SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

By | June 10, 2017
SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

 SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

In my past posts on SEO Tips and Tricks; I have covered the importance of properly working with Google, not against it!

I also covered the value of properly finding and using Meta Keywords either through my favorite Jaaxy, or some other keyword tool.

In this post SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation I will be dealing a bit more with actual content creation.

I did briefly touch on content creation however, I will be expanding a bit more on content in this post.

Google Loves Proper Content Creation

The time has come in the SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation post to talk content a bit more in depth. You see when I mentioned content as being King online, I truly meant it.

If we go back to Google’s mission statement,

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

That one statement alone should make things more clearly actionable for myself and you as well, as to what our mission online should focus on.

Regardless of the niche, I am involved with if I ever hope to be favorably recognized by Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of the other many search engines out there, I must consistently produce well researched, freshly written, and properly organized helpful information.

In fact here is a quote about content directly from Google; “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here”

SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

The key here again is to be effectively working with Google not against it out of frustration or poor knowledge.

In the world of Internet Marketing the more you are able to positively stroke the Google Bots with the content of your website, comments and carefully structured presence the more successful you will always be period.

Here in SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation you’ll see that in general most users of the web recognize the good and useful content.

When they find something that excites them or that they think may be beneficial the natural inclination is to want to share the new discovery.

That sharing could be in the form of word of mouth, passing other blog post URLs around, social media forums, G+, FaceBook, Twitter or even email forums.

Go back to Google’s mission statement again, and it will all start to make complete sense. Organic or even word of mouth buzz about things you have written, are what help to build your site’s reputation with both users and Google.

In an effort to explain the manner of teachings within WA regarding content creation, I thought it best to allow you the chance to hear straight from Kyle;

SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

That Buzz I spoke of above, rarely comes without freshly written well-researched information within your niche. In other words, if what you are writing is just the same as all the rest of your niche, what is going to make you really stand out.

I try to provide beneficial information that like home cooking comes from the love and passion to please others. Call it corny or whatever but that is my approach.

I love doing what I do and I have been told that it shows, I also love sharing what I have learned to help others benefit and I do that Free of Charge most every day inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Get into your Reader’s Mind

SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

The Path to Your Reader’s Mind, Lies Within All That Is Online

I want you to stop and think about how people locate your site online.

Think about the most common words folks may use in a search box, but bear this in mind. If you are new to a particular topic you may search for things in a very basic 1, 2 or 3-word search.

However, more experienced folks that surf the web regularly may approach the search in a different fashion so as to avoid a wild goose chase looking for the information they seek.

As is the case with most anything we learn, usually the more you use something the more comfortable and familiar we become. I will give you a great Google example next.

A Simple Google Example Explains It Easily

Someone that knows the game of baseball as a fan for quite some time that is interested in finding out the results for a National League Championship Game may type “NLCS score” (an acronym for the National League Championship Series), while someone quite new to the sport may simply type in “Baseball Playoffs”.

Obviously, the person typing the “NLCS score” should get their answer just a little quicker and more directly than the person that typed in “Baseball Playoffs”.

Bearing that in mind, it helps to anticipate these differences in peoples search approaches. By understanding that about people & searches along with the many misspelled searches in advance of sitting down to write, you may allow those factors to subliminally begin to slip into your writing style.

I have in fact found that to be the case for myself within this specific niche of Learning to Safely Earn Online.

Once you get the hang of that mindset you will be able to more quickly turn out the quality content you and your readers desire.

No; This is Not a Sales Pitch, This is the Way I Work

This is where I need help, and looking at the big picture with time truly equating to money, the following is the only way I approach this aspect of my business.

I use the Jaaxy keyword tool, and while I have gone from my Free 30 Search Trial to a paid plan I find that in the long run, I am well ahead of the small cost for this most special tool.

I have absolutely NO problem with investing in my business wisely at all. People put way too much stock into the ever-present FREE word!

Sadly the word FREE online may mean a myriad of different things. In my world, I try to use the word FREE-exactly as I believe it was intended to be used. Jaaxy offers you a FREE 30 Searches to try it out. If you see the value in it for your business you simply choose the plan that works for you.

My #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate also offers a FREE Starter Membership and it is exactly that, 100% FREE, to give you the hands-on experience of learning about how to Safely Earn Online.

For my online business needs, Jaaxy offers me the absolute Biggest Bang for the Buck in the way of brainstorming for awesome Long Tail Keywords that I am able to weave throughout my posts, but also use to gain awesome SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as the SEO keywords that they are designed to be. Jaaxy actually works independently of Google to be able to provide it’s amazing results.

As I do and like to say, sometimes you just have to Think Outside the Box!

Danger Will Robinson

SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

“Lost in Space” American TV 1965-1968

Do not get carried away with keywords to the point that you are stuffing them into your writing in places they do not naturally belong.

Since I do not wish to get off topic, I wanted to reiterate what I have been trying to say above regarding what Google really wants and needs to see from your site.

However, I would be remiss if I did not make you aware of some things Google is very serious about. These are things in my mind that could negatively affect your SERP greatly.

Google wants you to Avoid the Following;

SEO Tips and Tricks; Content CreationSEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

SEO Tips and Tricks; Content CreationSEO Tips, Tricks and Gary’s Perspective # 4 Google Avoid These

 What If You Could?

Have you ever considered creating a new or useful service of some kind, or using your research talents perhaps you could uncover some news to break into your niche. If you already have a site up and running are you developing your email list?

Is there any way that you may perhaps entice or leverage that existing base you may already have with new and exciting content in an area where they already may have an active interest. Just because there may be other sites within your niche they may lack the insight, resources or even the expertise required to hold great SERP and consequently hold a loyal readership.

By bearing all of the above in mind when it comes time to get creative, you should be well ahead of the game, and to gather this valuable from Google information it cost only your time.

I have new people following me every day, 7 days a week 24/7 because there are so much SEO and other IM information to know in order to do well online. I know today for me finding a learned mentor for me to follow was key to my success. The beauty of a Global Community like WA is that you may actually find many mentors, each with differing areas of expertise, which sealed the deal for me.

Gary; is Swooping Down! SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

Before I wrap this whole post SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation up let me just say that a while back some folks dropped me some comments on a post I did called Wealth For Life Review; Grace Beaman Scam, which questioned my credibility.

I write reviews about people like Grace Beaman that try to take advantage of and financially hurt innocent folks that are simply trying to learn how to Safely Earn Online.

I try to write posts like this post SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation to help folks to understand the Real Internet but…

…In Grace’s case she starts with snail mail, but she certainly has online presence, on this search, simply her name, “Grace Beaman” she pops up but I bump her Home Page from 1st place on the 1st page of Google and have two hits positions 1 and 2 when it grabs my Tag information.

That particular search is only about 62,800,000 searches or so, but I have seen it as high as 72 million or so.

I put the comments up and answered them as best I could at the time. The comments hurt at 1st but using the faith & conviction I have within myself, also knowing full well that I research my writing properly, exhaustively and honorably before I ever hit my Publish button, so I harbor no guilt whatsoever.

Yes at the end of my reviews as well as most all the other learning information on my site there is, in fact, the opportunity for folks to take the same path I took a year ago.

SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

In the online business world that is called a Sales Funnel, but the way I work with WA I call it an Opportunity Funnel because I can attest to its legitimacy, value and educational content. Some will see the value and move full speed ahead, while others will pass, it is very hard to change human nature.

The only “Upsell” is whether after a week or so for Free, do you wish to invest in your business and become a Premium Member and to continue to Learn and Grow a Real Online Business or not. WA does not even ask for a credit card for the Free Starter Membership?

I was told that this is where Gary is “Swooping Down” with his REAL business opportunity. To anyone who felt Swooped upon, you have my apology.

I also apologize for not taking the time to morph my face onto the body of this noble creature, in mid-swoop, but I guess some things are just better left untouched.

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

That tells me you really want to get going with a money making website of your own.

Yes, I write a lot about who & what to avoid online from my own personal experience, as well as other folks nightmares.

If you are serious about getting out of your 9-5 going nowhere situation, take the plunge!

It won’t cost you a dime to check Wealthy Affiliate out.

Who knows it may change your life for the better like it has mine?

You Have Nothing To Lose & a World To Gain!

Meet me inside and learn how you can follow the lessons and create a money making website of your dreams & all your own!

3 Quick & Easy Choices

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Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster

6 thoughts on “SEO Tips and Tricks; Content Creation

  1. Don Weyant

    Gary, really loved your take on using the word “Free” in today’s internet world. Give me value and a fair deal and I’ll give you my money, if I’m at the buying stage. Great job! Don

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Don,

      Thanks for stopping by and yes how true about the FREE word.
      I often time think that is a 4 letter word beginning with “F” that Mommies should have washed their kids mouths out for saying,
      at least until they fully understood it and it’s use!

      In our culture I can think of few words that spark so many wildly different connotations in peoples minds.
      For me personally when I hear the word “Free” in my mind it becomes the word “Trial”, especially when we are talking online.

      I expect little more and I am rarely disheartened.

      Kyle, Carson & Wealthy Affiliate more than anyone I have come across online take the word Free Starter Membership,
      “Starter” being the operative word here, and turn it into a chance for folks to unleash their true creative potential,
      and like any other educational opportunities out there, they do charge a modest annual or monthly fee for access to the community & materials.

      The educational material and community at WA, have transformed my life into a financially positive, uplifting, and more than gratifying existence.
      Don, I thank you once again for your kind words and time, my best to your success,


  2. Ian McKay

    What a terrific looking web site. When I saw all the great information here
    it made me realise just how important a good knowledge about SEO is. The
    site contains so much valuable information; and, the use of appropriate graphics
    it is an absolute pleasure to behold.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thank you so much for the kind words, I simply try to share as best I am able, how to be effective when working with Google and your website.
      There are many variables and it is easy to become overwhelmed, discouraged or worse.
      In my mind there is no reasoning for that to happen at all.

      You mentioned Graphics, that along with proper Anchor Text information will be in my next post of my SEO series
      sometime next week.

      Ian, thanks again for coming by, all my best,


  3. Kinda Bush

    Hi Gary, I am one of your friends on Wealthy Affiliate. I really like your site and feel that I could learn alot from you, so I decided to follow you, so I could read all your posts.

    I wish you success and a prosperous future.

    Thank you for what you do to help people.

    1. Gary Post author


      Greetings once again, I do recall seeing you in WA, and your website makes me transplant (not snowbird) home sick.
      I lived in Largo and the Tampa Bay area for all of the 90’s, then the Buc’s decide to win the Super Bowl after I moved back home.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to swing by my site and to say hello. I am happy you find my posts
      beneficial, SEO along with quality content are key to anyone’s true online success.

      I also wish you, the best of success,



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