Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

By | February 26, 2015
Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

Name: Push Button Cash System
Website: http://justcashgroup.com
Price: $250-$10,000
Owners: The Hope Family
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Push Button Cash System Product OverviewPush Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam, unveils the Push Button Cash System, JustCashGroup.com (Server in Surrey BC Canada) or SimplyCashGroup.com (Available for 10.69 at NameCheap.com) for what it is, one large and purposefully convoluted Cash Gifting Scam.

After you finish your read of Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Cash Gifting Lead Capture Scam

I went to JustCashGroup.com it was their critical “Lead Capture” page shown above, with basically a PowerPoint presentation as a video, which naturally kicks you an email.

I would never have understood fully if it were not for the very circuitous email I received, saying that I had opted in through GAM Marketing 216 Milton Saginaw TX 761709 USA, which does not exist anywhere on the planet, although there are similar names, naturally.

Scammers Address

Guess what Google Earth never heard of 216 Milton anything in either Saginaw TX or Saginaw MI!Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

I received the email shortly after I went through the signup process, the email came from Kevin at PbsFreedom@gmail.com (actual sender pushbuttonsys@aweber.com) though there is NO PbsFreedom.com or anything like it in Google. 

Also note the “C” for Cash was removed for confusion with our friends at PBS Educational Programming like the Mr. Rogers that I grew up with, Sesame Street came along when I was in high school.Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

Cash Gifting; USPS to Online

Anyhow all of the different names, websites and emails are all for the sole purpose of “Gifting” via Postcards.

You “Gift” by paying to mail postcards with the intent of “Duping Folks into Gifting You Back”(With or without their knowledge or understanding).

Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

Jason, Team Leader

Remember you DO NOT Need a PC or PC Skills to Succeed. All you need is $$ and no desire to honestly investigate the opportunity. I listened to the video from Jason one of the Team Leaders for the Hope Family.

Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

Sonny Corleone (James Caan)

He mentioned the Hope Family a couple of times and his allegiance almost reminded me of Sonny Corleone (James Caan) from the GodFather movies.

Regardless that observation, the second I got my postcard in the good old, mostly reliable USPS, the bells and whistles for this review went off.

The top banner line “Get Money Daily For Mailing This Postcard!” really caught my eye.

Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

The Push Button Cash Scam

Immediately that makes my mind think, OK so by me mailing this Postcard, presumably at a cost to me, I will be earning by somehow helping someone else do what?

This is one of those endless cyclical postal “Gifting” deals that will help nobody but the Hope Family in this case.

You pay to mail the same Yellow Postcard that you responded to, making a commission when someone responds with $$$ to order Yellow Postcards just like you & matched to your tracking code.

Push Button Cash System Pros and Cons


  • I must presume that the lead lists you are buying may hold value if you don’t scam those people looking for a serious business opportunity
  • You will be wasting valuable time and cash but, take heart you can always come back to find the path to Safely Earning Online


  • The amazing amount of deception going on here reminds me of a higher end drug deal?
  • Your name will gain the negative connotation it probably does not deserve, guilt by association
  • You can only profit from screwing others
  • Here in the U.S., it is considered illegal to run a tax evasive, pyramid-shaped business described as “Gifting

Who is Push Button Cash System Made For?


Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

If you are the type of person that thinks nothing of “Borrowing” a service say from a neighbor like some Wi-Fi, cable TV or maybe even a little H2O or electrical without their knowledge or say so.

This would be right up your alley.

If you have ever without even planning it, walked past the Salvation Army Kettles during the holidays and thought to yourself, damn that would be so easy to grab that cash!

You guessed it, a tailor-made opportunity that will fit your needs like a fine suit.


Just the reality of just being plain ill-informed, naive and desperate! Somehow figuring “What the Hell” maybe I can afford $250 to try and get back$125 a bunch of times. It won’t take too long to figure things out.

If you are a decent, legitimate and ethical business person, then Push Button Cash System is NOT made for you!

I can and will, however, show you something that is made for someone that is decent, legitimate and ethical like yourself. Someone with a true desire to learn how to Safely Earn Online Every Day!

Push Button Cash System Tools & Training

Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

When it comes to earning big, remember from the postcard that this is “The Easiest Money You Will Ever Get!

So as for training goes you have 1 simple mission, Advertise and Grow the Pyramid.

You have phone access to your Sponsor and some Team Leader #’s but you are simply paying for the # of Postcards you wish to send so I do not think much training really need be provided.

Push Button Cash System Support

As for any real levels of Support, once again you get some phone numbers and a fictitious street address for your inviter to make you feel comfy.

My Friend, That is Your Support?

I do see their logic, however…

Push Button Cash System Price

Pricing for the Push Button Cash System starts at just a mere $250 without being shown really anything of any value to make an educated decision about this opportunity, right on up to a whopping $10K. But don’t think about the cost, think about the returns here in the chart, Wow!Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

The lure is that you will be paid a commission of 50% of whatever level you start at for each Poor Sap that responds to the Yellow Postcard and provides their contact information for the Team Leader to call back.

Team Leader = Super Closers

The Team Leader is responsible for closing all your leads that responded to your Yellow Postcards tracked with your code. In fact, in order to get set up, you would have had to of been closed by a Team Leader yourself.

So when they get a sale you get an email, followed by a USPS tracking code with your cash commission on its way within 24 hours or so it said on the recording I listened to.

There are 5 levels that you may buy into $250, $750, $2,000, $5,000 and finally $10,000.

The testimonials are hard to stomach, many thanks to Samsung for the speaker on my phone and Jason does naturally encourage you to buy in at the highest level you can because, A Higher Cash Amount Is Highly Recommended For Adequate Success.

Push Button Cash System My Final Opinion

As I started to do research for Push Button Cash System; Another Cash Gifting Scam, I came across someone that I really respect Wendy, and here’s her take on the Cash Gifting Pyramid Scheme, which makes my wrap up even easier.

Your Kids Know Better;

To pay good money based on making ½ as much back multiple times for sending out useless Yellow Postcards with the only purpose of getting others to do the same is just plain wrong.  While I will not say that you can’t make money doing this, the same could be said of someone that teaches their children to steal discreetly from every store they enter. 

I will leave you with an honest side by side look of a serious business opportunity my #1 Recommendation and the Yellow Postcard Cash Gifting Scam Opportunity, let me know what you think & drop me a reply below or I will meet you inside;

Push Button Cash System At a Glance…

Name: Push Button Cash System
Website: http://justcashgroup.com
Price: $125-$10,000
Owners: The Hope Family
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

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25 thoughts on “Push Button Cash System Review; Cash Gifting Scam

  1. Joy Griffin


    I was checking out “JustCashGroup.com” and found your link. Thank you for your. Information. I get so many of these postcards in. the mail, and do not know which ones are real or scams. What is this WA you are talking about.


    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Joy,
      You are welcome for the info on JustCashGroup, they like so many want you to think you can become fabulously wealthy with little to NO effort.
      I write these reviews to try and guide folks to the proper way to Safely Earn Online

      WA or Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me the opportunity to share my 23+ years of tech experience with folk’s inside an incredible online learning community.
      If you enjoy what you read and can hang on a bit, I will have an Amazing Black Friday Offer for you to save a bundle on an Annual Membership.
      All my best Joy,


  2. mahmood adds

    Nice reviews you are posting here, Gary

    But there is one thing I disagree about 🙂
    Scammers don’t pay. You can call only the companies that’s not paying its members or affiliate scams,

    However I can’t say this is a scam because there are what’s called “cash gifting” in their compensation plan

    I can say this company has bad, controversial, even illegal compensation plan but can’t say scam as long as they are paying, Am I right?

    Also, I can say this company is paying now but may turn to scam in the future if they have something wrong


    1. Gary Post author


      Greetings to you, thanks so much for taking time to come by and drop a comment, thanks also for the compliment.

      As to your point of disagreement, many Scammers pay, but you will NEVER, EVER EARN all the thousands and millions that they claim and that my friend is the SCAM!
      A Scam is defined as a deception, just because you get paid to deceive others with a bunch of hyped and false claims does not make a Scammer somehow miraculously become
      a legitimate business person.

      I am a bit of an older guy, I have been online over 23 years and have been a PC technician just as long, with a degree in Network and IT Security.
      I feel quite comfortable with my research and calling these Scammers exactly what they are!
      If you think they offer the path to riches, I wish you the best,


  3. Samuel A. Ndamukong

    Interesting and potentially lucrative business opportunity worthy of taking a shot.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.
      Yes my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate absolutely can not be beat to learn the true art of creating
      and running a legitimate and lucrative business!

      I am very excited for you and I will look forward to seeing you inside WA!
      Thanks again, all my best to your future success,


  4. Dori

    I received a first class letter !! Thank you for your scam info. I will call the phone number tomorrow, just to see what they say. I’m looking for something honest

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Dori,
      Thanks for stopping by to read up on these scammers.

      Go ahead and give them a call, I would love to hear what they have to say to you about this opportunity.
      The only REAL Push Button Cash System that I have ever seen work is my bank’s ATM machines, but you have to have money in your account!

      Dori thanks again, and if you would like to honestly see how to Safely Earn Online do check out my #1 Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate
      you won’t be disappointed, you have my word.
      All my best,

  5. Marion

    Hi Gary,

    I came across your review after I discovered that a bot was attempting to access a non-existent webpage: mywebsite dot com /wp-content/plugins/push_button_cash_plugin/cron.php?code=4fb8ac96ecfa5. I had heard of a ‘push button cash’ plugin before so I did a search on my computer for ‘push button cash’ and found your Google+ post. I don’t know if the ‘push button cash’ I’d previously heard of and the one you’ve reviewed are one and the same.

    Anyway, thanks for the warning about this unscrupulous pyramid scheme which sells nothing but a pipe dream and is definitely a scam to be wary of.

    Keep up the good work,

    P.S. Edit this comment any way you want. 🙂

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Marion,

      I am not sure I understood exactly what you spoke of with the “Bot” and a 404 error code, I apologize I have been doing
      some housecleaning lately.
      I am happy you found my G+ account though.

      When I type Push Button Cash System Review into Google I am on the 1st page of Google position #3.
      It is a small search just under 1 million, but I would like to think I may help stop some from falling victim to this Scam.

      Marion thanks again for your kind words and permission to edit, however I left your comment in its entirety as I usually do.
      All my best to your continued success,


      1. Marion

        The two ‘Push Button Cash’ systems were created by the same scammer. I got caught a few years back with the original system. What a waste of money, although the new system seems much worse.

        Take care,

        1. Gary Post author


          Thanks so much for stopping back and clarifying.
          All of these Scam Artists Thrive on Confusion and Limited Time Offers that Never Seem to Truly Expire.

          Thanks again for sharing all my best,

  6. Marc

    Great write up. I think that this particular scam has been going on for years. Like you said it is not that you cant make money doing it, but instead it is that you cant get the stink off of you at the end of the day.
    You never know though. Some people may not care. To me it makes no sense.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for swinging by and sharing your thoughts. As for the “Stink”
      all I can say is that it is a pleasure to meet another internet marketer with some ethics.

      How folks can live by saying they make their $$ by basically tempting and tricking others into what you should have never done yourself in the 1st place!
      Misery loves company and these Instant Money Making Systems are almost all the same.
      Buy into misery a.k.a Push Button Cash System and resell it to make your money back at someone elses expense.

      What goes around, comes around thanks again Marc,
      All my best,


  7. Stephen and Jennifer

    Hi Gary,

    We too are WA Premium members. I have been making money online since the end of 2012 and used to years ago believe in these Push Button make thousands witout a product, website, niche, experience, list, traffic, seo, ppc, a list, etc. Now older and wiser.

    Now I know how to spot a scam a mile away. All products using Push Button in the name are scams. Also all that claim you don’t need the above, which are all the things that you do need. The only way to start making even a cent online is to discover what people are searching online for. A problem they need to resolve or a question they need answered.

    If they are desperate to solve their problem or get an answer, then some of them will pay a reasonable price to get a quick solution. By building a list of names and email of these people, you then have the ability to offer higher priced longer lasting quality solutions to buyers instead of a one time sale with a link when that opportunity is lost to you forever.

    All the best to you for your success.

    Stephen & Jennifer.

    Working at Wealthy Affiliate as Premium members.

    1. Gary Post author

      Stephen and Jennifer

      Thanks so much for stopping by reading and sharing your thoughts.
      I too have become older and a bit wiser so recognizing a scam is almost 2nd nature to me now.

      I am so pleased that you already found my #1 Recommendation and saw the value in the Premium Membership as I did back in late 2012.

      Between my Network and IT Security training and WA I now feel quite comfortable reporting on Scammers like Push Button Cash System and providing that information to as many folks as I can
      that are simply looking to Safely Earn Online.
      Thanks again so much for your time and comments and I wish you the best with your Free Website Incomes website,


  8. Peter

    Good Job Gary another great piece of investigative review on another scam. Thank you for keeping the internet safe. Appreciate your work . Will book mark and return again soon. 🙂

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I certainly do get an awful lot of “Tempting” offers, Push Button Cash System revealed its true nature after some time, so I
      knew I wanted to get the word out.
      So many folks get postcards in the mail with Amazing Get Rich Offers and naturally many these days go online to check them out. I try to provide what my research has uncovered so
      hopefully people may avoid being Scammed by another “Smooth Operator”!
      Peter thanks again for reading, all my best,


  9. Rufat

    Great review Gary! No doubt, Push Button Cash System is another time waster. Right from the start it’s clear that it doesn’t look like a serious business opportunity. Wasting your time for pennies is not going to provide or substitute your monthly income and I don’t think this program has a good chance to catch peoples attention. When you compare it to such a reputable program like Wealthy Affiliate then there is no room left for Push Button Cash System at all. Instead of wasting my time on this I would love to send postcards to my friends to make them happier.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this postcard scam. Sadly many people especially those that do not go online much could easily fall for
      this scam!
      I try to do my best so when someone does get their lame postcard and tries to investigate it online they can find the truth and hopefully pass on getting scammed.
      Rufat, thanks again and I love your sentiment of sending postcards just to bring a smile.
      My best,


  10. Bob W

    It’s very easy to get conned on the web. We need guys like you to show us the scams and point us in a safe direction. Thanks.

    1. Gary Post author


      How true, thanks for stopping by. Yes I was scammed quite a few times in the past myself before I managed to get with the right group of folks that
      offer the education, tools and mentorship one needs to be successful in an otherwise unforgiving environment.

      That is why I made them my #1 Recommendation, because they showed me the way
      to build the proper foundation and all the additions for my successful business.
      Bob thanks again for coming by and sharing your thoughts, my best,


  11. Emily

    Holy Gary!
    That is quite the scam!! I cannot believe that people actually sign up for it! Making money by sending postcards that you actually paid for? That’s insane. Such a pyramid scheme. If you are crooked that might work but even then, you would need to be able to con people pretty well!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Emily,

      Ya I am afraid like so many other scammers out there they did not put a grand amount of honor or ethicality into this one.
      Yes the unsustainable Pyramid that always crumbles.

      You would be surprised how many will fall for it, I can recall being extremely naive when I started out trying to Safely Earn Online.
      Emily thanks again for coming by, all my best,



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