Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam

By | March 9, 2015
Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam

Name: Passive Wealth System
Price: $25-$3,500 + Recurring Monthly
Owners: Peter Wolfing, Drew Hansen, and Shannon Morris
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Passive Wealth System Product Overview

Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam, is my attempt to unravel the National Wealth Center and its Rather Intricate, Perplexing and Most Baffling, Postcard Driven; Self Enhancement & Business Development Scam! I have not seen anything quite this convoluted in some time with a funnel for My Lead System Pro and a different Bonus funnel to DS Domination.Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

Relax, grab a drink and get comfy for this read, if you got here from typing Ad Services Review into Google you are not alone, I commend you for getting to the real bottom of the Passive Wealth System Scam.

Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

1021 Washington Road Newton KS 67114

On the postcard, it says Ad Services of 1021 Washington Road Suite 100 Newton KS 67114 so I took a look; I could not tell exactly where they might be in relation to the Dried-Up Looking Old Radio Shack also gone “Belly Up”!

After you finish your read of Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

NO Selling, NO Recruiting, and NO Experience

When I gazed at the postcard I really got excited (OMWord), when I saw all the “NO Buzz Lines”; like NO Selling, NO Recruiting, NO Products to Ship ( I Love That ONE) & naturally NO Experience is ever required.

So initially based on this rather plain red & white postcard with the menacing Gorilla Logo crushing some Cash representing your marketing competition, AdServices wants to teach me.

Supposedly what they are going to teach me is how to make a passive income or create an online wealth system that is both Amazing & Affordable.

Passive Wealth System is designed so I may earn passive income online in “Short Time”. Why all I have to do is go to a domain name/URL called, to get to Passive Wealth Systems?

This gives you an opening banner like this; Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard ScamPassive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

After a quick read, I hit the big red button and I moved on to the lead capture page shown here;

Then off to the National Wealth Center for my 1st look at the opportunity.

A Done For You System

During the video Drew Hansen explains that this is a “Done For You System, That Does Work” by combining 2 companies he goes on to say.

The video is of very poor quality with a major echo that goes through a lot of it, which also happened in the Other Bonus video mentioned below.

Also during the video, Drew Hansen mentions Peter Wolfing in a garbled fashion as the CEO after he has just told you that he is the CEO?

Just to make sure that I was getting accurate lead results I tried the capture page from 2 different IP addresses and provided 2 different names, defunct phone #’s, yet valid email addresses, and still got the same result.

I had received emails from MyLeadSystemPro and nobody else, that is no longer the case, currently, there was NO response from the AutoResponder.

Sharpen for Business

Regardless, while I am trying to earn passive income online from working with AdServices and their Passive Wealth System which took me to the National Wealth Center, where I must buy into different levels.

The 1st level is to Sharpen Me and the next is for my Business Development.

I had presumed I was also now supposed to react to the email I had received, and also become involved with MLSP or My Leads System Pro.

Well after a few comments in the sidebar from Drew which I honored he has now distanced himself from MLSP, going so far as to say he has never heard of this very well known “Lead Capture Giant“.

In fact now when you go to his AutoResponder as I mentioned above your email is taken and you are passed to the video but nothing comes to your inbox. I would imagine that will be updated soon.

Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

You will have to excuse me but after doing a bit more research on where my lead information took me from this AdServices Passive Wealth SystemGolden Opportunity” and reading up on some My Lead System Pro product reviews I suddenly realized one of the true purposes’ and intended path for me with my postcard.

Delete Another Twist

The whole thing is to expose you to a bunch of things, through the confusion and misdirection the more you sign up for the happier they get! Peter Wolfing of Multiplex Systems Inc of NYC (Overseer of National Wealth Center, PayMeForward and Many More), Drew Hansen and Shannon Morris will profit from anything you choose!

One last wrinkle to close out, it seems if you stay at the 1st video after it is over for a while an amazing Other Bonus (The Bonus Link was Taken Down?) opportunity pops up from AdServices and the Gorilla.

Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

This one, however, wants you to sign up for $29.90 recurring monthly so you may sell 2 other products one of which being DS Domination Pro another scam I hope to review in the coming months.

I must apologize for the length of this post but writing Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam really took me on a wild ride!

In order to keep this review up to date, Drew Hansen has informed me that neither My Lead System Pro or DS Domination has anything to do with the Ad Services,, Passive Wealth System combined with National Wealth Center Opportunity. Folks like this live on the confusion which I must admit makes it a challenge, thankfully I love what I do!

Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

Passive Wealth System Pros and Cons


  • Passive Wealth System Offers Many Audio and Video Training Modules That May Have Some Value
  • You Can Get Started for as Little as $25
  • You Get Introduced to MLSP and DS Domination Pro
  • National Wealth Center Compensation Plan 50%
  • Drew Swears You Can Contact Him On the Phone Or In Person


  • You Must Hop From the 1st Website a Few Times Before You See All That is Being Offered
  • There is NO Free Anything to Try
  • There is NO Organization or Any Type of Classroom Training with Instructor Feedback
  • There is no Entrepreneurial Community to Get Any Help From
  • Claimed Updated Regularly But still Showing February Training 5 Days Into March
  • You Could Get Scammed Out of $3,500 +, For a Very Poor MLM Pyramid System
  • MLM Pyramids Have a 97% Failure Rate
  • You Realize that MLSP and DS Domination Pro Are Just 2 More Scams

Who is Passive Wealth System Made For?

Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam, explains that this entire Scam is made for desperate folks that have been looking for ways to earn online and may still have access to some cash. I presume I am also now supposed to react on the email I received, and also become involved with MLSP or My Leads System Pro.

Having access to some cash with little knowledge as to what you may actually accomplish with the Passive Wealth System is a real crapshoot, I would warn against.

Old Content, MLSP or DS Domination Pro, NO Longer Affiliated With

Sadly this entire program exists on the premise of trying to educate you to run a legitimate business when all you really learn is how to be confused by a jumble of audio and video of questionable quality, while all the time having 2 other more established Scams waiting in the wings.

Passive Wealth System Tools & TrainingPassive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

When looking at what Passive Wealth System has to offer in the way of their dated audio and video lessons, and if I am honestly trying to fully understand how to make a passive income online it won’t be by paying $25/month to Groom Myself into their way of thinking, so that I would then naturally pay $25 more per month to go to the “Business Development” level.

Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam

Warning Very Slow Loading Website

Financial Freedom is Yours

National Wealth Center offers the 10 Week to Retirement Plan which is 10 weeks of MLM Recruitment that is supposed to make you a millionaire.

You just need to know 4 friends as ignorant as yourself that are willing to buy into the same scam that you did.

You can join at $250, $1,000 or $3,500 all optional naturally, but that is how you get paid based on what you signed up at.

If you look at what they are offering and you think you can make your way to Safely Earning Online or in their words Passively Earning Online you will be sadly mistaken.

Without any sort of Structured Training or a Professional Community that you can get help from pretty much 24/7, you will listen to lesson after lesson and be wondering what to do next.Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

When you try to get the guidance you will be encouraged to spend more to learn more about what you need for your business success online.

The “Upsell” to get to the next level of understanding is the manner of most Scams and this is NO different.

Passive Wealth System Support

They offer support phone numbers for folks at the National Wealth Center as Follows;Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam

As for any real information regarding any level of support from the Passive Wealth System itself, it is as if this name passes things on to the next name making it very difficult to see if the buck stops anywhere?

Passive Wealth System Price

The original pricing structure for the postcard lure is $25/month recurring for Self Development and then into the Business Development training for $50/month recurring, that is for access to the “Robust Library” of audio and video training.

Adding Up the Levels

Next up is Wealth Advantage at $100/monthly which is for monthly downloads of old and dated Tips and Techniques.

The 4th level is called Fitness Advantage and provided you qualify you can set up your own complete fitness and lifestyle plan for just a one-time payment of just $250.

Now that your Mind, Business, and Body are all fine-tuned it is time to step up further to Wealth Advantage Elite for your onetime payment of just $1,000 opening the door to training on some real money makers like the Forex Foreign Currencies Markets with its National Wealth Center Forex Advantage Software.

Naturally, the levels continue up till you spend all the way with National Wealth Center and the Network Marketing Elite Package; One-Time-Purchase Price of, you guessed it $3,500.  

The big incentive to join at the $3,500 level is because they throw everything else in too. So if you start here you can save yourself on all the upsells, and position yourself much higher in the pyramid, multiplying your “PayLine” monthly residual wealth greatly.

Passive Wealth System My Final Opinion

Ok so here are my conclusions to Passive Wealth System Review; AdServices Postcard Scam, and how they are cleverly trying to capture a lot of business from their one little red and white Ad Services postcard for at least 3 “Different” entities AdServices, Passive Wealth System and National Wealth Center forget about these previously mentioned Scammers MLSP and the crusher DS Domination.

Free Lead System

While there is the talk of creating a system that actually turns out to be a free lead system for your business that will allow you the opportunity to earn passive income online, sadly the number of hoops and tempting other offers you must pay for and navigate through make it virtually impossible.

You will quite honestly never learn how to make a passive income or an active income with this Passive Wealth System or the National Wealth Center and their educational modules.

It has been my experience that if you wish to create and grow a successful online business, you need proper education, mentors, and some support. You also must possess more desire to help folks understand answers to their questions than to simply make a quick buck by basically scamming them like you just scammed.

I personally try to take folks under my wing with the truth and direct them to what I found to be after exhaustive research the single best opportunity to Safely Earn Online and Yes even get Started for Free just to see if it is right for you or not before you go shelling out your cash.

What a Concept?


I have published My Lead System Pro Review; MLM Pyramid Nirvana and as soon I can find the time I will delve deeper into DS Domination world so that I may do a proper DS Domination Review as well.

I hope this read has helped you understand this very purposefully confusing collection of Scammers and how they lure and operate.

I also hope that if you are serious about creating a legitimate and respected business in the world of Internet Marketing you will take a moment to compare my Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam with the reality of the path I chose some time ago that you are reading the proof of;

Passive Wealth System at a Glance…

Name: Passive Wealth System
Price: $25-$3,500 + Recurring Monthly
Owners: Peter Wolfing, Drew Hansen, and Shannon Morris
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

That tells me you really want to get going with a money making website of your own.

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Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster

44 thoughts on “Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam

  1. Gomer Magtibay

    Is this what they call “feeder program”? I read in other reviews that those programs were just “feeder” to a bigger program, so it means, like a gateway?

    By the way, I laugh when I read that you actually check the location given in the address. It’s good that there are people like you actually checking if an office exist. Thanks for that.

    1. Gary Post author


      Unfortunately most all the scams out there are “Feeder Programs” for something else. My background is actually IT Security so yes I do check all URL’s and claims for locations.

      I found this Scam with a US address linked to Chineese servers.

      Drew the scammer with Ad Services here really does not like the fact that when you type Ad Services Review into Google I own the 1st organic listing with from over 500 Million to over 8 Billion with a “B” seraches depending on the time of day! 

      Thanks so much for your time and I hope you enjoyed your read.

      My best,


  2. William John Thomas

    I thought this may interest you this is Mobe’s refund policy.
                                                          Rules of so-called refund
    This Man has made $160 + million with this scam refund policy.
    511. – Article Marketing. you must provide the email you signed up with.
    12. PROOF
    13. You need to provide clear proof to our support desk ( that you have implemented
    the system and despite your efforts you have not be able to make a sale. Acceptable forms of proof are as
    Screenshots of your own tracking statistics
    Videos of your own tracking statistics
    Emails of the opt-ins from your autoresponder for solo ads
    Receipts from your solo ad vendor
    Screenshot of your Facebook ads
    Infusion tracking stats linked to the ads you are claiming you have used
    15. All proof must clearly display the dates of the ads and show your name and email address to confirm they
    are your ads.
    16. If Affiliate shall make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or be placed in receivership or adjudicated a
    bankrupt, or take advantage of any bankruptcy or insolvency law, licensor may terminate this agreement by
    giving written notice to the Affiliate, specifying the date of termination, such notice to be given not less than
    10 days prior to the date specified in such notice for the date of termination.
    17. Licensor may terminate this Agreement if Affiliate:
    misrepresents, makes false claims or damages the business or personal reputation of Licensors;
    conducts him or herself in an unprofessional manner; and/or
    materially breaches any of the Agreement terms and conditions.
    Please note that the guarantee also states that the strategies must be implemented consistently for a year. According to cWe are happy to help direct you to where to find the various marketing strategies included in your MLR purchase. You must have implemented three of the following traffic methods:
    6. – Facebook, pay per click
    7. – Solo Ads
    8. – Banner Ads
    9. – Adwords (Google, Bing etc)
    10. – Video Marketing
    You must forward the email you joined Mobe with.

    1. Gary Post author

      Thank you very much for providing Mobe’s insane requirements for a refund.
      When I 1st got this post up about Drew, he wrote me trying to defend himself and his associates you can see it in the earlier comments.

      The way this thing reads most folks would be wishing for Perry Mason to be an old Uncle they could count on in court.
      I wonder how many folks that signed up and lost their money ever saw this line,
      “Please note that the guarantee also states that the strategies must be implemented consistently for a year. “

      What the Scammers won’t go through to try and legally cover their Scams?
      Thanks again for the information, all my best to you William,


  3. Tricia

    Can you please provide Drew’s email address? I have tried for months to get my refund for “Forced Matrix” which was promised in the phone call about the business when I invested. if for any reason you were unhappy or did not make money. Since I did not make money, I have asked that they live up to their promise.Customer Service is horrible and promises not kept. Been told 3 times now refund would be processed,last time from Drew directly and have mailed several times with no response.. I am about to take other action if not refunded immediately. Tired of trying and causing alot of stress.
    Thank you

    1. Gary Post author

      Greetings Tricia,
      I am very sorry to hear of your issues with Drew.
      When I 1st wrote this post Drew started writing me lengthy comments trying to defend his Scam.

      While I would love to help you get your money back I think your next step should be to contact the Newton KS Police Department
      Thats where his IP address says he is operating from.
      From an ethicality standpoint I can not post Drew’s email address publically, I hope you understand that.

      Tricia, if you are serious about Learning to Safely Earn Online & all the time avoiding Scammers like Drew, please take a serious Free look at my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.
      WA has changed my life for the better, that is something all the Drew’s in the world will never understand.
      I really hope to see you inside Tricia, all my best,


    2. Tricia

      Thanks Gary
      I will do this and I guess I will file a cpmplaint with BBB and contact the AG in Kansas.I am tired of getting ripped off!.

      1. Gary Post author

        I wish there was more that I could do to assist you.
        I think if you fill out an official police report against Drew and Ad Services with verifiable loss it should help.
        As for the BBB in Newton KS, Drew has a Great Big “F”!

        Tricia when you get things settled and you wish to look at an honest opportunity to Safely Earn Online and for Free, please do check out my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate!
        NO Scams you have my word on it, all my best whatever you decide,


  4. Kevin m

    I would like to find out how to get this, horrible Ad services, In Kansas……..same place that Moore inc comes from……..Both are the biggest scamms on the internet…… of the companies stole……..i say stole, cause a 82 year old man they were not only calling daily for there internet wealth lies……..they were calling him at the old folks home, when i turned of his cell, they called the building…………took 5 grand a month from my dad for over a year, no way to fight credit card companies, these companies, are so summy, i can’t even get my house off there mailing lists, they won’t stop no matter what i return…….the fact they can steal from so many and nothing can be done……..cause called one place, some lady said this company ad serv and moore inc, were stealing her dish and phone to scamm the country………these guys are no only good……….they teach class in over seas how to steal from americans…….someone need to stop such a massive fraud…..

    1. Gary Post author

      My apologies for taking so long to get back to you regarding Peter Wolfing, Drew Hansen and Shannon Morris of the Passive Wealth Scam.
      I am thinking that you may have some information confused however.
      I have never heard of Moore Inc. and I did some searching?

      I am terribly sorry for all these elderly folks you know and their issues. Any time I have reported anything like getting scammed to my credit
      card companies I was always refunded, so I am not sure what the issue may be with that.

      Snake Oil Salesman will always be around, in fact we have one trying to run for President as I am responding to you.
      If that man gets a hold of the Nuclear codes the world will be NO More.

      Kevin if you can provide me with more information regarding the folks that stole the money you spoke of, I will be glad to try and run them down for you.
      My background is Networking and IT Security just so you know.

      If you would like to legitimately learn how to Safely Earn Online I will be glad to show you all about that too.

      My best,

    1. Gary Post author

      Wow thanks for sharing!
      I do not generally make snap judgments but the URL you had me take a look at has all the ear marks of a Good Old Scam for sure.
      Thank you so much for sharing and I think I will have to research Traffic Authority/Push Button Profits and write my own angle on them.

      I hope by getting out you did not lose too much in the way of cash, I was never that fortunate personally.
      But my #1 Recommendation changed my life forever and for the best!

      Roberto thanks again for sharing, and the great tip, all my best,

  5. Nancy Boey

    This is an excellent website when it comes to shedding some light on online scams when you want to earn online. Quality content, good writing style and you know how to get the reader to read on all the way to the end. I like all the images you use in your website. I know some of the scams you mentioned. I have been the victim of a few, so thank you for a job well done.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thank you so much it is always appreciated when someone takes notice of your hard-work, so thanks again.

      Drew with his innocent looking Passive Wealth Sales funnel’s Ultimately right to the NWC or National Wealth Center. I have done so many reviews on programs that end up there I really need to do a review on NWC I guess.

      Nancy thanks again for reading and sharing, Happy Holidays to You and Yours,


  6. Henry

    Greetings Gary,

    I like your thorough review on this one! I think you’re doing great work to spread the word to people, so they have better chance to avoid those things all together.

    Meanwhile it’s spot on that you bring legit stuff into this, like Wealthy Affiliate.. I also wouldn’t push it too far in the same page. I personally don’t enjoy too much comparing a ripe apple with rotten tomato. It’s like.. you just don’t want to do that too much for obvious reasons 🙂 But on the other hand, in the good will, pointing beginners to genuine opportunities seems correct.

    Those “membership upgrade” numbers are just mind boggling. How could anyone pay thousands of dollars for such things? Well, my furnace is ready for those scavengers to shovel them right in.

    Nice effort, keep up the good work!


    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Henry,

      Thanks for appreciating my work and I apologize if my comparisons of my #1 Recommendation and Drew’s excuse for a business opportunity you can magically retire from is bothersome to you.

      I personally don’t enjoy putting others down, but I do enjoy sharing the truth I uncover.

      I make my point only to spare folks the heartache I have endured in the past from getting scammed myself.

      I do a lot of research so others won’t have to, I simply try and point the way to legitimacy, which is very hard to find in this Make Money Online niche.

      Henry thanks again for stopping by, my best,


  7. RachelLouise56

    Wow, what an important article! I’d never heard of this particular program but I’m glad I read about this first! It was funny to hear that their address was in Kansas, because I live in Kansas and of course a business such as this would put their address in Kansas, the least visited state. This article will be very helpful for those who run across Passive Wealth System and wonder if it’s legit. Thanks for the article!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Rachel Louise,

      Thanks for the kind words, yes this review started from the post card I got, and once I got digging I unearthed all sorts of stuff.

      If you type Ad Services Review into Google, because the name of Drew’s company is Ad Services you will see from about 600 million to over a Billion searches and guess who is on page 1, it ain’t Drew and that is his company.

      I never realized that Kansas was the least visited state, thanks for sharing, I love to learn.

      Thanks again for stopping by, all my best,


  8. Stacy

    After reading all this I did some digging myself , Well if you google More inc you will see the skills this person has . There are pages dedicated to him on the internet talking of being taken for money . So if that’s what you are looking for then I guess this is the guy for you .

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Stacy,

      Ya I am afraid folks like Drew just continue to run their never ending cycle of scams.
      Most get dressed up and repackaged but all seem to lead to the same place, you pay they earn
      you get scammed.
      If you would like a taste of an honest business opportunity that will teach you what you need to
      know to Safely Earn Online be sure to check out my #1 Recommendation.


    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for coming by and you are more than welcome.
      I hope my reviews help you to make an informed decision about the World of Internet Marketing.
      All my best to your future success,


    2. Tammy

      I wish that I had seen your review of this program total scam…..the program was sent to me by mail order friend from NYC….he told me to take a look at it…..I joined ……it took almost a week for them to get me into their system….I am onto them now…..they will NOT give me a refund of my monies that spent….I hope they get shut down ….
      I dropped out of the program… buddy lost money with them too

      1. Gary Post author

        Hi Tammy,
        I am very sorry to hear that you got taken by Drew.
        I helped to get Affiliate Masters Llc run out of town after they burned an acquaintance of mine,
        but I honestly have NO idea about Passive Wealth.
        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story, be sure to also check my #1 Recommendation to Safely Earn Online
        without all the Scams!

        My best,

  9. Jennifer

    Hi Gary,

    Wow what a fantastic review on the passive wealth system -ad service postcard, this is definitely a scheme for sure!
    I am shocked to see the owner writing you on this, simply because it is flat out a scheme Drew has not provided any proof to show it’s not, and this poor guy Robert signed up to this scheme only to find out two payments had been taken out the same day???

    Anyways yet another scheme to add to the bucket list… Kudos on you for writing about it. 🙂


    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Jennifer,

      I have to tell you I was quite surprised to hear back from Drew Hansen again for sure. I actually got his comment delivered via email to my
      phone Friday morning as I was preparing for a minor surgical procedure on my foot. I am still a bit behind with things, but trying to catch up.

      Thank you so much for the nice words about my Review and I really appreciate you mentioning Robert once again. I had dropped him an email offering
      some help but I never heard back.

      I can understand a mistaken double billing, but it should certainly have been resolved with the requested double reimbursement due!
      Jennifer thanks again for taking your time and sharing your thoughts, all my best,


      1. Drew Hansen


        You are quite the spin doctor.

        Look, it’s fine that you think my system is a “scam”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here is all I’m asking. Post your opinion solely on facts. And don’t tell me that’s what you’ve done, because we both know you haven’t.

        Again, I am not affiliated with My Lead System Pro and never have been. Just because you received an email simultaneously means absolutely nothing.

        DS Domination is not part of this equation either.

        Mr. Hill was never double billed, and he is a happy customer by the way. And don’t try to say otherwise. Unlike you I’ve spoken to Mr. Hill multiple times so I do happen to know the facts.

        If you deal in facts, then write about the facts. All I see coming from you about my system are lies and inaccuracies.

        There is no “draw” to go into MLSP or DS Domination. I’m not promoting either of those programs. What you “think” you see is false.

        Also, this does not lead to David Wood of Empower. That’s just more BS that you’ve pulled out of thin air. Maybe you’re just “reviewing” so much stuff that you can’t keep it straight anymore.

        Quite frankly when I look at Wealthy Affiliate compared to National Wealth Center I don’t see a lot of differences. National Wealth Center just has a much better compensation plan. For instance one of my customers just made over $2,000 in two weeks. Best of all, that’s residual commission he’ll earn every month. What’s crazy is it only took about 12 sales to accomplish that. I know what you’re thinking… That dang Drew and his scam that helps people actually make money. I don’t ever see anyone that mentions this type of success with Wealthy Affiliate.

        So please enlighten me as to what you think makes this a scam. I’d be happy to answer your questions, or anyone else’s for that matter. Oh and of course, like I’ve said before, unlike you I don’t hide behind my website so you or anyone else can call me directly.

        Anyway, I look forward to your next round of twisting and turning words around.

        1. Gary Post author


          I had the privilege of seeing The Spin Doctors open for the Stones in the mid 90’s in the old Tampa Stadium, I really enjoyed the show and I love playing with my guitar
          but I can set your mind at ease, I am not good enough to be a real Spin Doctor.

          You sir on the other hand must be quite dizzy with all your “Spinning“!

          Drew I don’t “Think” your system is a scam, I know it is!
          That is not to say people can not earn by deceiving others with lame educational materials.

          I do see your AutoResponder is now not kicking anything for email.
          I checked this a.m. with a non chrome browser and again with my Tor browser NO MLSP email, or anything at all from
          Drew Hansen, Ad Services,, Passive Wealth System or National Wealth Center!

          For you to even put my #1 Recommendation in the same realm as National Wealth Center is ludicrous, and shows how little you have learned in your online education over all those years you cite in your video.

          The audio quality alone from the videos I listened to were horrendous, with massive echo throughout almost 1/2 an entire module.

          As for Robert, he came here complaining to me about YOU!
          I emailed him to see if I could help, he never responded.

          I do my best to teach people how to Legitimately, Directly and Safely Earn Online without this hoop to go through than this one and on and on.

          Drew, I do not send folks postcards in the mail with a domain name to follow that is not the name of the opportunity, that sir is your game.
          I simply advise folks about the differences between Scamming Others to Earn Online and what I do to Safely Earn Online.

          With all your disavowing of knowledge regarding MLSP and DS Domination which you mentioned, you just happen to be a member of that Scam as well, actually caused
          me to have to go back and update my Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam, I hope it is now more to your liking.

          Drew you send out your few thousands of postcards, meanwhile I gave you proof I put my Review of your company On the 1st Page of Google in front of over 1 Billion searches, you should consider making me a job offer?
          My best,


    2. Drew Hansen

      Hi Jennifer,

      Robert was not double billed for the record. In fact he’s a happy client.

      Why would you be shocked that I respond to Gary?

      When someone alerts you to false comments being made about you online wouldn’t you respond as well?

      Do you have questions about my system that I could answer for you?


  10. Drew Hansen


    You couldn’t have this whole post any more wrong. First of all, the Passive Wealth System is in no way affiliated with DS Domination or My Lead System Pro. You haven’t a clue about how my system works. Yes, I am in DS Domination but it is not part of the offer you are supposedly “reviewing”. My assumption is that there was a glitch within Vimeo that played a DS Domination video after you waited so long after the video ended. I’m sure you will find a way to twist that statement into some negative.

    As far as My Lead System Pro goes… Never heard of it. Not part of it. Not part of my system. I have no clue why or how you even assumed this is part of my system.

    You do a lot of assuming in your review. Much of which is incorrect. It’s rather offensive actually.

    You say the world of advertising and marketing is about comparisons. Maybe you don’t understand what a comparison is. A comparison is saying Coke tastes better than Pepsi. Coke does not say that Pepsi has bad ingredients that are detrimental to your health. You are not comparing. You are slandering my name and my company with an inaccurate review that contains false and misleading information. You have the audacity to say I’m a scam and liar? I think it’s time for you to look within yourself. We use the truth in all of our marketing methods, unlike you.

    As far as my office goes, I’m proud of my office. Your google image doesn’t even show my office. You have a picture of a rental store next to a Radio Shack sign. Regardless, I have an office in a commercial location because I am a real person with a real business that pays real commissions to real members.

    Since you don’t have a clue about anything with my system, here is how it actually works.

    My company Ad Services promotes an opportunity called the National Wealth Center. I am the Founder and CEO of Ad Services. Peter Wolfing is the Founder and CEO of the National Wealth Center. I noticed you conveniently twisted that up as well. The National Wealth Center’s products are educational products that range from self-development, to business development, to investing. There is an archive of educational materials available plus NEW CONTENT that is added every month. Yes, in the archived materials you are going to find SOME older training on older softwares. That’s why they are called “archives”.

    My company Ad Services created the Passive Wealth System which is the marketing arm for the National Wealth Center. This gives our clients FREE access to all of our marketing materials that range from postcards and direct mail to internet advertising, brochures, flyers, and more. It also gives them a FREE website that they can use to promote the National Wealth Center.

    When the customer makes a sale, they earn a 100% residual commission on the 3 products that we promote. Those 3 products are $25/mo, $50/mo, and $100/mo. All together that is $175 per month if someone joined all 3. There is also a $9.95 affiliate fee that must be paid if you want to earn money, otherwise you are just a product user.

    So answer me this. How can this be a scam when the customer keeps 100% of the money? I’ve put together a complete system that my customers can use for free to market and earn commissions that I don’t get a dime for. How is that a scam?

    You know Gary, I’ve been in this market a long time also. Yes there are scammers out there. I’m not one of them. My business is not one of them. National Wealth Center is not one of them. I’ve been scammed before just like you. I’ve put a lot of money in businesses that have gone bankrupt, shut down, etc. I have also failed at business before. It’s important that we don’t mistake our own failures with being scammed. I am a real human being trying to make a living like everyone else with a legitimate business. I market my system with honesty and integrity. I don’t bash others just to make a buck.

    I don’t care if you don’t like my system. I don’t care if you don’t like me. I just care that you post accurate information and not tie me to things that I’m not involved in. I’m asking nicely that you fix your review. It is false and inaccurate. I feel sorry for all the others that you may be inaccurately “reviewing”.

    Again, unlike you I can be contacted directly. If you or anyone has questions or really want to know how my system works, they can contact me directly and personally.

    Drew Hansen
    Founder and CEO
    Ad Services

    1. Gary Post author

      Drew Greetings Again,

      Thanks once again for stopping by and trying to clarify your company Ad Services’ position.
      I guess I will start there, you say you are the CEO of Ad Services, OK is that Ad Services Inc., Llc, DBA or what?

      Let the Games Begin!

      You see if I type Ad Services Review into Google depending on the time of day you will find my website in position 8-12 on a search that ranges
      from 900+ million to over 1 Billion as in
      1/7th of the entire worlds population, and guess what that is not even the name of the review I wrote, but I Meta Tag well!

      I can get those kind of Google SERP results from the education I have obtained from my #1 Recommendation, can your programs accomplish that, I would love to see some .png proof!

      Drew as you and I both well know your company thrives on “Confusion” and “Following Trails” that lead to all sorts of places except to Ad Services, your company?

      I followed your Ad Services Postcard to which took me to Prepare to be Shocked!

      After I filled out my information into your AutoResponder 2 things happened, I immediately got an email from My Lead System Pro and I was then lead to a video for
      the Passive Wealth, not the Passive Revenue System like the domain name which is never mentioned again, for more confusion.

      Your email AutoResponder gave me email from MLSP that you claim to have never heard of.

      Two things pop to mind, an AutoResponder must be told what to do so if you do not know what it is doing you are really not someone to learn from, and secondly, the fact that MLSP or My Lead System Pro has been around since 2008 and is a very expensive MLM scam and you have never heard of it, all the while your info is directing folks to them that almost makes you plain ignorant to the world of Internet Marketing & you’re supposed expertise.

      New content updated monthly at National Wealth Center was also a crock I was looking in the 1st week of March and they had maybe 1 lame video from February as memory serves. Most all of the content was very dated.

      Drew please do not take this personally, but you sir very much like all the rest of the “Snake Oil Salesman” out there online could benefit from a dose of Reality, Simplicity and even some Transparency!
      My background is IT Security so I admit I do not post videos with information about my lovely family to make folks get all mushy, I try to stick to the facts as I uncover them.

      Would you like to see just how simple it is to Safely Earn Online, with no domain names having to change, no emails from other scammers, no upsells after upsells because you NEED (Information We Have Been Holding Back From You) this so badly to really earn Crap, then please do check out my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

      You see I will admit it takes education and application to Safely Earn Online, not following a convoluted path of postcards, websites, BS Videos to the Amazing World of MLM’s and other Scams!
      As for your Coke and Pepsi comparisons that is quite laughable since Coca Cola took the cocaine out of its product many years ago, there is not too much poison for Pepsi to point out now is there.
      At that point it is just a popularity contest, the same can not be said for your attempts to compare Ad Services Postcard Opportunity when it is compared to my #1 Recommendation.

      As you get into the Ad Services Passive Wealth video you tell folks about your family and naturally your wildly successful internet past where you have sold Millions and Millions,
      yet Ad Services is located in a part of our country that looks a bit better suited to a Lemonade Stand or Car Wash than a legitimate Multi Million $$ Business.

      Drew don’t even try to use the “Humble” appearance I deal in facts.

      So Drew tell me why must I go from Ad Services to Passive Revenue Service to get to Passive Wealth System so that I may get to Peter Wolfings’ National Wealth Center?

      Then once I finally get there and preview the old and outdated audio and video recordings I am supposed to start earning, what a joke. What I actually found was that the real draw was to either
      go into MLSP or DS Domination which was a Bonus Offered and yes Drew after I waited for the “TimeOut”.

      All the rest of the other names of systems and or companies mean nothing!

      Drew, thanks again for your time and concern with regard to my facts, sorry about bumping you off your own Google SERP with my Wealthy Affiliate Education.
      All my best,


      I do apologize for the delay responding to your comment, I am recuperating from a little foot surgery that has slowed me down a bit.

  11. Cathy

    Hi Gary,

    Just when I thought postcard scams are outdated, you came up with more of them. No Selling, No Recruiting and No Experience – and yet you pay $250 (or a whopping $3, 500) to do what?? This is clearly a scam . I am looking forward to see what Drew has to say, following your reply to his comment.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Cathy

      Great to see you again, Thanks for stopping by and sharing, I get at least a postcard a week from someone promoting
      something like Passive Wealth System that I like you can immediately identify as another bogus scam.

      So many online scammers have resorted to these postcard driven campaigns that I knew I had to start reviewing them from a serious business minded perspective.
      Scammers will attempt to exploit any avenue much like legitimate marketers do, I felt I had to take a stand on this one.

      Ad Services postcard takes you to Passive Wealth then to National Wealth and then exposes you to the whole My Lead System Pro and DS Domination Scams.
      I should be publishing My Lead System Pro Review very soon, to be followed by DS Domination.

      Lastly you will even find this whole crazy path even touches on David Wood of the Empower Network as you will see in my next review.
      Cathy, thanks again for your time and kind words, I honestly have NO idea if Drew will be back or not.

      All my best,

  12. Peter

    Wow! Gary you got a comment from the “owner” of the product being reviewed. Awesome and you printed it wow GREAT this means you must be real ha ha and so is he ha ha. Good work !!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Peter,
      Ya that surprised me too, but I try to run an honorable site so if Drew wants to write me about his Passive Wealth System from the Ad Services postcard I got
      so be it.
      I did not nor would I censor his comment, in fact I welcome any and all comments, I feel pretty comfortable with the research I do but I am human and therefore vulnerable to mistake.
      I am actually happy he wrote and corrected me on his availability, but he is NOT giving away any Free Websites, Hosting or anything else of real value.

      Thanks again for coming by and sharing, all my best,


  13. Adam

    Hi Gary

    Great post. As someone who has been taken for a scam, notably MOBE, I appreciate the information you provide. I think you will be able to save a lot of people a lot of grief and disappointment by pointing them to the right kind of internet marketing education.

    By the way, have you heard of or done any reviews of MOBE (My Online Business Empire)? I feel like they straight out stole my money..

    Anyway I’m in a good place now. Thanks for the information.


    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for swinging by and sharing your thoughts.
      Yes I have heard of MOBE in fact I did a review of MOBE’s latest spin off MTTB!

      That just proves that you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear!
      I am pleased you enjoyed your read, thanks again my best,


    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for checking back, and thanks for your support.
      People often times misunderstand intent, my intent is to clarify and explain what to avoid, while naturally the scammers intent is your
      Visa or MC.
      I have been scammed enough times to recognize another when I investigate it, and yes without getting scammed again to do so.

      Education and proper technique are an amazingly powerful combination to get to the truth.
      When I get there and report my findings I get comments from owners that at least have the balls to comment like Drew, or a bunch of little minions
      doing the negative comment work for others like Grace Beaman or Adeel Chowdhry.

      Thanks again for your support and all my best,


  14. Robert Hill

    I joined this Passive Wealth System yesterday and expected to get taken to the link where I can learn and promote this but it did not do that. So I looked for a link on my email but as yet (24 hours later I never received a link) So what do I do?

    Do I contact my credit card company for the information?

    If this is the way I have to do this I just as well ask for my money back.
    Robert Hill

    This page is secure.
    Ad Services
    PresClub: Infinity175 Your subscription to PresClub: Infinity175
    Robert Hill
    Purchase Date
    11 Mar 2015

    Payment History
    Date Type Amount Description Card Number Card Exp. Status
    11 Mar 2015 Charge $175.00 Infinity175 (11 Mar 2015 – 11 Apr 2015)
    11 Mar 2015 Payment $175.00 Robert Hill – Infinity175: Signup payment XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-4727 02/2019 Successful

    1. Gary Post author


      I am very sorry to hear that you may have been taken by Passive Wealth but that does not really sound logical to me.
      These guys are set with the specific intent to hook folks. Once hooked by spending money I can not honestly see why they would wish to turn off a revenue stream.

      I would expect they will be in touch to start some communication and go for some upsells.

      I appreciate you making your purchase public, you bought into the $175 Infinity175 level,
      Robert I would appreciate you keeping me apprised of your progress with Passive Wealth, National Wealth and so on to see what happens.

      I have nothing to do with Passive Wealth and I am not an attorney, but if you hear nothing, I would report it to your financial institution.

      If you are seriously interested in Safely Earning Online I suggest you investigate my #1 Recommendation, they are legit and they offer a
      100% Free Starter Membership for you to look and see if the World of Internet Marketing is for you or not.

      All my best,


      1. Drew

        Update for all readers… IF Gary let’s this be posted to his site.

        First of all, I despise the marketing tactic of posting negative “reviews” about others in this market and calling them scams. It’s a shot below the belt to earn yourself web traffic and try and drive people to your system. You will never see me using this marketing method in my business.

        How can you even call something a “review” if you haven’t joined and actually “reviewed” it? Your “ratings” system isn’t even accurate.

        Is it easy to get help? Yes
        Private Coaching Available? Yes
        Can You Contact the Owners? Yes
        Is there live chat? No
        Step by step training? Yes
        Free Websites Included? Yes
        Web Hosting Included? Yes
        Can you try for free? No
        Keyword Research Tool? No
        Affiliate Program? Yes

        My system works and we pay many thousands of dollars in commissions every month. My customers can call me directly and even walk right into my office if they so wish. I appreciate your condescending review of the building I work from, but I don’t see you posting pictures of your kitchen table or basement that you are working from.

        I also don’t see you providing phone numbers to contact you, or a physical address. If you’re going to knock someone, maybe you should make sure that you are following through on what you’re writing about.

        That’s my physical address on that postcard you posted. You’ve blocked your out. My toll-free direct line is 800-946-9150 Ext. 707. If people need to contact me (the owner of the company) all they have to do is call. Can you say the same? I don’t see a phone number anywhere on your site.

        1. Gary Post author


          Greetings and welcome to my website.
          Item 1 as you can see I published your comment in its entirety and unedited.

          Item #2 You despise the Marketing Tactic of folks telling the truth about your convoluted path of sales funnels to nowhere!

          In the world of advertising and marketing it is all about comparisons. Compare Coke to Pepsi a Big Mac to a Whopper that is the way of the world, I should not have to point that out to you a knowledgeable businessman.
          Yes I understand you will never use the “Truth” as one of your marketing methods.

          3rd Thanks for bringing it to my attention that yes, you are available on the phone at anytime to talk with folks about how spending more $$ is the only way that they can
          get to the level of success they desire.

          You do not offer anything for Free like Free Websites or Hosting so those shall remain a NO, you see scammers never offer anything of any real value for Free like my #1 Recommendation does!

          Drew I am happy you pay thousands in commissions each month to people that have learned to do exactly what?
          Resell the tired crappy lessons at National Wealth Center or make their fortunes passing through the sales funnels of either My Leads System Pro or DS Domination?

          You offer NO legitimate or viable product that will make anyones life any better but the other scammers that build their downlines!

          I am terribly sorry for exposing where you work from, if you are embarrassed by it perhaps you may wish to invest into a better image.
          In fairness I have also seen where Wealthy Affiliate is hosted, they have nothing to be ashamed of at all.

          Lastly Drew, I provide NO phone numbers for my website as there is NO reason to call me. I simply guide people to what I have found to be an honest, legitimate
          manner to Safely Earn Online.
          Should anyone ever need to get in touch with Wealthy Affiliate that is quite easy to do, with snail mail, email or phone should the need ever arise.

          I notice Scammer websites never offer live, answered comment sections at their websites only static testimonials from folks before they realized they got scammed.
          Thanks again for your time, and reading my review, perhaps you may wish to contact Robert in this comment you responded to, he does not sound happy.
          I can provide you with his email address if you wish.

          My best,



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