Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiny Postcard Scam?

By | January 13, 2015
Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam?

Name: Vanguard Global Ventures Llc
Price: $67/mo recurring to $2466+ $89/mo.
Owners: Larry Oxenham and Daryl Rice
Overall Rank: 50 of 100

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Product Overview

I decided to write this Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiny Postcard Scam?, the day I got to the mailbox to discover this little gem;

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam?

I probably much like you, received the same pretty little Yellow, Green and Gold postcard in the mail.

It was flashy and very professionally crafted with an incredible “Get Rich Quick” theme all over it, Make $1,000’s From Home it harkens!

Red Flags Abound

Yes, the Red Flags popped up pretty quick, in order to get their message to you in such a small amount of space it would have to be a Bold Offer!

Nothing like in the videos and conference call, however.

I understand traditional marketing “Buzzwords” fine, but here online they are referred to as Keywords or Long Tail Keywords depending on how much space one has to create the desired image in the reader’s mind.

Go ahead and grab some “Buzzwords” from the postcard and pop them into Jaaxy for Free and see what you get;

After you finish your read of Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiny Postcard Scam? and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Vanguard Psychology Gets Deep!

The very 1st thing you see is Very Positive by design “Make $1,000’s From Home without phone calls or online expertise”.

So you get the positive Make $1,000’s and then the reinforcing “Without” portion. My how deeply psychological the whole process is. I must marvel, laugh and cry all at the same time.

As you go on to read, there are Free Details: and a code below 226311. Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam? There is also listed a telephone # of 646-653-1427 which is a Manhattan NY exchange.

The Professional Phone Call

All you get there is a message, presumably from Larry though he never introduces himself he just calls himself the owner.

Anyhow he tells you about the live and recorded conference calls and the website on the card you received.

I listened to a recorded conference call that had very old dated information talking about how this is the ideal climate for this work at the home opportunity because the economy has tanked.

The gentleman also spoke of the owners, Larry and Bill, this was mentioned a few times but as I listened a bit longer then it became Larry and Daryl for the rest of the call that I listened to. I admit I had to hit 5 to pause several times to get through the call all the while taking notes.

Old and Dated Information

I also freely admit I am not an economics wizard but I actually thought things were going a bit better these days. The gentleman speaking was citing stats and talking about the Student Loan Crisis like this very opportunity would spare you from all of that. The student loan situation is indeed a tragedy but Vanguard Global Ventures Llc is not the cure.

I think I listened to a bit over 15 minutes and throughout the call, there was virtually nothing about the actual “Product”, it was all about them doing the work and you sucking up the cash. He was not shy at all about shooting out those cash numbers to Plug-In that would make you the next 6 figure earner.

Oh yeah, he also mentioned about how neither Larry or Daryl are members of Vanguard Global Ventures Llc at all.

In fact, so they do not get a dime of compensation until the company becomes profitable, anyone coming in under their websites gets “Rotated” out to someone else’s downline. Also, they are a growing company and hiring folks to further assist with customer service.

Ethics Out the Window!

Regardless in my mind anytime is a great time to work towards successful and legitimate entrepreneurship from home or wherever. I have been doing so successfully for quite a while now, and I love trying to spare folks from parting with their hard earned money on these sorts of things.

The Infinite Postcard Loop

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam?

But to have only the Endless Cycle of Plugging Into this Productless Direct Mail Scam, trying to create your 3 Tier Downline (This is NOT an MLM they claim) with your very own Sales Funnel List Building Website simply perpetuates the Scam further and further.

Yes, you probably can earn some money & get some leads by duping others into the same vicious cycle, but at the cost of your online reputation. I suppose folks that do this sort of thing and benefit and enjoy it must have a few spare aka’s lying around.

The website is how you build your list, your list is Gold so that you can sell the folks from your list into the same Scam you are in, all the while trying to grow the “Pyramid”.

Based in CA, Servers in Canada WTF?

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam? So I go on to check out the website, my 1st stop as always I want to know where the website is hosted so I get the IP address and what ya know;

It seems that for some reason that server is outside the US about 7 hours north of Manhattan in Montreal Canada.

Here is their information IP Address:, City Location: Montréal, ISP: iWeb Technologies (Internet Service Provider)

Take Off, Hoser’s

While they are our friends to the Great White North and allies that is not the same Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam?as conducting US-based business in a transparent fashion especially since old Larry and Daryl both are in the Anaheim area of CA.

Meanwhile, if you check where your postcard was mailed from, I bet it says Anaheim CA, so presumably, Larry or Daryl are handling the post office aspect for you?

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam? At the website, the 1st thing I saw was a video screen at the top and as I scrolled down I was greeted by my sponsor Ken Weslander and his family at the beach.

What I found funny was that I visited a couple of sponsors sites and both Ken Weslander and the next one I checked Roberto Arrue appeared to have very similar families and vacation spots.

Roberto Bowed Out

Roberto has decided to no longer promote myVGV, you can read why in the comment he posted.

Actually, the same picture was also in the video on his site. Vanguard Global Ventures Llc claim to be a direct mail leads system for business owners and entrepreneurs, and you get paid every time members buy postcards and leads to market their business all by you simply “Plugging In”.

Plugging In = Giving Vanguard Global Ventures Llc, $$ upfront and then $$ every month!

Now I know that what you may be trying to plug into may be one thing, however, Larry, Daryl and Vanguard Global Ventures Llc’s motivation is to plug into your bank account!

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Pros and Cons


  • Yes, You Can Earn Money by Scamming Others
  • Yes You Can Build a List to Market To
  • Repeat Referral Payments
  • Members Include Engineers, Housewives, Business Owners, Doctors, Retirees, Pilots, Truck Drivers & other busy folks so you won’t be alone
  • Very simple website usage and  ready-made


  •   This program will never teach what you need to be an Honorable Any Figure Earner
  •   In Fact, Your Online Reputation Will Be that of a Scammers as You Build Your List
  •  They Do the Work You Keep the Money, After You, First Cough Up $ & Go Monthly (Forgot that Part)
  •  True Website Success Online Should be Properly Learned and Executed Over Time
  •  Fast and NO Work Required in the World of IM are 2 Big Red Flags
  •  The Only Product for Sale is Scam Postcards Mailed to Marketing Lists
  • They claim NOT an MLM Yet They Have 3 Levels You are to Build & Earn From?

Who is Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Made For?

As you read my Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiny Postcard Scam?, you might be wondering who their ideal candidate for success is.

Well you will be happy to know they claim to have all sorts of folks from many different walks of life and from a dozen countries, All Plugged In. Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam?

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Tools & Training

As I started writing Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiny Postcard Scam? and really dug into my notes the more irritated I became with these folks.

So their tools and training consist of, you locking yourself into a $67/month obligation to mail out postcards, enticing other “Easy Money” folks to visit your website and follow your lead blindly.

Then they teach you that if you get enough signups that will be;

MAKING YOUR ENROLLMENT FREE: You will be paid $14 for every direct enrollment under you every month.

Just 5 enrollments at $67 monthly earn you a total of $70 so your monthly subscription is covered!


Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Support

According to everything I could locate on this opportunity that Vanguard Global Ventures Llc was offering their level of personal, one on one support with creator Larry Oxenham at 949.467.9040 is unrivaled in the industry. Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam?

Apparently, they will keep you pumped and motivated as you wait out the USPS average response to direct mail #’s to pan out. So out of every 100 mailed you may expect a return of about 1-4.4% according to the recently revised direct mail statistics from the Direct Mail News.

Do the Math

Now that simply means out of a 100 mailings you may expect from 1 to almost 4 and a 1/2 people to call and or visit your Pre-Canned Website.

The real reason support is so important is because out of those folks that did respond you may actually end up with 1 individual that has zero scruples or is just flat out ignorant with some money in the bank.

They will talk their asses off to get you to not report your Visa or MC lost or stolen. They way I see it their “Support for You” is how they monitor when folks wake up and smell the coffee and realize what the whole deal really is.

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Price

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiny Postcard Scam?, will reveal the initial 2 Levels that you may buy into as the

VANGUARD LEADS Affiliate Program – This is our foundation program that allows anyone to begin for only $67 monthly and quickly enjoy FREE mailings because it only takes 5 enrollments to cover your monthly purchase, plus you get paid on 3 tiers.

But Wait; For a Onetime Payment of $2,377 (On the Old Recording), or at the site, $2466 and $89/month You Can Plug Into the Ultimate;

  Vanguard Triple-1000 Masters Series 

“You join the Masters Series in two steps. The price is $2466. You first order an $89 monthly subscription for 75 postcards and leads that we address and mail full service.

You then go to the master’s upgrade page and make a one-time payment of $2377 after you set-up your account, username, and password. We mail 1,000 postcards and leads for you full service, import 1,000 broadcast leads in your back office, and you receive our 10 part 200 page Home Business Success course.

Best of all, you are now qualified to receive $1000.00 on every Masters sale that you receive from your marketing.” When you Plug Into the Triple-1000 Masters Series you are now qualified to receive $1,000 payments, that you can not do at the 1st level so what are you waiting for?

They want you to act now! Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam?

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc My Final Opinion

I have been in your shoes in the past; I know what it feels like to not understand all the terms, techniques and strategies folks use to be legitimately successful online.

I also understand the temptations posed by all the “Get Rich Quick Scammers” out there.

What the Hell is Scamming Anyway?

Scamming folks, to me is simply perpetuating a deception, it does not have to lead to financial gain though that is generally the motivation.

And Scamming I think can easily become a lifestyle for some. I suppose it could be similar to any “LifeStyle” that one chooses to live.

I have known people that were born into and thought it was normal to live the “Welfare” lifestyle here in the states.

While my heart honestly goes out to most anyone in true need, I have issues when the monthly check with NO effort on their part to contribute positively to society and pull one’s own weight, is allowed, I call that Scamming as well.

Yes You May Earn a Little

So Yes, you may be able to earn some cash from Vanguard Global Ventures Llc, but it may cost you your future Good Reputation should you ever try to do anything else more positive online.

Sadly from the past, I recall what it is like to not have a lot of money to throw at another Learn How to Get Rich Quick opportunity online.

Here at Why Ain’t Ya Rich Yet, I try to teach folks the difference between legitimate and ethical business creation.

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiney Postcard Scam? How to build a positive and helpful place within whatever niche’ you choose, and how to work with and obtain awesome Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

I Lead By Example

I try to lead by example as I was taught in the military. Go ahead type Income Society Review into Google and see what you get.

First page right, Adeel Chowdhry made it tough he bought up a bunch of domain names with those words in them, I got around a lot of them, well how about typing in Wealth for Life or almost anything like Wealth for Life Review, NHRI Llc or even the owner Grace Beaman, I bump her off her own 1st place LOL

That is just some of the things I teach folks how to do most every day inside my #1 Recommendation. Let’s compare;

Lastly, I know the burden of having someone you love, lose faith in your efforts online with each passing new and more exciting Scam or MLM!

But, you know what, I also now know just how damn good it feels to have near complete control of my own legitimate ethical and helpful online business.

My Business of Helping

What exactly is my online business you may ask?

My online business is a simple combination of trying to represent and teach all that is good online when it comes to building a proper foundation from which you may Safely Earn Online, as I do each and every day.

I would like to think that my research and writing efforts provide folks an honest look before they blindly throw more money at yet another scam wrapped up in a different package.

Yes, what Vanguard Global Ventures Llc does may be legal, the hype and earnings potential they speak of is highly suspect.

A Fine Line I Walk

I must walk a fine line, because yes, although I am remunerated by Wealthy Affiliate for bringing them business as I should be with my time and level of genuine expertise, I have an obligation to you, my reader, to be as 100% accurate and truthful as I possibly can.

I earn basically just the same way as I may do with any other affiliate program, only with those programs, folks can’t pick my brain or the brains of thousands of the other IM Professionals within Wealthy Affiliate. It really is all about Location, Location, and Location when it comes to doing most anything in life well.

Please take some time and do read through my entire website, drop me your honest heartfelt comments. I love doing what I do, I feel that I, My Website, My Online Wisdom & Yes, Wealthy Affiliate are all part of the positive and Good Karma that tempers the internet for us all.

Vanguard Global Ventures Llc At a Glance…

Name: Vanguard Global Ventures Llc
Price: $67/mo recurring to $2466+ $89/mo.
Owners: Larry Oxenham and Daryl Rice
Overall Rank: 50 of 100

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

That tells me you really want to get going with a money making website of your own.

Yes, I write a lot about who & what to avoid online from my own personal experience, as well as other folks nightmares.

If you are serious about getting out of your 9-5 going nowhere situation, take the plunge!

It won’t cost you a dime to check Wealthy Affiliate out.

Who knows it may change your life for the better like it has mine?

You Have Nothing To Lose & a World To Gain!

Meet me inside and learn how you can follow the lessons and create a money making website of your dreams & all your own!

3 Quick & Easy Choices

First is the 100% FREE Starter Membership that will give you a wonderful taste of the Wealthy Affiliate experience for a limited time.

Or, if you would like to Jump Right In because you already know and understand the value of the

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership It’s Here for You Now!

The Rich Janitor Review What’s the Rich Janitor

Lastly, if you would like to watch a great video that explains all the benefits of the

Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership Offer You’re In Luck!


Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster

36 thoughts on “Vanguard Global Ventures Llc Review; Another Shiny Postcard Scam?

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Dave,

      I did take a look at what you are peddling and it is a FREE program that generates money from someone that is not disclosed,
      meanwhile you earn by getting others to duplicate your actions.

      So what exactly is the Product being Sold to Generate this mysterious income you can get for FREE?
      Hosted off Liquid Web in Lansing MI like a lot of other Scam sites also does not make me feel all warm and cozy either.
      Nothing against their hosting I have just found a lot of Shady sites coming from there.

      By the way what does “Turn Key System” really mean? Every time I see that line online it is a Turn Key Scam for the Scammer!
      Dave, thanks for stopping by, Happy Holidays

  1. Roberto Arrue

    I am no longer with VGV.
    I believe only the “owners” are making money. I worked hard to promote this home-business but I got no positive results. The few members I personally enrolled never made a dime. My vgv site maybe on, but I am no longer promoting this biz.

    1. Gary Post author


      Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing. I have also bought into a few less than savory business deals so
      I know what its like promoting something that is just not right.

      Roberto, if you would like an honest approach to the business of Safely Earning Online please follow this review to the bottom and
      check out the 100% Free Starter Membership and see if learning honest internet marketing is for you or not.

      I did a quick re-write of this post as well, to reflect your change of heart.

      Roberto, I encourage you to check into my #1 Recommendation to see if it is more up your ally.
      Thanks again so much for sharing, all my best to your future success, regardless your path,


  2. Neil

    Hey, Gary

    I don’t understand where all these programs keep coming from and it seems there are far too many of these popping up all over the place just to make money from people. With such high membership costs to be part of vanguard global ventures and because they make it sound so easy to make an income online, this is something I wish to stay clear of.

    At least with Wealthy Affiliate, there is just ONE monthly membership fee that includes EVERYTHING needed for online success. No fluff, no upsells and no scamming is involved with Wealthy Affiliate. Just genuine tools, training and people helping one another to succeed!


    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Neil,

      Thank you sir for swinging by and reading about myVGV or Vanguard Global if you prefer.
      This reminds me of the old adage of “Hiding in Plain Sight”.

      The website serves as nothing but an email capture site that funnels you into paying to mail postcards so you can now have
      a website and do the same thing to others that you had done to you in the 1st place.

      Wow, I have to take a breather on that one.:-}

      The cycle is an unbroken postal circle to collect email addresses paid for by people that respond to the opportunity.
      Those email addresses are to be of value to you as a business professional, they are hot, they just responded to your scam!

      I love the entire way they try to justify it’s legitimacy, I should post the emails I get from Ken & Roberto.
      I bet the whole thing will really spruce up your online reputation.
      Not to mention the way your dog looks at you?

      Neil, thanks for the straight talk on my #! Recommendation it is appreciated, and also very much inline with my feelings.

      All my best to your continued success with WA,


  3. Judy

    Hi Gary,
    This is such an enlightening article. I wish I would have read a post like this before I got scammed so many times. I did not get scammed by this particular group, but similar ones. You are very thorough. You have a nice site, one I will point others to. Thank you for showing people the scams out there. 🙂

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for coming by, reading about Vanguard or myVGV, and sharing your thoughts.
      Yes they paint such an easy and practical alternative to Real Work, now don’t they.

      That is the mindset they seek, to duplicate & duplicate all to build a business lead list, built on an unethical foundation
      of deceit.

      An illusion is in fact just an illusion once you peek under the covers of what they are hiding.

      Thanks for your kind words, and Sharing is Caring so thanks also for that.
      My best,


  4. Joe Maggio Jr

    Hello Gary. I really enjoyed your review. I like the way you think. I have that same mindset to teach people how to determine a scam from a legitimate opportunity. I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate and I intend to grow my business with that same moral direction. Good work.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your voice, I appreciate it.

      I am very excited for you and pleased you found my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate so that
      you may literally grow a legitimate and helpful online presence in whatever niche’ you decide to fly in!

      All my best to your future success, I will look for you inside WA!


    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks for coming by and sharing.
      I am happy to know that you never fell for these guys
      scam trying to build your lead list.

      All my best,


    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Harmony,

      Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your thoughts.
      If you are serious about learning the legitimate path to online success, I would urge you to at least
      read of my experience with my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

      All my best to your future success,


  5. Jennifer

    Very impressed with your review you go into great detail on Vanguard Global Ventures, I have received something similar to this in the mail, they are very sneaky that’s for sure. Glad you are making it aware that it’s a scam. Thanks for keep us up to date great job! I’ll definitely stay clear from this one…

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi jennifer,

      Thanks so much for coming by and reading up on these folks.
      I try to do my best to spare folks from throwing their money and quite possibly their reputations away.

      These kind of Easy & Quick Cash offers usually only make the folks that started them the bulk of money to be made. On top of that you have NO REAL or Tangible Product.
      They tell you it is lead generation that folks will opt into.
      Do you really want to ever try to market anything legitimate to people you duped to gain their information in the 1st place?

      Wow, too much coffee this morning, Jennifer thanks again for coming by and sharing, my best,


  6. ademola

    Hello Gary,
    I am very impressed with your page & it is full of useful content. Having more sites like yours exposing scams would help people a lot, because it is very depressing when you want to make your life better searching for opportunities online and you end up getting scammed.
    Keep up the good work. thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for coming by reading and sharing your thoughts.
      I like you also hate hearing of others getting scammed, thankfully my being scammed days are over.

      I have found that my #1 Recommendation has led me down the correct path to Learn How to Safely Earn Online.
      Thanks again, all my best,


  7. Michelle

    Hi Gary. I have heard of Vanguard Global Ventures, but have yet to receive one of those wonderful postcards in the mail! I get so annoyed at things like this as I have elderly grandparents who get this type of garbage in the mail all the time and have fallen victim more than once. Obviously Vanguard is a scam and I did have to laugh when you said the owner’s name changed. This is quite the racket they have going, but unfortunately, there will be those who fall for it. You gave one of the best reviews I have seen in awhile, thanks!

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for coming by I am pleased you found my review at least helpful for your grandparents.
      It really is sad to think that certain people get up every day and look at themselves in the mirror and say
      Time to Get Scamming!

      Yes listening to the conference sales call was a real treat, he sounded so professional as he gave out information
      about the owners Larry and Bill and then it was Larry and Daryl? Whatever.

      Thanks again, glad I gave you a good read.
      My best,

      other conflicting information.

    1. Gary Post author


      What can I say, for some it is a lifestyle scamming to get by in life.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, all my best,


  8. Tich

    Hi Gary

    You have detailed knowledge and you fish out scams quite easily. This really helps especially new people who are the most vulnerable. I have been scammed quite a number of times enough to know that I need to do my research before parting with my hard earned cash.

    After many years of false starts and attempts at online marketing, I finally found Wealthy Affiliate whom I am now taking training with. Now I can say I have a fair shot at making some dough online. I would recommend your audience to start with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful info. I wish I had stumbled across your site when I was just starting.



    1. Gary Post author


      Your last line cracks my butt, because I wish I, also knew then what I know now!
      I was scammed quite a few times always the next best…

      …I like you a bit over a year ago found Wealthy Affiliate and now after a lot of careful research and scrutiny
      they are my #1 Recommendation to anyone that wishes to seriously Learn How to Safely Earn Online.
      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing, my best to your future success with WA,


  9. Peter

    Hello and thanks for a great article highlighting yet another online scam. If only people would stop falling for these things they wouldn’t crop up with such depressing regularity.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Peter,

      I don’t think I could have said it any better myself, so thanks for that.
      They never seem to end, ignorance and naivety fuel them continuously until in some cases the law
      steps in.
      That however is a rarity.
      Thanks again my best,


  10. Hilda

    Thanks a lot for posting such a clear, honest and illustrative review on Vanguard Global Ventures Llc. I found your psychological analysis highly enlightening! You can prevent many people from falling for something that is , clearly , another online scam. Great job!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Hilda,
      Thanks so much for stopping by again and sharing.
      You are most welcome.
      Yes, MyVGV is another one of those Get Rich Quick deals that only works when you burn someone to get involved.
      Well at least if they are legitimate they would feel cheated.

      These types of things seem to always be out there dressed up with a different Name and Look but the same old scammer Song & Dance.
      Thanks again all my best,


  11. Norleila

    Vanguard Global Ventures Llc – another scam. They can be very enticing. It’s heartbreaking to know that most people who fall prey are those with limited resources and trying to make some money online to survive.
    Thank you Gary for bringing this scam to our attention. I believe many would benefit and appreciate your detailed, informative work.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your thoughts.
      I hear your words when you talk of those that may fall victim and then be even worse off financially.

      I simply wish to spare folks and direct them to something a bit more legitimate and practical like
      my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate where dreams can truly become reality.

      Thanks again for stopping by and your kind words, all my best to your success online,


  12. Sebastian

    I stumbled upon the Vanguard Global Ventures Product and straight away had the impression that it must be another scam. The concept sounded interesting though and therefore I googled for a review.

    I don’t even know how one can feel good about earning money in such a way! But anyway I don’t wanna get into a moral discussion.

    Thanks for the review, keep up the good work!

    1. Gary Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and sharing.

      I also do not wish to debate morality, but to me to build your lead list by tempting others to
      scam others, who in turn earn by still scamming even more folks is just plain wrong.

      I am happy my review opened your eyes, my best,


  13. themis

    Great content you have here.In depth yet simplified for new users like me on this topic to understand,everything is explained and the reader is easily drawn into the article.


    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for coming by reading and sharing.

      I really hope I can get the word out early enough to help derail, this NEW Direct Mail Make $1,000’s From Home
      3 Tiered MLM
      hiding as a legitimate “Lead Generation” program that you can just happen to scam others with to build your downline.
      Thanks again, my best,


  14. Sarah

    Hey Gary,
    seems like yet another scam product. It is sad how many products are out there promising to make you money when they really just cost you a fortune or make you a “shitty” person who also scams others to make money. So thank you for sharing and helping others who are trying to make an honest buck stay away from such products.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Sarah,
      As soon as I got this one and saw the initial Red Flags & then started to read the evasive emails I got I knew
      I needed to bring this one out into the light while Google still did not even know of them as yet.
      My hope is that they mailed more than one, and folks will investigate a little.

      You can make money no doubt, all you have to do is admit that “Yes, I am a Scammer” that is how I earn my living
      with the USPS and online!

      Sarah, thanks again and I am happy I was able to show you the way regarding these guys Larry and Daryl of!
      My best,



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