What is ClickBank Pirate About

By | August 18, 2016
What is ClickBank Pirate About

Name: ClickBank Pirate
Website: http://cbpirate.com
Price: $67 then $37/month + Upsells
Owner: David Blaze
Overall Rank: 1 Star SCAM

 What is ClickBank Pirate About needs to be answered reliably and professionally because ClickBank is the biggest marketplace for digital products? This has made it a cash cow for both creators of digital content and affiliate marketers.

There are tons of great products out there that show you how to earn from ClickBank.

One of them that’s not so great is David Blazes’ ClickBank Pirate.

After you finish your read of What is ClickBank Pirate About and discover what NOT to Do online.
I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

Is ClickBank Pirate Legit or a ScamWhat is ClickBank Pirate About

ClickBank Pirate is a system created by David Blaze where he claims that this system will help users make $10,000 per month without their own websites or products.

David Blaze provides a “TurnKey” Affiliate Marketing Platform. Turnkey (One of the most overused Scam Terms used)
here means a complete setup that is ready to use so that you don’t have to do the basics yourself. My last TurnKey System was a Scam that funneled me to the Empower Network Scam!

In short, they provide pre-loaded WordPress sites that already have promotional content intended to market ClickBank Pirate.

ClickBank Pirate Pros and Cons


  • It is sold through ClickBank so you can easily get a refund.
  • It is based on affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate method of earning online. Therefore people can actually make some money using it (though not enough money to sustain it as a business).
  • It is a supposed turnkey business. It, therefore, eliminates some of the steps you would have taken creating your system from scratch.
  • The website and squeeze pages actually look nice to some people


  • It is expensive but with little to no return on investment
  • It misleads potential buyers on how much they will earn
  • Its training methods are outdated.
  • It simply creates a bunch of sites that look the same and promote the same product
  • It has tons of bad reviews online.
  • It claims to help you generate autopilot income in less than 15 minutes.
  • The sales page is filled with so much hype that it just looks like a scam from the word go.

Who is ClickBank Pirate Made For? What is ClickBank Pirate About

It is made for people who still believe in “Turnkey” businesses that are presented on a Treasure Map. Then you just Turn It On with Your $$ so you, in Turn, can start making money.

However, in the REAL World of Affiliate Marketing, most anything called a Turnkey System is another horrible SCAM! They do poorly in terms of traffic and sales.

Essentially, every person who uses the system ends up on the same site. When Google and the other search engines realize your content is almost exactly the same as hundreds of other sites, rest assured that your Ranking, Traffic, and Sales will ALL be Very Close to ZERO.

ClickBank Pirate Tools and Training

So, what tools do you get when you purchase this system?

  • Pre-loaded WordPress Web Site
  • Images that you can use on your website What is ClickBank Pirate About
  • Banners
  • Affiliate links to ClickBank Pirate
  • PLR (private label rights) content or simply some pre-written articles
  • Newsletters, reports and squeeze pages meant to encourage your readers to leave an email
  • Hosting for your website

It comes with some training. But once again we have the Big Bad Wolf or in this case, “Pirate” hiding in the Sheeps Cuddly Wool. The training is Old & Outdated by today’s Google algorithms.

It is also not done well enough to help an inexperienced person gather the knowledge they will need to honestly make any serious money online.

One of their outdated techniques, PLR using old outdated pre-written articles as your information does not work anymore.

For you to succeed in content marketing you need to have unique personally researched and written content, always. Don’t let anyone BullShit you into thinking that a bunch of pre-written content and stolen images will work.

ClickBank Pirate Price What is ClickBank Pirate About

It is quite pricey for most startup marketers. It goes for $67 then lots and lots of distracting upsells.

As you may expect with most affiliate websites, it has upsells (more expensive items offered after checkout). The Big Upsell for the ClickBank Pirate System goes for $195.

As indicated above, you can get refunded within 60 days through ClickBank, but you never know with Scammers I personally would not take the risk.

ClickBank Pirate My Final Opinion

ClickBank Pirate is an Expensive, Mis-Leading Scam. You do not get what you pay for in terms of any current training or knowledge involving today’s Affiliate Marketing Tools or Techniques.

What is ClickBank Pirate About

The ClickBank Pirate “Turnkey” internet marketing method is old and outdated. You will get zero Google Juice and most likely NO sales. Even if you earn something, it will definitely not be the promised $10,000 per month or even any real portion of it.

Do not waste your precious time, effort, dreams and money on this ClickBank Pirate Scam.

Take an Honest Look at how David BlazesClickBank Pirate stacks up next to my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate a World Class 5 star Educational Platform that is 2nd to None!

ClickBank Pirate at a Glance

Name: ClickBank Pirate
Website: http://cbpirate.com
Price: $67 then $37/month + Upsells
Owner: David Blaze
Overall Rank: 1 Star SCAM

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

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Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster



With assistance from My New Friend, Walter Akolo is an Internet Marketer and Freelance Blogger for Hire;

What is ClickBank Pirate About

12 thoughts on “What is ClickBank Pirate About

  1. Arief

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you so much for this review.
    What is a turnkey anyway? Is it “an automatic” push button?

    In business, there is no easy path. You have to be involved from the beginning. You can’t expect that when you buy a business, it will automatically run for you. Even a franchise. You need to get involve.

    1. Gary Post author

      Thanks for stopping by and reading. Online when you see a busineess opportunity advertised the term “Turn Key” is
      used to show how easy it is to become successful. So easy in fact you don’t even have to do any investigation just
      throw your money at it and the Scam will do all the rest!

      Arief, obviously you know the difference but sadly many do not understand that about 90% of every opportunity you see
      online is a SCAM!

      I try my best to direct folks to my #1 Recommendation because that is where I
      found online success and happiness after a good deal of time and effort. There was nothing turnkey about creating this website or my other more
      Controversial Website, where I really talk
      the Truth!
      Thanks again for stopping by, all my best to your success,


  2. Michael

    Hey Gary,
    Thanks for the heads up. I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion there is no better program out there for someone that wants to start their own online business.

    1. Gary Post author


      You are one of the fortunate ones that found WA before a lot of Scam Heartache like ClickBank Pirate and the like, or at least thats the way it sounds.
      That is awesome that you too are a WA member, I hope you have been able to grow your business as I have.

      I will look for you inside, I am sure we can share some stories on SEO etc.
      My best,

  3. Gary

    My name is Gary also. I love the pirate theme that is really awesome. I can’t help but think how poorly my pages must look compared to these. Did you learn all of this web design through WA or were you into web design before you signed up? fabulous Job. I’ve sent for some pretty poor products from Click bank myself over the years.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Gary,

      Greetings and welcome to Why Ain’t Ya Rich Yet!
      Old English I think our name “Gary” means Man with a Spear or something hunting like.

      When I saw this older Scam still afloat & still pillaging and plundering I knew I had to expose ClickBank Pirate
      for what it really is.
      I am Happy you were spared from throwing your money to “Davey Jones Locker”, keep reading, stay informed.
      All my best,


  4. Tom

    Not sure I believe that anything can be turnkey not even a house. So Im sure there will be some sort of modifications you can make or else how else will people find you. Something seems fishy here thanks for the heads up Gary.

    1. Gary Post author

      Greetings Tom,

      Thanks for swinging by and taking the Time to read up on this Nautical Scam!
      So much online takes advantage of peoples own laziness.
      If you do not do research and you part with money, there is a very good chance you will get burned.

      I am glad this post helped you out, all my best to your success online,


  5. Jovo

    Hi, what you write sounds convincing, I have not been in touch with this ClickBank Pirate so cannot judge independently. You give a lot of arguments and the conclusions sounds logical.

    Here is what I am puzzled about. First, the name of it. How are they allowed to use ClickBank in the name? I understand this is not a part of the ClickBank itself.

    The second thing is, you write it is scam. Can you have any formal problems for such a claim? I was reading today about somebody who received a letter from the site which this person reviewed.

    1. Gary Post author

      Welcome to my site and thanks for your observations and questions.
      First off I am not an attorney so I have NO idea how they legally are
      able to call themselves ClickBank Pirate.

      As for calling them a Scam, that is because even though ClickBank may refund your money
      if you go that route they are misrepresenting the quality and capabilities of their program.

      Misrepresentation, especially where money is concearned is a SCAM to me!

      Their training materials are old and outdated they understand very little about SEO techniques of today.
      As for me having any sort of formal issues with them, I have no desire to join anything other than my #1 Recommendation Jovo.

      I checked on their servers on Liquid Web in Lansing MI which though they are legit are used by a lot of
      other scam type companies that are not.

      Jovo, I hope that clarifies some things for you, any other questions I am here for you, be well,


  6. Josh

    Gary (and Walter),

    Thanks for your thorough review on this! I’ve looked through TONS of online systems, some of them having more benefits than others, but most all of them turning out to be total crap. I had not yet heard about this CB Pirate system yet, but glad you are putting the word out there to help protect people! I’m in total agreement with you regarding Wealthy Affiliate… no “pie in the sky” promotions from there, no “get rich quick” methods, just pure community and expert based training, tools, and platform to build a legitimate affiliate marketing website. For anyone looking at one or the other, I’m with Gary on Wealthy Affiliate, no question about that!

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the ClickBank Pirate.
      It did not take long for me to wade through all the bright lights and lame promises to get to the truth.

      People sadly can still think that the internet is a place where you can give somebody some cash and you’ll become the next overnight online millionaire.
      The reality as you mention is about the Learning and Proper Application of many things.

      Creating a successful online presence, much like doing the same in the brick and mortar world takes time and effort.
      Josh thanks again for your words of Wisdom regarding the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity, it Rocks!

      My best,



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