WorldVentures Llc Review MLM Travel Nightmare

By | May 20, 2019
WorldVentures Llc Review 2014

Name: WorldVentures Llc 
Price: $226.94-$1,099.98 + Monthly
Owners: Mike Azcue & Wayne Nugent
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

WorldVentures Llc Product Overview

WorldVentures Llc Review Travel Nightmare is all about a very large, successful & glitzy travel club full of “Eye Candy” photography that has been built on the cash and crushed dreams of thousands and thousands of folks like my wife Jo, and I.

I have recently updated this post to reflect some serious negative changes in this opportunity.

Check the first 2 Cons below for some newer information about WorldVentures Llc MLM.

First the Old

My wife and I bought into their mantra’ or concept of learning how we could “Make a Living While Living”.

WorldVentures Llc and its group of associated companies including the actual booking or travel agency if you will, all seem to rely on the non-stop recruitment of all the millions of folks also chasing that dream.

The entire growth aspect is governed by the Recruitment Pyramid; World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare to me, they became a lot more like the DreamRobbers.

WorldVentures Llc is a member only “Travel Club” with 3 levels that you may buy into.

The 1st level is called DreamTrips Membership with the 2nd level DreamTrips Life and the 3rdLuxury DreamTrips.

After you finish your read of WorldVentures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare and discover what NOT to Do online.

I will offer you the best opportunities that I have ever found to Safely Earn Online.

The Next MLM Levels

Each level you must buy into at a set price with an additional monthly obligation. Then the real fun begins, I came across this opportunity in Entrepreneur Magazine back in 2007, looking for some sort of work I could do from home.

World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare

Martin Ruof

What I found, or what I was sold over the phone by a Mr. Martin Ruof, sounded almost exactly like this quote I lifted from his website,

“When I joined WorldVentures six years ago, I was a waiter. I now make more money in a month than I did in a year back then. I’ve taken 50 vacations in six years. I’m my own boss.  I’m blessed to enjoy the finer things in life.  But it took persistence, hard work, and belief in myself.”

The only real difference was that in 2007 when we signed up and traveled to the Sheraton Edison Hotel Raritan Center in Edison NJ for the Huge Pump Fest, Martin did not have 6 years of hawking folks under his belt yet.

That actually is to his credit, he seemed a decent guy with a very natural sales ability that I respect to this day.

MLM Mystery

What I did not in retrospect and still to this day do not respect, is the lack of disclosure regarding the overwhelming majority of people that ultimately fail with this and most any other MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Program.

We left with the prevailing thought for the entire WorldVentures Llc Business Opportunity ringing in our heads.

We were hornswoggled by how really simple it would be to just Refer 4,(Sign Up Membership Accounts) Pay NO More!

Kinda catchy, make a great late night TV Infomercial, all Ya gotta do is just “Refer 4 and U Pay NO More” Ya ya ya…

WorldVentures Llc Pros and Cons


  • If you can afford to live a vacation lifestyle this opportunity is for you, they are true travel professionals
  • 1st Hotel Meeting, great opportunity to meet some like-minded business folks
  • Their photography is World Class, you can almost Taste the Sea


  • WorldVentures Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit
  • WorldVentures are in serious financial debt and there have been widespread layoffs.
  • As is the case with any MLM it is all about “Going After All Your Friends & Family”
  • You will never even make your money back if you do not recruit
  • You only have 72 hours to cancel without ever taking so much as a bus anywhere?
  • The brains behind the Meta Search for Travel, that basically created WorldVentures Llc, Robert Oblon left early 2009World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare
  • Labeled a Pyramid and kicked out of Norway
  • The Pyramid began back in 12/05 entering in 2014 would really make you a doormat

Who is WorldVentures Llc Made For?

It is very apparent to me that the only way you would come across an opportunity like WorldVentures Llc is if you were somehow looking for a way to earn money?

Well if your life was even remotely like mine that would mean, cash was not exactly a luxury and you were seriously looking for work of some kind.World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare

I Thought It Was Me

Sure you are tired and pissed off with your “Daily Grind” if fortunate enough to be employed, but always on the prowl to legally and ethically be your own freaking boss somehow.

That desire is what feeds the need of almost any MLM I can think of, they prey on fairly sharp, motivated folks that are a bit desperate.

Skilled folks like Martin are able to make you feel so right for “Living”, not “Dreaming” The Dream!

WorldVentures Llc is able to do it with an awful lot of “Eye Candy” Style and Finesses, the meeting we attended in Edison NJ was quite impressive, they have plenty of cash for recruitment.

Martin Ruof is, in fact, the Ideal Candidate for World Ventures Llc!

Adding To the Failure

The Latest Folks Led to WorldVentures Llc MLM, Came from the Very Publicly Troubled David Wood & the Failed Empower Network Scam.

Because I was once Scammed by the Empower Network several years ago I still got their emails in a dummy email I use. David Wood was inviting all us former Empower Network folks to sign up with WorldVentures Llc MLM and the Special Empower Network pricing.

WorldVentures Llc Tools & Training

WorldVentures Llc tools and training is all about basically 2 things.

You are given a canned Travel Website that you put your “Company” name on and are then supposed to promote.

That is how you earn your Travel points based on online bookings from your site.

My WorldVentures Awesome Website!

World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare

It is a Gorgeous WebSite; it’s run by the, I still had my travel website running under the name of that functioned fully and did offer outstanding airfare pricing.

It has since been shut down.

The 2nd part of the tools and training covers how to successfully build the “Pyramid” through all sorts of clever ways, everything from those obnoxious “Home Parties” to Social Media.

Hell, Martin’s ad was in what I thought was a bit more of a legitimate publication; however, in retrospect, I do recall some other ad’s that were pretty shady.

WorldVentures Llc Support

For Jo and I our only real bit of “Support” was to come from our sponsor Martin.

It has been several years now since we signed up and do you know to this day I still have his phone number on my cell, so if you would like to check out WorldVentures Llc from my first point of contact call Martin at 300-403-0***, sorry I just could not do that to him, he never once outright lied to us that I know of.

Perhaps, I did not ask enough questions?

I do know it is still his active line though, just as I started my career here writing reviews I sent him a “Hey What’s Up?” text.

Next thing you know we spoke.

Martin Still Rocking?

He told me he was still Rockin’ with WorldVentures Llc making zillions and “Living the Dream” (which I would not doubt) then he asked what I was up to, and the whole tone of the conversation changed, dramatically. World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare

All I said is that I write professional reviews about business opportunities and whether or not they are legit or scams.

Well the MLM defense mechanism came on and we said our goodbyes without any nastiness. Naturally, I insisted he check my site out, he later texted that he did, nice job I think he said?

WorldVentures Llc Price

The pricing for membership is quite simple and straightforward, the price to recoup what you spent is never, nor could it ever be disclosed.

Here is what you get taken directly from their website ordering portal;

DreamTrips Membership $226.94 + $26.99/Month World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare

We’ve taken the bulk-buying concept and applied it to travel. For a one-time Membership cost and a small monthly fee, you’ll have access to over 600 trips per year to incredible destinations across the globe at wholesale prices you won’t find anywhere else. Membership covers you plus a spouse/significant other/guest & children. (See terms & conditions for details.)*

DreamTrips Life $254.98 + $54.99/Month

DreamTrips Life is your every day, everywhere vacation-food-entertainment-fun-adventure fix.

We’ve taken the DreamTrips Membership and added exciting additional features like entertainment and dining discounts, shopping rewards from the places you shop every day, travel rewards when you or your friends book travel on your website, an incredible concierge service, and much more.

It’s the DreamTrips lifestyle 365 days a year, even when you’re not on vacation!

Luxury DreamTrips $1,099.98 + $99.99/Month World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare

The Luxury DreamTrips Membership is for those who want the very best when it comes to travel.

As a Member, you’ll select from a calendar of high-end, luxury vacations, geared toward a small number of guests, to some of the most spectacular destinations on the planet, offered to you at incredible values.

Your Membership allows you to take trips with a spouse, significant other, or friend, as well as any dependent children.

And, as the primary account holder, you’ll personally also have access to Concierge Service and other exclusive benefits. (For details see Terms and Conditions).

WorldVentures Llc My Final Opinion

WorldVentures Llc Review; Travel Nightmare, tells the story of one of those very successful enterprises that got its whole start with a revolution that occurred in the Travel Industry called Meta Search Engines between the years of 2002-2004.

What that allowed for was the ability to extract Airline, Hotel and Rental Car pricing from many different sources simultaneously and pulling down the best bargains available.

Travel Meta Search

Before that, Travel Agents were locked into doing many individual searches over long periods of time, and time is as we all know is money.

World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel NightmareRobert Oblon co-founder and past President of WorldVentures Llc was instrumental in bringing the Meta Search technology to the forefront and really allowing WorldVentures Llc to blossom.

But as one revolution led into the next; enter the world of MLM, where you can become wildly successful or fall into the 97% of folks that lose their money.

World Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare


Mr. Robert Oblon was a visionary and made it quite clear in early 2009 that he did not wish to be part of the murky world of MLM so off he went in 2009 to launch his own Travel Club called Travopoly.

Say NO to Pyramids

What made Travopoly unique was that marketing was based on the ideas of social network communities and peoples’ shared interest in travel, not an MLM Pyramid.

With his former client turned partner Ron Archer they have turned Travopoly into a vacation club unlike any in the travel industry.

Not only did Mr. Oblon not care for the whole MLM deal the country of Norway is not a fan either. Norway basically gave WorldVentures Llc the boot claiming “Pyramid Scheme”, but something tells me the legal battle is not yet over on this one. There are 3,000 + active members in Norway alone.

I have always considered myself to be perhaps slightly above average intelligence wise so when I look at the earning potential for someone like me I am seeing all sorts of Red FlagsWorld Ventures Llc Review; MLM Travel Nightmare

By virtue of their own Financial Disclosure, they tell you in the calendar year 10/2012-09/2013 that only 22.49% of all of the active Independent Representatives or “IR’s” earned any money while 77.51% of them did not.

Add to that, the fact that of that 22.49 % the “Annual Average Commission or Override” was a lousy $203.59.

Gee, all you have to do is figure out how to live on $.55/Day and you have it made with this opportunity.

In closing let me say that the whole MLM Opportunity is what kept my WorldVentures Llc Review 2014 from being a glowing 90% or better, positive review.

Charity Travel & Norway’s Laws?

WorldVentures Llc has also since I was a member added a charitable side to its operation where they want you to BOOK A VOLUNTOUR. This WorldVentures Llc Review expresses no viewpoint regarding this aspect of their business.

When recruitment is the only REAL financial opportunity from a business perspective I would have to side with the Norwegian Government and their stand of calling things for what they are, just another MLM Pyramid.

Flott jobb Norge for bekrefter dine forretningsetikk

(Great job Norway for confirming your business ethics)

While you are mulling over this review take a look at how a Real Bonafide Business Opportunity stacks up side by side;

WorldVentures Llc At a Glance…

Name: WorldVentures Llc 
Price: $226.94-$1,099.98 + Monthly
Owners: Mike Azcue & Wayne Nugent
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 

If you have made it this far reading, thanks very much for your time.

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Researcher, Author, Teacher & WebMaster

12 thoughts on “WorldVentures Llc Review MLM Travel Nightmare

  1. Cathy

    World Ventures was one of the first few companies that approached me when I was searching to make some side income. I was very attracted to the earn-and-travel concept, but didn’t know much about its structure back then.

    So when I was asked to pay a fee for joining, I started doing the math and realized that it would be a costly affair to join this so-called travel program. I also made some comparison to the travel fares that are available out there and found those charged by this company to be fairly expensive.

    Needless to say, I left and the person who invited me over didn’t last in the company for more than a year either.

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on WorldVentures. This company has really had many negative issues with the BBB, Law Suits and the country of Norway!

      The percentages of anyone making any real money are so low, that this opportunity is a major & possibly dangerous waste of time.

      After I heard about the Empower Network failing and David Wood working out “Special Deals” with WorldVentures for his old followers, I really knew WorldVentures is just another Scam.

      Cathy thanks again for stopping by and if you have any more questions feel free to drop me another comment.

      All my best,


  2. Rob

    WV is a scam. You didn’t mention that WV hasn’t paid their reps since September of 2017. No commissions, residuals or dream car/house payments. They owe vendors $15 million, which they haven’t been paying either. The Flye card still doesn’t work after about 3 years and untold millions thrown at it by WV. They have no cash reserves or cash on hand. Nugent is only making corporate payroll by paying out of his own pocket. They didn’t make the Top 100 of the DSN 2018 after being 25 in 2017. Look at Glassdoor. Corporate employees report open talk of bankruptcy. Numerous C level officers leaving after seeing the true financials. Massive monthly lay offs of corporate employees.
    They just threw all the reps under the bus with this Empower scam.
    They are giving lower member numbers to these Empower people, so a brand new person in WV, who hasn’t made one sale for the company yet, is higher in the chain than WV reps who have been selling the WV memberships for 3 or 4 years.
    Corporate is selling the Empower people Platinum plans at $99 plus the monthly, while forcing their reps to sell the very same package at $399 plus monthly, ripping thousands of leads from WV reps.
    And guess who makes out like the bandits they are? The top people in the chain….Nugent on the right and Azcue on the left. What a scam. What a conflict of interest.

    1. Gary Post author

      Thank you very much for your time and your Venom with World Ventures.

      Please forgive me for not completing the update I started some time ago when I first heard of the Empower Deal.
      This post I originally wrote in October of 2014 long before Empower crashed and
      David cut a deal with the World Ventures folks.

      I read through GlassDoor and even Ethan Vanderbuilt (too religious for my taste) and it does sound like things have really taken a downturn.
      I was once a brief member of both organizations until I found out about the truth of Safely Earning Online.

      Rob, thanks again for your time and awesome details. You have forced me to get into research mode and finish up
      the post I had started, tentatively titled World Ventures Llc Review for Failed Empower Networkers.
      Thanks again, all my best,


  3. David

    Thanks for the review. I’ve seen similar “travel” or “vacation” clubs before. They never struck me as particularly good deals for travel after you factored in all of the dues and fees you would have to pay in over the year. Wouldn’t the average person be better off putting that money into a bank account every year and just use it towards a vacation (or anything else they wanted)?

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the question. 

      What makes World Ventures a bit different from the traditional Travel Club is the whole MLM aspect. This is geared to be a business that rewards you with travel as well as cash earned through building a network. 

      The % of people that really earn anything is very, very slim. So in answer to your question Yes you would be better off putting the money into something with a more secure return. I doubt a bank would help much since they pay less than the annual standard of living in interest.

      David thanks again for your time and I hope I answered your question for you.

  4. Darren

    I remember hearing about World Ventures some time back when I was researching, looking for deal for a holiday I planned to go on at the time. At the time I didn’t know it was some multi level marketing scheme.

    It doesn’t sound too bad overall, and might be worthwhile if you are really into travelling, but I don’t think it’s for me. I’m not a fan of the MLM business model, and I don’t want to join one just to get a travel discount.

    Thanks for the great review.

    1. Gary Post author


      Greetings and thanks for taking your time to drop a comment.

      I personally despise the MLM business model with its Pyramid shape. We got snookered into World Ventures from an ad in a trade magazine. That was followed with a very nice conversation with Martin Ruof.

      My wife and I drove down to Edison NJ and attended a World Ventures meeting. Naturally it all sounded great but unless you are willing to hawk all your friends and relatives you won’t get very far. They encourage doing Home Travel parties to get signups along with other MLM techniques. 

      I knew we would never be a part of the successful 3% that would earn because our hearts were not into it.

      Darren thanks again for your time, my best,


  5. Ed

    MLM schemes like World Ventures Llc really are nightmares.
    They didn’t last very long when they were locally based, before the Internet. Pyramid schemes collapsed due to market saturation because everyone, relatives, neighbors, and friends were all trying to sell to each other.
    With the Internet, it just takes a little longer until countries like Norway with limited populations see what’s happening to so many of their people and step in to stop the robbery.
    The Annual Income Disclosure is interesting. It seems like all income is from selling memberships and building the organization (aka Pyramid). What is an “override”? And do you make any commission from selling a vacation to someone outside the membership?


    1. Gary Post author

      Greetings Ed,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on WorldVentures.

      Yes the Norwegians took the bull by the horns and stopped them dead in their tracks. Now there is another lawsuit going against them that started in California but has moved to Texas, where they call home.

      As to WorldVentures being a Pyramid they certainly seem to have that structure for sure. Perhaps thats what attracted David Wood to recommending WorldVentures to all his old Empower Network Peeps. I will be posting a new review on that mess soon.

      The Override refers to a commission you make when members of your downline make a sale. As far as I can tell Money is paid out based on the recruitment of people and the purchasing of memberships, not on the sale of travel. 

      So NO you would not earn by selling outside the membership.

      Ed, thanks again for your time, I hope I was able to answer your questions.

      My best regards,


  6. Michel

    You are so right when you say that the website is beautiful and the photography is excellent. That is what almost sold me into this opportunity.

    Luckily I live in South Africa, so the exchange rate is terrible, so this is what stopped me from trying this.

    Now I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about three years now, and I will never have to look elsewhere again.

    1. Gary Post author


      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am so pleased to meet another Happy Wealthy Affiliate member!!

      When My wife and I first got involved with World Ventures Llc we did not realize how Global they were. In all honesty I can not call them a Scam.

      However they are an MLM, & like most MLM opportunities the % of failure to sucess is overwhelming. 

      Most MLM’s are a pyramid structure and encourage you to market heavily to your friends and family. I have always found trying to build a business in that fashion to be a negative.

      By learning How to Safely Earn Online with Wealthy Affiliate, I work helping strangers from all over the planet and love it. That eliminates any sort of family guilt etc.

      Michel, thanks again for your time and all my best to your continued success.



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