SEO Tips & Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

By | June 16, 2017
SEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

This is another in my series on SEO, called SEO Tips & Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site.

So I ask you; when you look in the bathroom mirror in the morning as you get ready for another day at your 9-5, and sigh, please tell me, Self,  Why Ain’t Ya Rich Yet?…

SEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

… I hope I struck a nerve.

I hope a thought burns so brightly in front of you that you shall find the resolution.

I believe that over the course of the next weeks ahead you will possess the answer to that nagging and most perplexing of life’s riddles. SEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

Because, like there are NO Legitimate “Get Rich Quick Schemes” online, there is no one single answer to this life riddle of; Why Ain’t Ya Rich Yet? 

I will be revealing step by step directions from Google what Google wants and needs to see from your website to gain the proper recognition your hard work deserves.

By simply reading each edition of my Why Ain’t Ya Rich Yet, SEO Tips, Tricks Series to the end you will find the answers you seek.

SEO Tips & Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

If by the end of your read, this information makes sense to you and you wish to help others find this path to the “Safely Earning Online” business world please G+, FaceBook or Twitter & do drop a reply below to let me know if I have done my job to your liking.

Thanks in advance, because I believe in my heart this information will be beneficial to you, if you are seeking the Truth About Safely Earning Online and SEO.

In my 1st edition of SEO Tips, Tricks Long Tail Keywords  I spoke about the critical importance of developing a positive not confrontational relationship with Google.

Domains, Sub-Domains What’s the Difference

Today I will be discussing the next most important aspect of your successful relationship with Google and that is your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or Domain Name and especially your posts/pages or sub-domains, and the creatively named categories they are placed in.

Your initial Domain Name will hopefully have been chosen with care to “Fit” your niche comfortably when you first started out, if not feel free to try who I use NameCheap,
SEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site
When I say comfortably, here is what I mean. Anyone’s main URL should speak immediately to a particular audience. You also do not wish to have to spell it all out due to a .com’s availability or lack thereof.

It can be tricky getting the exact name we want but my tips to you are; try to stick to a .com if you plan to monetize your site, do not use hyphens, and try to make it short, sweet & most of all very memorable.

Let’s face it if you are online marketing Global Travel you probably do not want a URL about your tiny 1,100 person village in East Bumble Duck unless your locale actually possesses the actual “Fountain of Youth” that Mr. Ponce de Leon never found in St Augustine FL or comparable.

Write Well Researched Information to Help Others

Even though this is actually something that you as the business owner should have dealt with to your liking as a 1st step, Google prioritizes its information gathering a bit differently, so please follow along.

SEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

What Google is actually more concerned with is a much bigger picture.

You see if you go back to my SEO Tips, Tricks Long Tail Keywords post and read Googles Mission Statement, you will understand. For Google to fulfill its mission to the World, it must fall in love with your website’s domain, subdomain structure, and content.

Otherwise, you will be left out of the top rankings.

The subdomains are the URL’s for each post and or page on your website. Remember Google wants to return the “Most Pertinent” information it can be based on someone’s Search Box Query.

In fact here is a quote directly from Google hinting at what they want, “Creating descriptive categories and filenames for the documents on your website can not only help you keep your site better organized, but it could also lead to better crawling of your documents by search engines”.

Computers and the Net in general desire & require Logical Order to be successful, Google’s algorithms demand it!

How About Some Google Proof

With my website as a good example so you may understand that I truly practice what I preach.

Type “Ad Services Review” into Google, here’s the results my site at position’s #1 and 2 with over 300 Million searches. Take note of what the search was and the returned result with search terms highlighted in boldSEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

To show you how Google is a truly living entity in constant flux, understand that I have seen this same search return over 1 Billion and I was still at the Top of the Heap!

As I was writing this post I did a search again and got a return of 346 Million searches.

I am the first 2 organic listings with Passive Wealth System Review; Ad Services Postcard Scam and again for EZ Six Figure Lifestyle. A similar postcard scam. This post is about the whole Passive Wealth System Review that I did on Drew Hanson.

In order to be recognized, appreciated and acknowledged properly for all your hard work you must constantly be thinking of being helpful to your

You also want to be thinking about LSI’s (Latent Semantic Indexing)  keywords as you write. Where applicable it is helpful to use LSI’s in H2 or H3 headings and also for Tags.

I do not mean you should write content on your website around keywords, in fact quite to the opposite. I wish you to think differently and simply do what I call opportunistic writing.

SEO Tips & Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site 

My methodology you may find peculiar but after a lifelong battle of trying to beat my ADHD I have figured out how to exploit it and to my benefit.

That is a whole other personal story; I apologize in advance for getting off track.

For me, content comes naturally because I have not lost that childhood innocence so many do because of stress, age and the need to look like they fit in for their perceived age.

SEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

“Innocence Lost”

I will admit the door with my imagination is still wide open, though tempered by the streets from being Scammed, it remains an important aspect of what drive’s me to this day.

I am constantly surfing my niche for new and unique things; I also let Google tell me what to write about. I use Google Alerts to target specific keyword searches and get back a flood of daily Gmail inbox returns.

That must be managed properly which is why I use secondary and tertiary email addresses to do so. How to Make Money Online is a very broad topic this was just an example.

Once I have a topic I go to my “Ace in the HoleJaaxy to brainstorm traffic generating Long Tail Keywords that always pay off in my getting awesome Google SERP! (Search Engine Results Page).

Try Out My SEO Secret Weapon Jaaxy for a Free 30 Searches;

  After reading through this SEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site, by now you may be seeing a pattern of sorts; this pattern is what keeps me on track and able to constantly produce fresh vibrant and informative content that I may only hope honestly helps folks to find the answers they seek.

So now we understand that you want a very appropriate domain name, for you’re Home Page. I honestly hope if you do not have one selected yet that you at least gave the folks at NameCheap up above a try.

In order to get your valuable and helpful information in front of the eyes of the folks that need it, and desire it.  You need to know as you write to be constantly thinking, interjecting even discussing certain aspects of pertinent Long Tail Keywords. Especially in the titling of what you write and also paragraphs number one and your final.

My Jaaxy Keyword Tool above also tells you how much competition you will be facing with the keywords you select.

SEO Tips and Tricks Getting Google to Love Your Site

I hope by now as you are reading this, you are starting to understand that there are legitimate decent and educated people out there that really do have it in their hearts to help folks achieve, not destroy their dreams.

After being scammed myself in the past, like many at WA, we understand the importance of finding quality information from trusted sources.

If you have found this information to be helpful, & if you are serious about starting your own internet business I truly wish to show you the way.

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

That tells me you really want to get going with a money making website of your own.

Yes, I write a lot about who & what to avoid online from my own personal experience, as well as other folks nightmares.

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  1. Delroy Maynard

    Hi Gary

    Thank you for sharing this great and informative article.
    So to get a new domain name, do you prefer NameCheap over Wealthy Affiliate?
    Best wishes!

    Delroy M

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Delroy,
      When you are planning to purchase a domain name to use commercially, I would work directly with NamecCheap.
      Inside of Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a SiteRubix domain name to get you started with the learning process.
      However, in order to get your site indexed and ranked well within Google, I would recommend buying your domain name through NameCheap.
      I hope my answer helps Delroy, my best,

  2. Sherry

    Another great post on SEO, Gary!

    I agree, it is certainly a good idea to have a domain name that makes sense with what you’re planning on writing about. It’ll make it easier for not only Google to find, but also any potential visitors searching the web.

    I really like your example of the small village URL for a global travel site…great example to get your point across that something like that probably wouldn’t work too well! It’s important to think of what we want to do before choosing a domain name for our sites, and ask ourselves does it make sense to what our niche is…or rather, would it make sense for a visitor looking at it in the SERPs?

    Thanks for sharing such an informative and helpful post! Keep up the good work and best wishes 🙂

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping back by for another dose of Google SEO Do’s and Don’ts.

      People do get hung up with domain names, it can be difficult, especially staying with a .com
      like anyone that wishes to monetize their site should do.
      Focused within the niche, Short, distinct, catchy all are golden traits to have for folks to remember and Google SERP.

      I was inspired with my “Small Village” metaphor from looking out my backdoor. We have a very
      old farmhouse on 5 acres in the middle of nowhere.

      And while in my view is the 163 acre dairy farm now turning to Bison, where my wife grew up,
      somehow I just did not see it as a Global Destination Hot Spot.
      An idea born, LOL

      Sherry, thanks again for coming by and sharing, I am pleased you found my information helpful.
      All my best,


  3. Tichaona Gombiro


    I am marveled by your expert knowledge of SEO. I am learning to build an online business and continue to learn from experts like you.

    I struggle with SEO and I have bookmarked your website so that I won’t miss out on updates. I am wondering if you have a newsletter on SEO that I can subscribe to?

    Another thing is that I love the way you present your information on your website. Since I notice you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate which I am, I would like to connect with you so as to learn more information from you.

    Thank you very much and wish you every success with your business as you continue to enlighten those who want and are willing to create wealth online.


    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      I am very pleased you found my SEO Material beneficial.

      I appreciate you bookmarking my site and I should have my 4th installment on SEO Tips, Tricks and Gary’s Perspective out
      early next week. Don’t feel alone with SEO that is an area of IM that many struggle with.

      I am also very pleased that you found WA and you may now grow your own business as I have done here.
      To answer your question Tich, regarding a regular newsletter on SEO at present I have not put anything together but it is in the works.

      Thanks again for sharing any other comments, questions or concerns feel free to drop a reply below, my best,


  4. Stopscamming

    You have put me off balance for a minute.

    Your site is very rich in knowledge. I can actually spend the whole day here, just going through your post and not noticing how time fly.

    Thank you very much for doing a great job here. my brother.

  5. Marvin Wilson

    Very informative post, like the step by step lesson format. I actually bookmarked this to come back to and not just read over, but study and put some of your tips to use. I’m new to WA, my website is still a work in progress, but I’d really appreciate you taking a look and offering some feedback/advice, Gary.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for coming by and bookmarking my site.
      I am happy to hear you are able to put some of my tips to good use, they do work.

      I was in the process of crafting my 3rd SEO Tips, Tricks and Gary’s Perspective installment when I ran into some
      personal difficulty so that will be delayed a few days.

      In the meantime Marvin I will be glad to take a look at your site and drop you a note in WA about it.
      Thanks again and any other comments, questions or concerns please drop a reply below, my best,


  6. Vanessa

    Hi Gary
    Thanks for taking the time to research and post such great information. Anyone who has an online business, should know this information. I am looking forward to the other posts in this series.

    1. Gary Post author


      Greetings to you I hope all is going well for you.
      Thanks for stopping by again and thanks for the compliment.

      I really wanted to simplify the whole SEO thing as much as possible.
      So many folks struggle with understanding what is really not ALL that difficult, provided it is laid out in a methodical and straightforward fashion.

      I should have SEO Tips, Tricks and Gary’s Perspective #3 out early next week before the big US Thanksgiving Holiday.
      Vanessa, thanks again all my best and any other comments, questions or concerns drop a reply below, all my best,


  7. Rick Bell

    Hey Gary.

    Good article here with plenty of information. Is SEO a good way to create success online? And if so, why do so many folk not know about it…like me! I’m going to try that google alerts. And anything else here that can help me get started.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.
    I will email you later for more pointers! 🙂

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for coming by reading and sharing.
      To answer your question “Is SEO a good way to create success online?”

      Understanding SEO and being able to work with it throughout the entire process of adding material to
      your website is critical to online success.

      As to why so few know about it, I presume that may have to do with the confusing nature
      of SEO in general.
      I think most folks run out of patience with Google & SEO while trying to understand it.

      That is why I thought it important to craft my SEO Series for some better explanation.
      I hope this helps Rick and feel free to contact me with your questions anytime.

      My best,


  8. Michael

    Very creative Website. It is nice how you have personalized it with the pictures.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks, what can I say I am a product of those crazy 60’s

      SEO is one of those things that as an online business owner you need to manage somehow.

      Most of the stuff out there I can get through easily because of my tech background but I have found most folks prefer
      being shown rather than just told about complex concepts.
      Michael, thanks again for stopping by #3 should be out early next week I hope you make it back.

      My best,

  9. Michelle

    Hi Gary. Great tips on SEO and just what Google is looking for. You have a lot of quality information here and a person can learn a great deal from you. Very helpful advice to anyone who wants their website to be its best!

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for your time coming by and sharing your thoughts.
      I appreciate your kind words, I wanted to desperately try to remove some of the “Guru” secrecy
      and simply relate what Google advises works best with their setup.

      My series will be continuing Michelle, I hope you make it back for part # 3, thanks again all my best,


  10. Robert Allan

    Hi Gary. Absolutely loads of information to keep any ‘wannabe’ internet marketer up to speed with SEO tactics. Keep up the good work.
    Robert Allan

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by and I am happy you found my information helpful.
      I was delayed with my next installment, should be out in the next few days so stay tuned.
      Any other comments, questions or concerns please drop a reply below, my best,


  11. Kathy

    Sometimes these kind of articles are difficult to read but not this one! A lot of good useful information which I can use to learn more about SEO. 🙂

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for coming by and sharing today.
      SEO sadly can be difficult to grasp, that is why I chose to try and obtain my information directly from Google, and simply
      offer it in smaller amounts at a time so you may more easily understand the steps.

      This is my 2nd in this series and I am just starting my 3rd, to be published early “Thanksgiving Week” here in the states.
      Kathy, I hope you will stop back for #3, any other comments, questions or concerns feel free to drop a reply below, all my best,


        1. Gary Post author


          Thanks so much for bookmarking, it is greatly appreciated.
          My next installment of SEO Tips, Tricks and Gary’s Perspective #3 should be online early next week before the
          US Thanksgiving Holiday.
          Kathy, all my best to your success,


  12. Jesse

    I’ve been always interested in Internet Marketing and ofcourse Search Engine Optimization and this page gave me a nice breath of fresh air! Thanks you Gary for the great information 🙂

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for stopping by and I am glad my post helped you out.
      SEO can be quite confusing depending on one’s approach.

      I hope you get the chance to check out my 1st post in this series,
      it was about Long Tail Keywords and Meta Tags.
      Any other comments, questions or concerns, please drop a reply below, all my best,



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