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  1. Linda

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the heads up on Experts Academy. Based on your comparison of Wealthy Affiliate and Experts Academy, my sense is that your 3/5 review is rather generous. There may be a tiny percentage of the population for whom this product is appropriate. If you have multiple product ideas (I’m not sure one product makes for a sustainable business) and you need the motivational hype perhaps this program is for you. For the rest of us, I view this as an absurdly expensive and unworkable program.

    As an online business owner, I’ve had the privilege of connecting and interacting with thousands of other online entrepreneurs both new and experienced. I believe the one thing we all have in common is the need for more structure and support particularly in the early days of launching a website. I also have no desire to develop and market my own product. There are countless fabulous products that I can proudly promote as an affiliate marketer because I’ve used, enjoyed and derived benefit from those products myself. In my experience, affiliate marketing is the best way to get started making money online. Nothing prevents you from selling your own products down the road once you’re established.

    Like you, I highly recommend a free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it.
      Just the fact that Experts Academy make you aware of how they are set up and that it is really geared towards
      folks that have their own products to market gave me enough to give them the 3 out of 5 I gave them.

      I may have been a wee bit generous, I think for anyone just starting out as they read through my review they will know
      where the wisest place to put their attention would be and that is in my #1 Recommendation’s 100% Free Starter Membership

      Your talk of structure and support are key factors to leraning what you need to know
      WA teaches this better than anywhere else I have ever seen online!
      Linda thanks again and all my best to your continued success,


  2. Ben

    It might not be a bad program, but I do not think the price is worth it. Heck, I haven’t even made anywhere near $2,000 from my website, and I do not think I will anytime in the future. I am guessing that a large amount of the information offered could probably be found on the internet for free.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hey Ben,
      Experts Academy is an option for some I guess, but when I look at it and compare it to my #1 Recommendation
      I know I could only make 1 logical choice.
      If your not already a member of Wealthy Affiliate Ben, you really should check out their 100% FREE Starter Membership.
      That should help you to get earning with your website!


  3. Deraj

    Wow, Thanks for this review on Expert Academy. You have provided every details here. Thank you

    1. Gary Post author


      Thanks so much for stopping by and I am happy you enjoyed your read on What is Experts Academy About.
      If you ever have any questions feel free to come on back, all my best to you,



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