SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines

By | June 8, 2017
SEO Tips and Tricks; Gary’s Perspective #3

Thanks so much for checking out SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines. I apologize for this post being re-written but I am afraid a bit of “Life” hit me between the eyes.

The “Life” thing is just one of those things we must all deal with and hopefully move forward from. Honestly my situation was school. This past May 14th 2017 I earned my A.A.S. In Network Administration and Information Security.American Business and Technology University

I highly recommend American Business and Technology University should you ever be considering furthering your education.

I am an Honorably discharged U.S.A.F. veteran and they are very Veteran Friendly.

Feel FREE to enjoy some really great reasons to further your education;

Finishing my degree was a task I had originally started back in August of 2012. I completed my 1st year but I was not able to finish things up until the time of this writing.

If this is your 1st time here and you are eager to understand some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics be sure to catch my other installments to this ongoing post.

For everyone else that has been reading right along, perhaps you are starting to put together some pieces to help solve this riddle…

Why Aint Ya Rich Yet?

SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines

SEO Tips, Tricks Navigation is Key to Search Engines

Writing SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines, I realized from Matt Cutts I was now inside Google’s algorithm’s from Google’s perspective.

So I am just sharing how website navigation is one of the most critical aspects that you need to bear in mind as you build out your site.

Naturally after you have handled your domain name, sub-domains & Meta keywords.

Ask yourself when Google, Bing or Yahoo handle people’s requests for information, which sites do you think will get the best SERP (Search Engine Results Page)?

While I will not go so far as to say that inanimate objects like computers are inherently lazy like most humans, I will say that electronic media as is the case with pretty much everything transmitted online, BEST follows the path of least resistance.

In Google’s mind it needs to again fulfill its mission, so it literally tries to read the minds of millions upon millions of WebMasters based on some things like what they publish, how much and how often.

Always Be Google Friendly SEO Tips, Tricks Navigation is Key to Search Engines

You see with content on your site organized in a Google friendly manner, Google is then able to determine what is most important to the site’s WebMaster, and match that along with other variables to determine SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Google likes very much to try and see the big picture for each site the bots visit if possible, which is where your sub-domain structure comes back into play.

SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines

For probably 99% of us we will want to plan our sites overall navigation with your “HomePage” as the starting point. Your home or root page is where someone lands when they put your domain name into the address bar of a browser and hit enter.

This page is usually the most frequented page of your site. SEO Tips, Tricks Navigation is Key to Search Engines

Bearing that in mind as the WebMaster for your site you now need to have a bit of empathy for your perspective visitors. By that I simply mean that your #1 desire as a WebMaster should be to provide your users with the most effortless opportunity to obtain, read, use and share your content.

This is known as UX or User Experience.

Naturally if your site is more to be monetized for sales of various products that ease of use would be more about proper categorization, information on products and a very smooth and efficient checkout process and return policy.

Extra Polite “Breadcrumbs” 

SEO Tips, Tricks Navigation is Key to Search Engines

Breadcrumbs are another little tweak you may add to your site to enhance your visitors experience in many cases again depending on your sites purpose.

Breadcrumbs; Practicing What I am Preaching

Here at Why Aint Ya Rich Yet I have instituted their use because my readers advised me that they are rather helpful.

You do always have access to the top menu bar, categories’ and commentary to the right sidebar as well. Breadcrumbs are however a row of internal links usually starting with your home page and then other quick links to more specific popular spots on the site.

Two Sitemaps

Here in SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines you will see that Sitemaps much like a traditional driving road map simply display your website layout in a hierarchical listing, domains/sub-domains, and links external and internal for both search engines and if on a website so equipped also for the end user. SEO Tips, Tricks Navigation is Key to Search Engines

The XML Sitemap is created within your websites dashboard and then made available to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. I have chosen not to institute a secondary HTML Sitemap (Hyper-Text Markup Language) here at my site, again because of my simple layout.

Incomplete URL’s 

I must admit initially when I thought about this aspect of IM (Internet Marketing) I shrugged it off.

But then I started to think about my own habits online and you know what, I realized that there are plenty of times when I am checking this and checking that, I play with URL’s.

I mean after you have spent some time online you get fairly comfy with chopping URL’s up and only using portions of them often just to save some time.

404 Errors 

SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines also reveals that sometimes the results may not be what we wanted or intended. That is because the WebMaster did not take the time to address that contingency prior to going online.SEO Tips, Tricks Navigation is Key to Search Engines

How do I know this, from another school, this one had a few Hard Knocks.

I am a WebMaster that learned of this after I 1st published, rather than before.

So when someone chopped a URL from my website and it mapped to a page they were expecting all was well, but if not the dreaded 404 Page Not Found would pop up leaving my reader a bit displeased and rightfully so.

My poor planning ruined a smooth visit, I learned from this and now use a WordPress plugin called AskApache Google 404, which redirects a user to a Google-friendly interface with what Google believes to be similar information, once again trying to fulfill its mission by plugging up the backdoor I ignorantly created.

Final Google Site Navigation Tips

On your site you want to create a very natural hierarchical structure making it as easy as possible for your readers to simply read along using naturally placed text links to get to more specific areas of your site.

Most readers and Google appreciate this approach as opposed to more complex linking structures like linking each page to each other or chopping up content forcing a reader or GoogleBots to follow several links to simply finish 1 piece of information.

What Does Google Say to Avoid SEO Tips, Tricks Navigation is Key to Search Engines

In SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines I have tried to explain things directly from the “What Google Wants” Perspective so you will surely want to avoid making navigation across your site based solely on Drop Down Menus, Images or Animations.

A real NO, NO!

Google deals with these things differently as do all the other search engines. Some are able to deal with the extra linking, others cannot.

While I do use a fair amount of text links within my writing I also rely on the use of Categories on the sidebar which Google likes to work with when handling the location of the content.

If you do decide to use an onsite HTML sitemap make sure that it remains current as you make changes to your site as a whole with new content. Also, make sure that the sitemap was built with some organization not just a list of links, maybe you can do it by topic or subject.

Lastly, make sure that your web server is set up to give a 404 HTTP status code so that you are not allowing Google and the other search engines to index your 404 pages when that occurs.

By using the AskApache Google 404 plugin I mentioned above you should be fine with all of that.

Google’s SEO Starter Guide

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10 thoughts on “SEO Tips, Tricks; Navigation is Key to Search Engines

  1. B. A. Scott

    Hi! Thanks so much for this very in-depth and informative article.

    I’m particularly interested in the AskApache Google 404 plugin. I was actually thinking about that the other day as my blog progresses. What if over time some of my links become obsolete? This plugin will do the trick.

    Are there any more must have plugins you recommend?

    1. Gary Post author

      B. A.

      Thanks so much for the note, I have to chuckle. As you move forward you may find there are more plugins to avoid than you really need.

      You want to keep things as basic as possible or you may run into conflicts between your theme, other plugins and even Google.

      I use an SEO plugin like Yoast or All In One, I have more than one website trying one on each. 

      I also use something for image compression called WP Smush. Using WP Fastest Cache can help improve your site load speed.

      Because my background is IT Security I use and highly recommend WordFence to protect and monitor your site from Bad Hackers.

      B.A. I hope this helps you out a bit, any more questions feel free to come back and ask.

      My best with your new site and future success,


  2. Laura

    Thanks so much for posting this! SEO is one of my weak spots and I feel like I understand a little more after reading this. Also, this might be a dumb question, but what do you mean by “chopping URL’s up”? Is that like erasing everything after .com to go back to the home page? Is there a different way to do this? Thanks again!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Laura,

      So sorry not to speak more clearly. 

      By chopping up URL’s I meant like taking this as an example from sitebeam;

      They can give you a much more clear understanding. In simple terms it is copying and pasting only a portion of a URL. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. I do hope this helps and if you would like a bit more SEO Insight be sure to check this post out as well;

      Laura all my best to your future success, anything else I can do to assist, come on back by,


  3. Phil

    Hi there,
    Well done on giving an awesome account and review of SEO. You have left no stone unturned in this very detailed account of a great online business.
    I was fortunate like yourself and a lot more people to stumble upon WA, this great opportunity and I am a firm believer that this is the best that there is at the moment.
    I am confident that you will be evry successful in attracting people to this website.
    Cheers and best wishes
    Phil Browne

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by, reading and the kind words. 

      I started working with WA and the awesome community a few years back and I am able to earn Google 1st page a fair amount with my writing, which I owe much to Kyle and Carson’s program’s.

      I wish you the best with your rankings, they can be a challenge,


  4. Holly Lynn


    Great post as SEO can be very confusing at first glance and I think they are a big hump to get a website running!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Holly
      I am glad you appreciated my SEO explanations. Yes a Big Hump is true but once you understand what pleases Google,
      it becomes much easier.
      Education is the key!
      Thanks for stopping by, all my best,

  5. john

    Gary, Very comprehensive page with plenty of useful information on arriving high up in google searches.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi John,

      I do hope you found my information helpful. Working with Google really pays off if you follow the rules.
      Thanks again for stopping by, all my best,



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