SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

By | June 8, 2017
SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

Greetings, I am happy you found SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely! I hope the information I have provided helps you out.

Thanks so much for reading along with me as I covered almost all the important factors that Google and the other search engines look for when calculating your SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

If the ideas from each post I have written are taken to heart and used wisely you will begin to see much better search results within your niche’.

As you make changes to your site and then update your sitemap with Google, Bing and Yahoo in a few days you should start to see hopefully positive changes within your Google Analytics reporting, which in turn means more website traffic.

From this perspective within Google Analytics, you will also be able to see other key variables such as time spent, # of pages read and the critical Google Bounce Rate.

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

Heading Tags H1-H6, within your posts is used for a couple of different but very important things. Please do not confuse the term “Heading Tag” with the behind the scenes coding of a <head> HTML Tag or the HTTP header.

Heading tags by their very nature and size are used as visual cues to indicate more important aspects of your posts.

H-1 Tags are the most important to Google and your readers while H-6 the smallest size is the least important of all. When working with your heading tags you want to do as if you are writing an outline. Heading tags are also used to define the structure of your website in a hierarchal fashion.

Unless you have a very deep site you can probably get by with the use of a single H1 tag (Google recommended) and some H2 tags.  When you start getting into H3 tags and smaller they are actually overlooked by most search engines, but if wisely used, may provide a better read for your visitors. Once again think of your sites “physical” structure or layout.

Make sure to use heading tags sparingly across your pages comfortably and avoid erratic placement of various different size tags.

Control the GoogleBot Crawl

Going beyond the title SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely, to drill down a bit will also help.

Your “robots.txt” file is your Websites “No Trespassing” sign for the search engines, according to Google Guru Matt Cutts.

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

Depending on the setup of your website you may have areas of your site that you do not wish to share with the search engines because the results returned would not benefit your readers.

With a properly created robots.txt file you may control what areas of your website that the GoogleBots may or may not crawl, and thus report back to the search engines.

Please bear in mind that from a security angle this would not be the preferred method when dealing with “Sensitive” information.

Search engines handle the robot.txt file a bit differently and may still return references (just the URL minus title or snippet) to the link you are trying to hide.

“Make Googlebot Crawling Smoother by Using Webmaster Tools”

Google can not emphasize enough the value of using Google WebMaster Tools to enhance your websites natural SEO and increase that by allowing you access to some very important data.

With GWT you may go in and inspect almost every aspect of your website. You can see your “Hottest” landing pages, % of new users, search queries, best keywords you name it.

For Best Security practices Google and I both advise webmasters to Learn About Google Webmaster Tools and use them wisely to work with and protect sensitive content from being crawled.

From the Matt Cutts Google Best Practices Video above see how to lock your robots.txt file away with a password using your .htaccess file.

“High-Level Analysis is Possible via Google Analytics and Website Optimizer”

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

Google Analytics takes things to a new and different level with a wide array of very helpful and in-depth reporting metrics.

You may watch people in real time as they visit your site, you can obtain breakdowns of their demographic information, everything from where they come from to what internet service they are connecting with.

You will have access to where your traffic is coming from, whether it is google / organic, (direct) / (none), Yahoo / organic, or bing / organic you will be able to see and hopefully leverage your strongest sources.

For the beginner, you may easily be overwhelmed but as you learn and grow you will find that all these numbers available may be turned into gold, once again with the proper education.

Fight Spam with WordPress Plugins

As a WebMaster of a legitimate WordPress or another site I am sure you see the daily influx of spam hitting your sites. These days working within the WordPress World there are several approaches one can take with plugins.

Of the many available I opted for & probably #1 in the world for comment and trackback protection, Akismet. I do pay $5/month for it but you may use it for free to get started or on a sliding pay as you can plan. I find it does a wonderful job, I tried things without and it got ugly very quick.

To enhance security just a wee bit and protect against automated robot-spam attacks I also added a free plugin called SI CAPTCHA Anti Spam, which is the box down below you will have to fill out to drop me that reply, you have been wanting to send me and that I will be waiting on.

I had the SI CAPTCHA plugin on initially and then I took it off to test and see, sure enough, I started getting some spam coming through. I have found that by using both of these WordPress Plugins I am way ahead of the game.

Protect Your Websites Reputation

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

One thing you do not want is to have your work being used or directed anywhere other than where the legitimate search engines would direct it.

Say someone leaves you a comment looking for a backlink of your quality content, but you are not thrilled with their site for whatever the reasoning.

If their site is Spammy or making wild claims of riches, health or whatever you probably do not want your website’s reputation soiled by basically giving their site your website’s recommendation.

This can, does and will affect your Google SERP, for the simple reason that Google must trust your standards but only to a degree.

If your website starts hanging around swapping links with sites known by Google to be of inferior in quality, guess what Guilt by Association. I do not know how that would work within the guidelines of the U.S. Constitution but online it is a saving grace.

Fight Off Spam with rel=”nofollow”

If your site has the public commenting feature turned on as folks leave your comments they will generally leave behind their URL.

When a comment comes in that you may find beneficial, but you do not wish your users to link to a site that will pass your good reputation on to a site you may not be comfortable with. You may still let your user go to the site, just simply add the attribute “rel”=”nofollow” into the links anchor tag as shown below.

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

From a manual standpoint within the WordPress dashboard, you may opt to go into the particular comment before approving it and removing their URL with the “edit” feature.

If you do that, however, your user’s may wish there was a link provided with the comment. I will leave those personal choices of how you wish to handle that aspect of your site up to you.

Are You Mobile Friendly?

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely! Asks the question about your site, “Are You Mobile Friendly?”

It used to be websites were made to be viewed but a handful of ways. Either on a desktop or laptop standard IBM compatible PC or MAC environment. Well as you now know things are really changing and very fast.

As networks become increasingly more robust and the “SmartPhones” and Tablets become vastly more prevalent and sophisticated technology, we as WebMasters must adapt. Everything actually comes down to one thing and that is the theme of your website.

SEO Tips and Tricks; Use Your Heading Tags Wisely!

Nowadays the “buzz” word with regard to WordPress themes within the realm of viewability is “Responsive”. By responsive what is meant is that will the theme you have built your website with being fully adaptable for ease of viewing regardless of what device it is viewed on.

A responsive theme allows it to automatically adapt itself according to the environment it is seen on in a perfectly seamless fashion.

My site is built with a responsive theme and I have tested my site to make sure it looks OK on some of the different sized unit’s. I recommend that you Check Your Site out when you get the opportunity to do so.

One last word about your site being responsive if your site is seen by Google as trying to boost your search results by giving different information to the GoogleBots than to regular users they call that “Cloaking”.

Though you have probably not done any such thing at your end, other than to not get your site compliant, that is the way Google may see things. I do not think it is as major a concern from the Google end as it is from a poor user experience situation.

Based on my readings if someone goes to your website with a mobile device and your site does not display properly you will lose that potential user/customer in under 5 seconds.

That would be and is my chief concern regarding my website and the ever-increasing mobile world.

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

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  1. Dana El

    Wow Gary this was a great article.

    Everything you touched on are all important to SEO for sure. I know some of the edits needed to make these changes can be a bit scary for some but, its worth knowing this stuff when you run a website.

    Did you learn all of this stuff through trial and error, or was it some kind of training program?

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Dana,

      I am self and WA taught with regard to SEO. I do a lot of research in Google about Google and that has helped too.

      Google volunteers a lot more about how to work with it than people realize, you just have to keep your eyes open. You will find more SEO information in Gary’s Tech Stuff, I hope it helps.

      Dana, my best to your future success,


  2. Tony Hargreaves

    Hi Gary,
    I loved the visual impact of your website and spent time reading it. You offer some great advice, and as someone that is trying to set up my own website – I have found it a great resource.
    Several things that I have not been fully able to grasp have suddenly become clearer.
    Thank you for making this information available, and you can be assured that I will visit from time to time to keep up with the knowledge.
    Thanks again,

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Tony,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I am pleased I was able to provide you with some good information to help grow your business.
      Figuring out How to Safely Earn Online takes a lot more than throwing money at things, success I have found does require learning
      and application.
      My best to your future success,


  3. May

    This is an amazing series Gary! So informative. I’ll admit some of it is over my head right now but I definitely got you bookmarked for future reference. Thanks 🙂

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi May,

      Ya it looks like you started at the end go ahead and give My 1st Perspective a shot to see if that may get you started a little better.
      Thanks for stopping by and I do hope I was able to help, all my best,



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