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  1. Neil

    Great post Gary!

    Okay – here’s my take on what MLMSP and other MLM/recruitment led affiliate systems offer and why (some of them) exist;

    MLMSP started out as a training system – offering 50% affiliate commissions as I recall (I was a member waaaaay back). Their product (training) was aimed at network marketers/home business owners – and provided a ‘funded proposal’ in theory.
    The reason a funded proposal was sold as a solution to network marketers was that MLM companies typically pay low level commissions (per customer/sale) – the model as you know, being multi-level commissions over time from your own customers/sales and those of your team/downline (stay with me – this will make sense!)…

    so, when network marketers came online and looked at how they could go about building their business they hit a BIG wall – the cost of advertising against the potential returns. LCV (lifetime customer value) may be good with some mlm products – but typically ‘front end’ sales equate to small commissions. So the opportunity to advertise your mlm (using paid ads) is restricted/almost impossible because the commissions you might generate from the 1% – 2% of website visitors who turn into customers don’t come close to covering advertising costs – so your MLM business (it’s not really your own business) FAILS.
    Introducing MLMSP (and other big commission programs) – while the training and support may well be good, while the tools may be useful – the REAL reason they are popular in the MLM/home business niche is because they provide big commissions front end – allowing those who successful promote them to advertise online, create cashflow and (this does happen for some) build their MLM on the back end – the top earners of course don’t use the ‘system’ to generate leads (because it won’t give them what they need in terms of conversions and probably isn’t compliant for some ad networks these days anyway – the top earners use the system as a way to create cashflow, off-load training and support to potential team members and build their own name/personal brand within a large and targeted community (online network marketers).
    As for the questions/concerns around the MLM business model – they don’t really apply to MLMSP as its not strictly speaking ‘multi-level’ – the model they have is single-tiered – much like any affiliate program (your favourite included) – costs are high, commissions are high and most people will struggle to make a single sale of the system because they don’t learn to offer anything #unique’ – but its not really an MLM model – it’s an affiliate program in the MLM niche – just for clarification.
    Back to the MLM business model itself – there are good companies out there (small in number) – with genuine products that provide real world benefits at a reasonable price. There are lots of over-priced products and unscrupulous business models and companies also – the solution is to look around IF the business model is something you can see yourself having success with (over time).
    What I would say is that the MLM business model should be built in two ways;
    1. Build a customer base – you need a genuine, reasonably priced product or service to do this which is needed in the marketplace (Herbalife targeted weight loss as you know – no bigger niche than that right?)
    2. Find business partners (people who want to work with you) and teach them HOW TO get custmers. NOT ‘how to recruit’ which is what most networkers do and why they fail. It’s far easier to build a customer base with a good product than find people looking to step away from their comfort zone and start their own business – and if you can’t teach them how to get customers when they do decide they will fail (and hate the MLM business model in the process).
    Anyway, that’s my lot – enjoyed reading your discussion and happy to see you are thriving with your online business Gary!

    All the best,

    1. Gary Post author

      You have painted an outstanding portrait of MLSP and the whole MLM online situation. You are correct in stating that some legitimate
      MLM’s do exist and also as you pointed out they are few and far between. This same business model has been used, repackaged and marketed
      so many different times and ways it could make your head spin.

      I really appreciate your straightforward Build a Customer base and then build and train a team don’t create a recruiting machine where there
      is more value in recruiting than there is in the product. I personally need a Good Quality Product that I can support and share, something like my #1 Recommendation comes to mind!

      Neil, thanks again for sharing your thoughts, all my best,


      1. Neil

        I agree Gary – it ALL comes down to the quality of the product you promote in the end. If there is no stand alone value in the product (people only buy it to sell it) – it’s going to be hard to sell.

        1. Gary Post author

          I could not have put it any better Neil, I was caught up into so many MLM selling mainly just the MLM programs and I always lost money. My heart was never into trying to sell
          any of the MLM’s I tried and for the same reasoning.
          MLSP like so many before and I am sure more to come, all sell you on the dream of wealth with little effort. Legitimate Wealth online is only generated from effort and usually a great deal of it.

          Neil, Thanks again, my best to your success,


  2. Pj Germain

    Hey Gary, fantastic write-up on MLSP. I was approached by a few of their people and admit I was first taken in. The marketing was hyped up and promising the world. Then, when I saw the pricing, I almost choked on my lunch! My GAWD! Wealthy Affiliate is far superior and FREE to try! To me, it’s a no-brainer!

    LOVE your website! Keep up the great work!


    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Peej,

      Thanks so much for coming by, Ya MLSP came across the radar as very high priced, I got the feeling it was their own “Get Rich Quick” shot, to pitch.
      When I look back to see how far I have come with WA, it is amazing.

      The real kool thing is I also get to teach inside WA, pretty much everyday so for me it is a win, win situation!

      Pj Thanks for sharing, I will look for you inside WA, my best,


  3. Nigel

    It’s amazing the amount of MLM schemes there are out there. To be honest, I could only sell products that I believe in and that I believe work. I’n not saying all MLM products are like this but it seems to me the idea is just to get people selling anything and they profit by getting more people to sell the same thing, whatever that product be.
    The promises of riches are also false. Money can be made online but you will need to work hard at it.
    Great review Gary.

    1. Gary Post author


      Ya it never ceases to amaze me either!
      Between postcards in the mail, e Mails and phone calls all for you to pay them to make you millions!

      They rarely have a REAL product and you always must pay for this upsell and then this to achieve the success
      that NEVER comes!
      I have no hatred toward any true time tested company that has real products sold, where levels are created through volume
      as long as it is a legitimate usable safe product.

      Sadly however, most make the wild claims of Riches and that is where I usually draw the line.

      I too only represent honorable entities that “Do What They Say“, without all the False Hope and Hype; Just Like my #1 Recommendation!
      Nigel, thanks again for coming by and sharing your thoughts, my best,


  4. Ian

    Thank you for producing such a thorough and informative article. Your honesty is appreciated.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      I honestly do hope I spared you from throwing your money away.

      I hope you had time to check out my #1 Recommendation, to see the difference education can make.
      Ian, thanks again, all my best,


  5. Katrina samara

    Hello Gary! This is a great review. Very clean and thorough. You give lots of helpful info. I have never been a fan of MLM, mainly because I don’t understand it and i choose to stay away from what I don’t understand. I wouldn’t really say that these are all scams, it’s just that these kind of systems don’t make any sense at all to me. Unless you want to start your own MLM of course.
    Thank you so much fro this great review. I will be stopping by your website more often!


    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your MLM thoughts.

      While there are some legitimate older school MLMs out there with viable and regularly used tangible products in this day and
      age in the world of online, so many use the MLM principle, shape and structure to market a lot of worthless crap.

      I use the word Scam as it is Defined by Merriam and Webster, a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people.
      They Scam with deceit much like the Empower Network does, where you must continually buy upsells to make any real money.

      Thanks again Katerina, I wish you all my best,


  6. Julia

    You’ve given a lot of detail here on what MLSP looks like before becoming a member. What’s strange though, is that anyone would call it a business opportunity. It isn’t. MLSP is very clear in saying so in all their marketing materials. It isn’t an MLM opportunity. It does, however, reward members for referring other members who stay active. More like affiliate marketing. And while their products are always available for purchase, members do not need to purchase those products. I joined MLSP a few months ago, because the low monthly membership fee provides access to a VAST library of tools, tips, trainings etc. at no extra cost. I also have the option of being an affiliate for MLSP memberships and/or the training tools and products they have for sale.
    So let’s say all I wanted was a community of leaders, marketers, etc. and the training they provide. I could just use MLSP for that.
    But if I wanted to refer others to the program and training products, I could do that and be paid an affiliate fee for doing so.
    I don’t own those products, or have to develop my own marketing for them. I’m not required to promote them. But I can choose to do so because I a) believe in my recommendation and b) can have another substantial income for spreading the word.
    I can’t build a team of people, or profit from their efforts or profits. I’m not compensated for any income generated by people I refer to anything found on MLSP. So there’s no pyramid here.
    Legitimate MLM companies governed by the DSA aren’t pyramids either, because as you know, pyramids are illegal. It’s a good idea to check out the documentary film “Rise of the Entrepreneur” about the profession of network marketing to really understand how that works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftm0zjQcPU0
    Unfortunately, many people still think MLM is a scam. That’s the scam.
    Hope this englightened your readers about what MLSP really is and does. I can honestly say that the coaching and training and TOOLS to become a strong online marketer in ANY business are unparalleled. EXPERT training on the skills and development required to build a solid network marketing business AS WELL as online branding for anything whatsoever. I’m not paid to write this review!

    Anyway, check out the film on the real profession of network marketing. If you want a direct link to view the entire film, you may email me at

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Julia,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your perspective, we just see things a bit differently is all.
      I must apologize but my background is not just the Internet, Marketing and this Website it is also Network and IT Security.

      I was scammed a lot in the past and it stung, I did a year of IT Security College and my life and entire view of the online world changed dramatically.
      I guess I can see Red Flags, Misrepresentations and the Scams a bit more clearly than a lot of folks these days. I check server ip addresses a lot which is why I know where you are
      to my north.

      MLSP servers are in Atlanta as memory serves & has been “In Business” since about 2008 and have been very successful with recruitment, which is hard to believe considering the outrageous cost for the education
      they provide!

      You say they are not a business opportunity or an MLM, I am very confused on that one?
      You cite the DSA as your guide which I don’t think is who I would use as a reference when it comes to points of Law!
      I think I will take their .gov over the DSA’s .org before I made any serious decisions.

      Let’s see people pay them to learn how to do what they do so well, which is Recruit and Make Money by “Teaching” Internet Marketing but Mostly Recruitment.
      If you do not call that a business opportunity I am not certain semantically what the hell else to call it?

      I dislike playing the “Word Game” so I will simply cut to the chase, Julia do not take this personally but your logic actually reminds me of an alcoholic in denial, I can speak from over 40 years of personal experience there.
      You know the truth, you see the truth yet you deny your knowledge and continue on disillusioned and with the need to sell others on your concept.

      If it was not a business opportunity there would be NO sense in spending a dime with them, recruiting and building your downline now would there?
      Or are you supposed to pay the whopping $1,400+/year to learn internet marketing so you may create your own non-profit like the DSA?

      Julia in closing all I can say is that I am sorry you have bought into all the MLSP BS, I looked at your video which is old and dated in case you have not seen the US News lately
      Unemployment is like at an all time low and hardly the “Fear Monger” crap in that video.

      This is Monday I hope I don’t fall into the heart attack statistic.
      Oh probably not cause thanks to my #1 Recommendation I am my own successful and comfortable boss.

      Julia thanks again and do check it out, if you would like to see how to Safely Earn Online.
      My best,


    2. ksp7653

      Julia, get off your soapbox. Stop trying to sell your “biz”, because I’m not buying it!

      1. Gary Post author


        Thanks for helping to clarify what I already had come to learn with regard to MLSP & Ms. Julia.
        A lot of folks get involved in things to make money and do not even realize that by bringing in others “Underneath” them
        to grow the Pyramid that is an MLM.
        I have found in my 23+ years of being online that if you wish to Safely Earn Online there really is only
        one place to do so, Wealthy Affiliate.

        Thanks again for your time and comment, my best,


  7. Jennifer

    Hi Gary,
    First I’d like to say that I really like your website, after reading your review on My Lead System Pro I have come to realize that I am not a big fan of most MLM’s, I have tried a few in the past but luckily enough nothing like this one… What I don’t like the most about My Lead System Pro is that the Upsells are ridiculously high… I think a lot of people when they hear the word MLM they think almost always is that it’s a scam…. I would personally stay far away from it, not my cup of tea…

    Thanks for doing such a detailed review informing all of us to stay clear, from My Lead System Pro, definitely will check out your #1 Recommendation… Thanks again.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks so much for stopping by reading and sharing your thoughts.
      The world of MLM’s is a very murky and purposely confusing environment, where about the top 1 to 3% of folks earn
      regularly or substantially.

      I had a young lady here claiming that MLSP was not a MLM because they claim they are not, I surely wish life was that simple.
      The entire concept of MLSP is to build your downline by selling products for recruitment.

      Since folks are not paid anything when they start working until they recruit others to build the bottom bigger than the top where the money trail ends,
      the activity will create but one shape a Pyramid.
      While they may offer some decent education the material is vastly overpriced, even if you have your own “Widget” to sell.
      The folks that have earned the most with MLSP have been the folks that have recruited the most into MLSP?
      Go figure?

      Jennifer thanks again for the kind words, and your observations, I will look for you inside my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.
      All my best,


  8. John Cruz

    This was actually my first encounter with any type of 100% commission scam. They had a legitimate program until a couple of its members decided to take their business model and take it to another level. Since then, there are hundreds of 100% commission scams poppin out and I’m glad people like you are giving the facts. Thanks for this Gary!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi John,

      Thanks for swinging by and giving a little background on the whole MLSP scam.
      I can believe MLSP may have started with the best of intentions but Greed always kicks in
      and then the MLM Pyramid building appears.

      You get a myriad of sales funnels all leading to it from all sorts of other “Hidden in Plain Sight” Scammers trying to cling on to
      the more established MLSP.
      The same MLM Pyramid formula works with the Empower Network as well, and has for quite some time.
      John I am so happy that you can see the Scammers as I do, simply & honestly for what they are.
      Thanks again, my best,


  9. Demi

    Hi Gary, very elaborate information here. I got all the information i was looking for My lead system pro system. Keep posting such awesome articles!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Demi,

      I only hope my review steered you clear from MLSP as a business opportunity worth looking at.
      That actually had spun off another opportunity that I received on a postcard from a company called Ad Services.

      I was going to do an Ad Services Review as well but they only seem to offer opportunities through other Scams, presumably for
      a kickback of some sort, whether it is called building their downline or simply Affiliate Advertising.

      Demi, thanks again for your time and kind words, my best to your continued success,

  10. Peter

    Thanks for this review Gary. I am not a fan of MLM schemes and this seems like another scam. I like your outline of the two sorts of people who sign up for this type of program. The newbie or the unsuspecting who will lose their money and then the unscupulous internet marketer who is ready to promote anything to make money. This is very true.
    At least they have some decent training but it seems way overpriced. I much prefer your #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate where you get complete training and so much more for a third of the price.
    All the best, Peter

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for stopping by reading and taking the time to share your thoughts.
      I started with my 1st MLM back in the early 90’s and although that company is still around it was the same
      deal pretty much as all of todays MLM’s.

      Grow your downline which grows the larger Pyramid, which means that you must now depend on those people below you to perform so you may earn off of their efforts.

      My approach was to learn, build my own business and prosper daily and I did that as you pointed out Peter, with my #1 Recommendation.
      This website is proof of what can be done without MLM’s, and as you point out, significantly less cash.
      The education is vastly superior, as is the Global Entrepreneurial Community that you enjoy with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Oh ya, and you can get a 100% Free Starter Membership just to check it out, I don’t recall any MLM’s that you can do that with!
      Thanks again, all my best,


  11. Viljoen

    Hi Gary

    I am not really a big fan of MLM. This type of business model just does not make sense to me. In the end you really do not have control over how much money you are making because if your down line does not make money, you will also not make money.

    The only people that really make the money is the ones on the top of the structure who started the whole thing.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for this comment you could not be more accurate with your MLM assessment.
      With MLM’s you must almost always start by building your downline, which also does not make sense to me either.

      Why should I spend all my time working to grow a downline that I hope will perform well enough for me to get rich with,
      when as you state the only folks that really make the Big Bucks are at the Top of the Pyramid.

      I find it to be of much more sound business sense to learn how to build a proper business foundation as I did with my #1 Recommendation.
      This website is proof of what most anyone can do to Safely Earn Online and I learned my lessons through Wealthy Affiliate and NOT all the other lame MLM’s I had tried in the past.

      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing, all my best,


  12. Tracy

    Gary. you have a very detailed review of My Lead System Pro. The thing I don’t like about MLS Pro is all of the upsales. WoW. One shouldn’t have to purchase multiple upsells to become sucessful.Like you said Wealthy Affiliate has no upsells. Thanks for the honest review.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for coming by and I could not agree with you more.
      Yes most all of these types of business opportunities are riddled with upsells!
      MLSP is no different with regard to the “Guru Secrets” you must buy into and always to get to that next level
      of future unproven success.

      Tracy I advise most everyone to at least take a 100% Free look at something without all those lame upsells, my #1 Recommendation.
      Thanks again for coming by and I am happy you enjoyed reading the truth.
      My best,


  13. Teresa

    I’ve never heard of My Lead System Pro, but I know there are heaps of MLMs out there trying to convince people that they can get rich when they sign up and follow their system step by step. I have heard of Herbalife before though. It’s been around for many many years. In fact, I had family members who have tried running a business with Herbalife and failed to make money from it. I guess running an MLM business is hard because of the negative view from many people about MLM businesses.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by reading and sharing.
      MLSP has been around since about 2008, and while they do offer some decent training, the bulk
      of it is designed to get you to duplicate the Pyramid Building techniques to grow your downline.

      HerbaLife has been around a very long time and they must continually defend themselves from a lot of MLM Pyramid complaints
      that have been lodged against them even from countries like Belgium.

      To me MLM’s are not any way to run a legitimate, helpful business, but to each their own, my best,


  14. Peter

    Well done Gary another great job on reviewing a semi-scam (poor value for money) and exposing the truth to the world yet again . Keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Where you say Semi Scam I have to disagree.
      In order to be successful with MLSP almost all must build the pyramid and resell
      the same old crap “product” that is nothing more than what keeps the whole scam barely legal.

      That to me is much like The Empower Network, where they do offer some decent training but the whole purpose is to further resell The Empower Network!

      Regardless, thanks again Peter for your kind words, all my best,



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