The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor

By | December 30, 2015
The Rich Janitor Review What's the Rich Janitor

Name: The Rich Janitor
Price: $27
Owners: Mike Dee
Overall Rank: 1 of 5

The Rich Janitor Product Overview

I wrote this post The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor after being bowled over by a very lengthy video from Mike Dee (a.k.a. Michael Dougherty) the Rich Janitor.

The Rich Janitor Review What's the Rich Janitor

I actually received an email from the IMReportCard folks sharing this program with me.

In fact at the top of the email was the following;

“DISCLOSURE – all earnings are audited and can even be verified by 3rd party processors for authenticity and 100% accuracy in reporting”.

The link takes you to their B- rated review but they list the owner as Mike Dougherty, would that be the same as Mike Dee, yes they are one in the same.

Well, when you click their link you get a Big Bold ClickBank Warning;

The Rich Janitor Review What's the Rich Janitor

But if you copy and paste the URL manually without their link it goes right to Mike Dee’s Home Page and a Sad Display of Psychological Shenanigans Designed to Present Some Sort of Relate-Ability with Prospective Internet Marketers or Other More Desperate People Not Doing So Well Financially.

That to me is Really Low!

The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor, not only explain’s how Mike Dee went from almost Food Stamps & Eating from the The Rich Janitor Review What's the Rich JanitorGarbage to Incredible Wealth by creating a software that exploits “Money Loopholes” online and for his Trusted Partners (You) benefit.

After you finish your read of The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Just Like Robin Hood

You see Mike Dee is such a Noble Wizard & he has created such a powerful software tool he can’t possibly collect from all the Money Loopholes his Incredible Software creates.

So he desperately needs Trusted Partners as he Takes Away from the Scammers that Burned His Ass and Giving Their Share of the Billion Dollar Online Marketing Pie Directly to Poor Pitiful and Desperate You !!The Rich Janitor Review What's the Rich Janitor

When I Watched Mike Dee’s Rags to Riches Video I was almost moved to tears, well maybe the nearby trash pail, by his story of heartache, heartbreak & Poor Iris his wife right into the Very Same Flashy Scammer He Purports to Despise.

The Circle of Life in the Scammers Online WEB of Absolute Crap.

Mysterious Money Loophole Software

I chuckled to myself and began investigating this Mysterious “Money Loophole” Finding Software that Mike Dee desperately needs Partners for. These Mysterious Money Loopholes it turns out are nothing more than trying to earn online with article and blog scamming as well as some other curious approaches.

There is nothing really in the program about the importance of creating a Solid Foundation within a specific Niche that helps people get answers and gain knowledge. However, he does mention about work within a specific niche while pushing hosting at GoDaddy.

You may notice at the Top of The Rich Janitor Home Page Mike Dee states that he will Deposit $70 for you just for watching to the end of the video. If you make it to the end in my mind you deserve something that’s at least tangible…

Where is My $70 DepositThe Rich Janitor Review What's the Rich Janitor

…It turns out the only place he will deposit your $70 is in the Account You Must Create which is not mentioned.

Then it is Deposited into your Account, but you never actually see it because this $70 does not Actually Exist.

This $70 is a Coupon if you will applied against the $97 he felt his Mysterious Money Loophole Software was really worth. The Rich Janitor Review What's the Rich Janitor

The Rich Janitor Pros and Cons


  • Hokey Video Software to Post Comments through ClickBank to Learn from
  • Rich Janitor Video’s with Your Affiliate Link
  • The initial 20 or so offerings do offer some plausible techniques to earn some cash
  • The Push to use GoDaddy and Build a Website
  • Talk About Product Creation and Having Affiliates Market for You
  • Mike Gives You a Contact #


  • Sitting Through the Video in its Entirety to Get My $70 Deposit
  • The Outdated Training and Techniques Provided
  • The Upsells to Really Succeed
  • Many Complaints About Not Earning Online
  • UnEthical Copy and Paste Instructions to Use Others Re-Worded Work

Who is The Rich Janitor Made For?The Rich Janitor Review What's the Rich Janitor

In order to understand Who is the Rich Janitor Made For I think we really need to ask just What is the Rich Janitor?

The Rich Janitor is a Confusing Offering of 20 or so Internet Marketing Techniques that I must think is Geared To the Newbie Marketer.

I say this because I have to believe most anyone with a bit of online marketing savvy would have taken one look and run the other way.

The Rich Janitor Tools & Training

When looking into Mike Dee’s Rich Janitor Money Loophole Program it turns out that it is a completely sophisticated and automated system that requires very little on your part.

I call The Rich Janitor Scam for what it is, with his techniques of working with ClickBank that seems turned out not so Kosher judging from the ClickBank link block above.

Video Marketing Tutorial – Explains how to Use Free Video Software and How to Make a Submission with Affiliate Links, looks like Spam to me.
GoDaddy Website Software – Helps You Choose a Domain Name that’s Available and not much more regarding setup, etc.
Article Marketing– You Write and then Post to Article Directories Old and Outdated
Blog Marketing – Posting your links to related niche website comment sections
Forum Marketing – Posting like Blog Marketing in related comments sections only in forums
Product Creation – Valuable if you can do it with your own idea’s!! Mike’s approach, however, to basically steal other peoples work sucks.
Seized Car Marketing – his method is Scammy, with a lot of the cars people see are not the actual cars for sale much unlike the More Professional Sites
User Testing – Where you review others websites for $$, this is done in more of a focus group setting and may hold some value?

The Rich Janitor Support

Mike Dee offers his Private Members Only contact # for you so you can always feel extra secure.

The Rich Janitor Price 

The video, in the end, the Actual Price of $97 is revealed for Mike Dee’s Amazing Money Loophole Software! Then he tells you how he’ll make that $70 deposit as promised against that $97 price so you can get on board for just $27

I’m sorry but to even waste $27 for all of the Rich Janitor’s Mumbo Jumbo would still be sad to hear about.

The Rich Janitor My Final Opinion

I only hope that after you have read The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor you will understand to avoid anything like this sort of supposed Business Opportunity

Mike Dee and his Rich Janitor Scam, is but another of the many Shiny Ways to Make It Big Online doing Very Little. If you are serious about Safely Earning Online Without All the Upsells” I think you are sharp enough to see through this Scam and realize my words tell the Truth.

The reason’s I can tell you this are many, starting with the fact that he tells you how he got so terribly burned by a Terrible Scammer, Yet Mike Dee is Prevented from Disclosing the Identity of this Well Known Online Marketer by Law? What an Out!

Scammers live by having one lie feed off the next and to think you can become Fabulously Wealthy as is depicted in his bizarre video by Scamming the Scammers with Mike Dee’s Money Loophole Software is Pure Fantasy!

How to Safely Make Money Online I am asked a lot, and since I represent what I feel to be the Safest and Most Honorable Platform Anywhere Online I can only in good conscience point people in one direction, and that’s to my #1 Recommendation and NOT to The Rich Janitor Scam. 

The Rich Janitor At a Glance…

Name: The Rich Janitor
Price: $27
Owners: Mike Dee
Overall Rank: 1 of 5

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

That tells me you really want to get going with a money making website of your own.

Yes, I write a lot about who & what to avoid online from my own personal experience, as well as other folks nightmares.

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The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor

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16 thoughts on “The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor

  1. Brian

    Wow, I had never really heard of the rich janitor until now. Thank you for this review of it.I think I’ll stay clear of it for now and I really do not like how they promise you $70 just for watching the video all the way through and then the only way to get it is to create account and then it is applied as a coupon off of the main cost of it. Pretty shady if you ask me. Thank you again for this review.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out The Rich Janitor. Yes, it is a popular Scam that a lot of folks have fallen for sadly.

      The video is long and hard to take, it is no wonder they offer to pay you to watch it. Tempting lure after lure must be how Mike Dee became so Rich when he was but a lowly janitor?

      Follow my #1 Recommendation if you wish to Safely Earn Online, all my best to you,


  2. Connie Robertson

    So glad I came upon your review of the Rich Janitor scam. I received an email just today, supposedly from a trusted shared acquaintance, referring me to the ridiculously long video. Like an idiot I watched the whole thing, but was skeptical, so went online in search for reviews. Found yours, and again, I’m thankful that I did. thanks for keeping us informed.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Connie,
      I am so Happy you found my review of the Rich Janitor and could tell it was probably not the opportunity you need in your life.
      I would love it if you would take a look at the most legitimate Learn to Safely Earn opportunity out there my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

      Connie have ever been serious about, taking control of your life, working when you choose and setting your own realistic earnings goals that you can reach?
      Check out the Awesome WA Video as well, I hope to see you on the inside, all my best,


  3. teresa t

    Pay Pal wont deal with him. Click bank wont deal with him. I paid him 7.00 for his discounted program and he did not accept it. He wanted 95 bucks instead. BS to that idea. He is a scammer all the way. Very dishonest man.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for your time and sharing your thoughts on the Rich Janitor Scam!
      I am glad you only lost the $7 it could have been much worse as you pointed out.

      The video is painful to make it through and the reward is even worse…
      Thanks again and do be sure to check out my #1 Recommendation, this website was built with it!
      All my best,


  4. Ed Adam


    Thanks for the work you are doing!

    Do you have anything on ‘Healthy Habits Global’.
    Their are some reviews out there, I would like to see one you have done or
    know of.
    Thanks again for what you do.

    Ed Adam

    1. Gary Post author

      Happy New Year Ed, I am pleased you enjoyed my Rich Janitor Review Whats the Rich Janitor, as Mike Dee weaves his
      Anti-Scam talk into what, you guessed it, His Scam!
      As for your asking about Healthy Habits Global, I have never written anything on them. But from what I could gather they are
      just another MLM only with coffee and tea as their products.
      In my mind with an MLM & the track record for earnings is always at about 97% failure, so unless you are really special at working with MLM’s
      I would imagine they would just be another waste of time and money.
      My best,

  5. Buddle

    Hi Gary,

    Wow, you certainly had done your homework here. Glad I haven’t heard of the guy either.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Buddle,
      Yes I am guilty of doing a lot of research to get at the truth with most all these Scam programs.
      Mike Dee presents his opportunity as something “Special” and “Different” with his Money Loop Hole software crock!

      I am also glad your paths did not cross either, I am certain you would not have been pleased.
      All my best,

  6. Ian

    Wow, that’s quite a scam there.

    And I think it is great news that it was shut down.

    The Rich Janitor sounds like you’ll lose all your money and will need to get a job as a janitor to make ends meet.

    I will definitely be on the lookout for this Mike Dee character. I’m sure he’ll be back with something even more ridiculous to dupe people out of their money.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Gary Post author

      Greetings Ian

      A Happy New Year to you and so right to keep your eyes out for Mike Dee, LOL.

      He and the Rich Janitor are not shut down, ClickBank was just not happy with their misrepresentation’s, they have a reputation to protect, LOL

      The video was really hard to make it through, but I learned a lot about being devious with buzz words and mind games.

      Thanks again for stopping by and I do hope you managed to check out my #1 Recommendation!


  7. Peggy Menke

    Hello, Gary. I am thankful that I never heard of this program until now. It seems that this is another online scam to be leery of. Thank you for the heads up!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Peggy
      Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you!
      I am also thankful the Rich Janitor and his crock never came your way.
      He does not get a heck of a lot of traffic but if someone is considering this program I hope they understand
      what I tried to convey.
      All my best Peggy,

  8. Vic

    I have not heard of the rich janitor, and I am thankful that I have not! I know I would sure be upset if I listened to the whole video and then didn’t get my promised $70.

    No comparison to the value you get @ Wealthy Affiliate

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Vic,
      Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
      Ya the video is amazing when I think of the planning and script writing I nearly laughed my ass off, but I knew some would get dragged in.
      For anyone to give you this Savior from the Scammers routine, when Mike Dee is a Scammer himself is quite the angle!
      Thanks for stopping by and all my best,


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