly can and disappear into the great beyond. It appears based on what the BBB had to report, the disappearing has already begun.

I attempted their chat support a few times. Every time it was Michael and he texted in a quite an Americanized fashion, here is a small excerpt from our last chat;
Hello I tried to call the office in Kent WA phone was disconnected do you have another number? MGStyle Internetmarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers
Gary is currently being served by Michael
hi, nobody at the office only takes messages now
how may I help?
What about mail I sent something it was returned no longer at that address-
what email?
25725 101st Ave SE, Kent, WA 98030,
snail mail
I live near there I wanted to visit
its only mail for the post, we operate online, so how may we help?
Yes but mail came back could not deliver BBB said the same thing?
we operate and work with USA, India, Romania, and many more, last time, how may I help?
OK how come your server is in Shanghai China but your .net is in Germany and your credit card company is in Holland? Then you post a US address & nobody is there phone is gone? How am I suppose to Buy anything like this?
Did I lose U Mikey?
wow, so much information, like you`re from FBI, 🙂
Not at all, I write about Scammers I do my research

MGStyle InternetMarketing Price

MGStyle Internetmarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers

Their pricing starts at $9.99 and goes up to $499.99 for the top level Alexa Rank Booster.

But the bottom line here is if you were to select anything they offer you will be dealing with very poor products that may actually do more harm to your website than good.

Lastly, you will actually be working with international scam artists like this guy.

MGStyle InternetMarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers;

My Final Opinion

I wrote this MGStyle InternetMarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers, to warn & simply point out how amazingly convoluted the scams we all see online can really be. When I first started looking at this website I guess I somehow knew there was a bit more to them then what initially met the eye.

Two small points got me looking around and before long I felt like Magnum PI!MGStyle Internetmarketing Review; Convoluted Chinese/Euro Scammers

I will admit when my 1st IP search for turned up this Chinese Server in Shanghai & I knew they were using a US address, I really knew I was onto something.

When I checked the website listed with their US address it took me to a German Server website which currently has its domain up for sale, the wheels really started turning.

Then I discovered that they were using a legitimate Dutch credit card processor MultiCards Internet Billing, Le Havre 77, 5627 SV Eindhoven, The Netherlands & good old PayPal to complete the financial loop.

If you make a selection you will find this info on their payment window “ is the designated E-ticket Supplier, Payment Processor, and Access Management Provider for, MGStyle InternetMarketing (*BESTSEO will appear on your cardholder/bank statement”

More twists and turns than a good spy novel! This opportunity is also being featured here at another legitimate Dutch business site; Dutch PressCenter, though I will have to contact them to let them know what I have discovered.

I hope this has helped you to understand a bit more about the kind of things that occur online.

So many scams are just waiting to pounce and suck folks dry financially!

I will say I harbor no ill will towards anyone from anywhere that comes online and offers websites, products and or learning situations that are legitimate, decent and a fair value, so let’s compare;

You see, I will tear up ANY of the other 90+% of the scamming Bozos out there, let’s take a look and see what MGStyle InternetMarketing looks like compared to my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate;

MGStyle InternetMarketing, At a Glance…

Name: MGStyle Internetmarketing
Price: $9.99-$499.99
Owners: Chinese & German Servers Used
Overall Rank: -0 out of 100

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

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